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Vol.21 No.1&2 February 2021 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Quantum Alice and silent Bob: Qubit-based Quantum Key Recycling with almost no classical communication (pp0001-0018)
Daan Leermakers and Boris Skoric
A limit distribution for a quantum walk driven by a five-diagonal unitary matrix (pp0019-0036)
Takuya Machida
Homogeneous open quantum walks on the line: criteria for site recurrence and absorption (pp0037-0058)
Thomas S. Jacq and Carlos F. Lardizabal
Algorithms for finding the maximum clique based on continuous time quantum walks (pp0059-0079)
Xi Li, Mingyou Wu, Hanwu Chen, and Zhibao Liu
Quantum algorithmic differentiation (pp0080-0094)
Giuseppe Colucci and Francesco Giacosa

Vol.20 No.15&16 Dec. 2020 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Performance characterization of Pauli channels assisted by indefinite causal order and post-measurement (pp1261-1280)
Francisco Delgado and Carlos Cardoso-Isidoro
Localization and discrete probability function of Szegedy’s quantum search one-dimensional cycle with self-loops (pp1281-1303)
Mengke Xu, Zhihao Liu, Hanwu Chen, and Sihao Zheng
Testing the context-independence of quantum gates (pp1304-1352)
Andrzej Veitia and Steven J. van Enk

Vol.20 No.13&14 Nov. 2020 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

A Gramian approach to entanglement in bipartite finite dimensional systems: the case of pure states (pp1081-1108)
Roman Gielerak,and Marek Sawerwain
Faster amplitude estimation (pp1109-1123)
Kouhei Nakaji
Coherent preorder of quantum states (pp1124-1137)
Zhaofang Bai and Shuanping Du
Analysis of lackadaisical quantum walks (pp1138-1153)
Peter Hoyer and Zhan Yu
Generating W states with braiding operators (pp1154-1162)
Pramod Padmanabhan, Fumihiko Sugino, and Diego Trancanelli

Vol.20 No.11&12 Sept. 2020 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Nonlocality, entanglement, and randomness in different conflicting interest Bayesian games (pp901-934)
Hargeet Kaur and Atul Kumar
Quantum memory and quantum correlations of Majorana qubits used for magnetometry   (pp935-956)
H. Rangani Jahromi and S. Haseli
(t,n) Threshold d-level QSS based on QFT (pp957-968)
Sarbani Roy and Sourav Mukhopadhyay
A thermal quantum classifier (pp969-986)
Ufuk Korkmaz, Deniz Turkpence, Tahir Cetin Akinci, and Serhat Seker

Vol.20 No.9&10 August 2020 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Space-efficient quantum multiplication polynomials for binary finite fields with sub-quadratoc Toffoli gate count (pp721-735)
Iggy van Hoof
Time evolution of entanglement in a four-qubit Heisenberg chain (pp736-746)
Hassan Pakarzadeh, Zahra Norouzi, and Javad Vahedi
Efficient reversible quantum design of sig-magnitude to two's complement converters (pp747-765)
F. Orts, G. Ortega, and E.M. Garzo´n
Quantum-based algorithm and circuit design for bounded Knapsack optimization problem (pp766-786)
Wenjun Hou and Marek Perkowski
On the depth overhead incurred when running quantum algorithms on near-term quantum computers with limited qubit connectivity (pp787-806)
Steven Herbert

Vol.20 No.7&8 June 2020 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Quantum unsupervised and supervised learning on superconducting processors (pp541-552)
Abhijat Sarma, Rupak Chatterjee, Kaitlin Gili, and Ting Yu
Quantum coherence, discord and correlation measures based on Tsallis relative entropy (pp553-569)
Anna Vershynina
About quantum computer software (pp570-580)
Yuri I. Ozhigov
CNOT circuit extraction for topologically-constrained quantum memories (pp581-596)
Aleks Kissinger and Arianne Meijer-van de Griend
A quantum algorithm for simulating non-sparse Hamiltonians (pp597-615)
Chunhao Wang and Leonard Wossnig


Image processing: why quantum? (pp616-626)
Marius Nagy and Naya Nagy

Vol.20 No.5&6 May 2020 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Two-outcome synchronous correlation sets and Connes' embedding problem (pp361-374)
Travis B. Russell
Persistent homology analysis of multiqubit entanglement (pp375-399)
Ricardo Mengoni, Alessandra Di Pierro, Leleh Memarzadeh, and Stefano Mancini
Algebraic units, anti-unitary symmetries, and a small catalogue of SICs (pp400-417)
Ingemar Bengtsson
Realization of Quantum Oracles using Symmetries of Boolean Functions (pp418-448)
Peng Gao, Yiwei Li, Marek Perkowski, and Xiaoyu Song

Vol.20 No.3&4 March 2020 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Rational proofs for quantum computing (pp181-193)
Tomoyuki Morimae and Harumichi Nishimura
A method of mapping and nearest neighbor optimization for 2-D quantum circuits (pp194-212)
Yuxin Zhang, Zhijin Guan, Longyong Ji, Qin Fang Luan and Yizhen Wang
A local model of quantum Turing machines (pp213-229)
Dong-Sheng Wang
Quantum walks as mathematical foundation for quantum gates (pp230-258)
Dmitry Solenov

Vol.20 No.1&2 February 2020 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Some considerations on quantum computing at sub-atomic scales and its impact in the future of Moore's law (pp1-13)
Nicolas F. Lori, Jos Neves, Alex H. Blin, and Victor Alves
Quantum algorithm for matrix functions by Cauchy's integral formula (pp14-36)
Souichi Takahira, Asuka Ohashi, Tomohiro Sogabe, and Tsuyoshi S. Usuda
Quantum entanglement, supersymmetry, and the generalized Yang-Baxter equation (pp37-64)
Pramod Padmanabhan, Fumihiko Sugino, and Diego Trancanelli
Quantum period finding based on the Bernstein-Vazirani algorithm (pp65-84)
Xuexuan Hao, Fengrong Zhang, Yongzhuang Wei, and Yong Zhou

Vol.19 No.15&16 Dec. 2019 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Learning DNFs under product distributions via mu--biased quantum Fourier sampling (pp1261-1278)
Varun Kanade, Andrea Rocchetto, and Simone Severini
State-independent quantum key distribution with two-way classical communication (pp1279-1293)
Radha Pyari Sandhir
Variance of the sum of independent quantum computing errors (pp1294-1312)
Jesus Lacalle and Luis Miguel Pozo Coronado
Exploiting Faraday rotation to jam quantum key distribution via polarized photons (pp1313-1324)
Maximilian Daschner, David I. Kaiser, and Joseph A. Formaggio
Quantum and classical algorithms for approximate submodular function minimization (pp1325-1349)
Yassine Hamoudi, Patrick Rebentrost, Ansis Rosmanis, and Miklos Santha

Vol.19 No.13&14 Nov. 2019 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Periodicity for the 3-state quantum walk on cycles (pp1081-1088)
Takeshi Kajiwara, Norio Konno, Shohei Koyama, and Kei Saito
Fine-grained quantum computational supremacy (pp1089-1115)
Tomoyuki Morimae and Suguru Tamaki
Classical and quantum bounded depth approximation algorithms (pp1116-1140)
Matthew B. Hastings
Cohomological framework for contextual quantum computations (pp1141-1170)
Robert Raussendorf

Vol.19 No.11&12 Sept. 2019 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Stationary measure for three-state quantum walk (pp0901-0912)
Takako Endo, Takashi Komatsu, Norio Konno, Tomoyuki Terada
Security proof for quantum key recycling with noise (pp0913-0934)
Daan Leermakers and Boris Skoric
Teleportation improvement by noiseless linear amplification (pp0935-0951)
Hamza Adnane and Matteo G.A. Paris
On the quantum complexity of computing the median of continuous distributions (pp0952-0966)
Maciej Gocwin
Simpler quantum counting (pp0967-0983)
Chu-Ryang Wie

Vol.19 No.9&10 August 2019 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Programming a D-wave annealing-based quantum computer: tools and techniques (pp0721-0759)
Scott Pakin and Steven P. Reinhardt
Span program for non-binary functions (pp0760-0792)
Salman Beigi and Leila Taghavi
Impossibility of blind quantum sampling for classical client (pp0793-0806)
Tomoyuki Morimae, Harumichi Nishimura, Yuki Takeuchi, and Seiichiro Tani

Vol.19 No.7&8 June 2019 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Switching and partially switching the hypercube while maintaining perfect state transfer (pp0541-0554)
Steve Kirkland, Sarah Plosker, and Xiaohong Zhang
Improving quantum spatial search in two dimensions (pp0555-0574)
Abhijith J. and Apoorva Patel
Cohering power and decohering power of Gaussian unitary operations (pp0575-0586)
Yangyang Wang, Xiaofei Qi, Jinchuan Hou, and Rufen Ma
Eavesdropping on quantum secret sharing protocols based on ring topology (pp0587-0600)
Dong Jiang, Yongkai Yang, Qisheng Guang, Chaohui Gao, and Lijun Chen
A complete characterization of pretty good state transfer on paths (pp0601-0608)
Christopher M. van Bommel
Quantum speedup of training radial basis function networks (pp0609-0625)
Changpeng Shao

Vol.19 No.5&6 May 2019 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Golden codes: quantum LDPC codes from regular tessellations of hyperbolic 4-manifolds (pp0361-0391)
Vivien Londe and Anthony Leverrier
Periodic Fourier representation of Boolean functions
Ryuhei Mori
Quantum fidelity evolution of Penning trap coherent states in an asymmetric open quantum system
Somayeh Mehrabankar, Davood Afshar, and Mojtaba Jafarpour
Bang-bang control as a design principle for classical and quantum optimization algorithms
Aniruddha Bapat and Stephen Jordan

Vol.19 No.3&4 March 2019 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Quantum fast-forwarding: Markov chains and graph property testing (pp0181-0213)
Simon Apers and Alain Sarlette
Impossibility of perfectly-secure one-round delegated quantum computing for classical client (pp0214-0221)
Tomoyuki Morimae and Takeshi Koshiba
Quantum complexity associated with tunneling (pp0222-0236)
Ofir Flom, Asher Yahalom, Haggai Zilberberg, L.P. Horwitz, and Jacob Levitan
Windowed Fourier transform and general wavelet algorithms in quantum computation (pp0237-0251)
Guangsheng Ma, Hongbo Li, and Jiman Zhao
Factoring on a quantum annealing computer (pp0252-0261)
Richard H. Warren

Vol.19 No.1&2 February 2019 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Toward an optimal quantum algorithm for polynomial factorization over finite fields (pp0001-0013)
Javad Dolizkani
Teleportation via the entangled derivative of coherent state (pp0014-0022)
Anas Othman
Periodicity for the Fourier quantum walk on regular graphs (pp0023-0034)
Kei Saito
Grover-based Ashenhurst-Curtis decomposition using quantum language quipper (pp0035-0066)
Yiwei Li, Edison Tsai, Marek Perkowski, and Xiaoyu Song
Quantum complementarity and operator structures (pp0067-0083)
David W. Kribs, Jeremy Livick, Mike I. Nelson, Rajesh Perira, and Mizanur Rahaman

Vol.18 No.15&16 Dec. 2018 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Non-Markovian quantum interference in multilevel quantum systems: exact master equation approach (pp1261-1271)
Yusui Chen, J. Q. You, and Ting Yu
The cohomological and the resource-theoretic perspective on quantum contextuality:  common ground through the contextual fraction (pp1272-1294)
C. Okay, E. Tyhurst, and R. Raussendorf
Spatial search using flip-flop quantum walk (pp1295-1331)
Abhijith J. and Apoorva Patel
Quantum collision-resistance of non-uniformly distributed functions: upper and lower bounds (pp1332-1349)
Ehsan Ebrahimi and Dominique Unruh

Vol.18 No.13&14 Nov. 2018 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Non-local universal gates generated within a resonant magnetic cavity (pp1081-1094)
Francisco Delgado
A method for synthesis and optimization for linear nearest neighbor quantum circuits by parallel processing (pp1095-1114)
Zongyuan Zhang, Zhijin Guan, Hong Zhang, Haiying Ma, and Weiping Ding
Super-activating quantum memory with entanglement (pp1115-1124)
Ji Guan, Yuan Feng, and Mingsheng Ying
Proposal for dimensionality testing in QPQ (pp1125-1142)
Arpita Maitra, Bibhas Adhikari, and Satyabrata Adhikari
A quantum primality test with order finding (pp1143-1151)
Alvaro Donis-Vela and Juan Carlos Garcia-Escartin
New bounds of Mutually unbiased maximally entangled bases in C^dxC^(kd) (pp1152-1164)
Xiaoya Cheng and Yun Shang

Vol.18 No.11&12 Sept. 2018 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

PDQP/qpoly=ALL (pp0901-0909)
Scott Aaronson
Universal bound on the cardinality of local hidden variables in networks (pp0910-0926)
Denis Rosset, Nicolas Gisin, and Elie Wolfe
Limitations on transversal computation through quantum homomorphic encryption (pp0927-0948)
Michael Newman and Yaoyun Shi
Is error detection helpful on IBM 5Q chips? (pp0949-0964)
Christophe Vuillot
Quantum signaling to the past using P-CTCS (pp0965-0974)
Soumik Ghosh, Arnab Adhikary, and Goutam Paul
Weak measurement for improving the efficiency of remote state preparation in noisy (pp0975-0987)
Ming-Ming Wang and Zhi-Guo Qu

Vol.18 No.9&10 August 2018 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

A practical quantum algorithm for the Schur transform (pp0721-0742)
William M. Kirby and Frederick W. Strauch
Performance of topological quantum error correction in the presence of correlated noise (pp0743-0778)
Muhammad Ahsan and Syed Abbas Zilqurnain Naqvi
Channel fidelities for high-fidelity approach in KLM scheme (pp0779-0784)
Kazuto Oshima
On statistically-secure quantum homomorphic encryption (pp0785-0794)
Ching-Yi Lai and Kai-Min Chung
Improved reconciliation with polar codes in quantum key distribution (pp0795-0813)
Sunghoon Lee, Jooyoun Park, and Jun Heo

Vol.18 No.7&8 June 2018 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Stabiliser states are efficiently PAC-learnable (pp0541-0552)
Andrea Rocchetto
Optimized CASCADE protocol for efficient information reconciliation (pp0553-0578)
Metin Toyran, Mustafa Toyran, and Sitki Ozturk
High-capacity quantum secret sharing based on orbital angular momentum (pp0579-0591)
Huawang Qin and Raylin Tso
Distributed synthesis of chains with one-way biphotonic control (pp0592-0598)
Yuri Ozhigov
The Delta game (pp0599-0616)
Ken Dykema, Vern I. Paulsen, and Jitendra Prakash
Entanglement of approximate quantum strategies in XOR games (pp0617-0631)
Dimiter Ostrev and Thomas Vidick

Vol.18 No.5&6 May 2018 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Perfect sampling for quantum Gibbs states (pp0361-0388)
Daniel S. Franca
Ent: A Multipartite entanglement measure, and parameterization of entangled states (pp0389-0442)
Samuel R. Hedemann
Candidates for universal measures of multipartite entanglement (pp0443-0471)
Samuel R. Hedemann
Composition of PPT maps (pp0472-0480)
Mathew Kennedy, Nicholas A. Manor, and Vern I. Paulsen
Linear bosonic quantum channels defined by superpositions (pp0481-0496)
T.J. Volkoff

Vol.18 No.3&4 March 2018 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Properties of quantum stochastic walks from the asymptotic scaling exponent (pp0181-0197)
Krzysztof Domino, Adam Glos, Mateusz Ostaszewski, Lukasz Pawela, and Przemyslaw Sadowski
Adversary lower bounds for the collision and the set equality problems (pp0198-0222)
Aleksandrs Belovs and Ansis Rosmanis
Constructing new q-ary quantum MDS codes with distances bigger than q/2 from generator matrices (pp0223-0230)
Xianmang He
Quantum information transmission through a qubit chain with quasi-local dissipation (pp0231-0246)
Roya Radgohar, Laleh Memarzadeh, and Stefano Mancini
Rapid and robust generation of Einstein-–Podolsky–-Rosen pairs with spin chains (pp0247-0264)
Kieran N. Wilkinson, Marta P. Estarellas, Timothy P. Spiller, and Irene D'Amico
Multi-qubit non-Markovian dynamics in photonic crystal with infinite cavity-array structure (pp0265-0282)
Heng-Na Xiong, Yi Li, Yixiao Huang, and Zichun Le
Space-efficient classical and quantum algorithms for the shortest vector problem (pp0283-0305)
Yanlin Chen, Kai-Min Chung, and Ching-Yi Lai
Hyperbolic quantum color codes (pp0307-0318)
Waldir Silva Soares Jr. and Eduardo Brandani da Silva

Vol.18 No.1&2 February 2018 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

A note on optimality of quantum circuits over metaplectic basis (pp0001-0017)
Alex Bocharov
Time and space efficient quantum algorithms for detecting cycles and testing bipartiteness (pp0018-0050)
Chris Cade, Ashley Montanaro, and Aleksandrs Belovs
Reinforcement learning using quantum Boltzmann machines (pp0051-0074)
Daniel Crawford, Anna Levit, Navid Ghadermarzy, Jaspreet S. Oberoi, and Pooya Ronagh
Qubit-loss-free fusion of W states (pp0075-0084)
Meiyu Wang, Quanzhi Hao, Fengli Yan, and Ting Gao
Relations between bipartite entanglement measures (pp0085-0113)
Katharina Schwaiger and Barbara Kraus
Magic state distillation at intermediate size (pp0114-0140)
Jeongwan Haah, Matthew B. Hastings, D. Poulin, and D. Wecker

Vol.17 No.15&16 Dec. 2017 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Better protocol for XOR game using communication protocol and nonlocal boxes (pp1261-1276)
Ryuhei Mori
Quantum communication with continuum single-photon, two-photon and coherent states (pp1277-1291)
F. Franklin S. Rios, A. Geovan de A.H. Guerra, and R.Viana Ramos
Generalized coherent states, reproducing kernels, and quantum support vector machines (pp1292-1306)
Rupak Chatterjee and Ting Yu
Weight reduction for quantum codes (pp1307-1334)
Mathew B. Hastings
Online scheduled execution of quantum circuits protected by surface codes (pp1335-1348)
Alexandru Paler, Austin G. Fowler, and Robert Wille
Quaternionic quantum walks of Szegedy type and zeta functions of graphs (pp1349-1371)
Norio Konno, Kaname Matsue, Hideo Mitsuhashi and Iwao Sato
Noise in one-dimensional measurement-based quantum computing
Nairi Usher and Dan E. Browne

Vol.17 No.13&14 Nov. 2017 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Computing quopit Clifford circuit amplitudes by the sum-over-paths technique (pp1081-1095)
Dax E. Koh, Mark D. Penney, and Robert W. Spekkens
Efficient implementation of quantum circuits with limited qubit interactions
Stephen Brierley
On quantum tensor product codes
Jihao Fan, Yonghui Li, Min-Hsiu Hsieh, and Hanwu Chen
Efficient rate-adaptive reconciliation for CV-QKD protocol
Xiangyu Wang, Yichen Zhang, Zhengyu Li, Bingjie Xu, Song Yu, and Hong Guo
Topological proofs of contextuality in quantum mechanics
Cihan Okay, Sam Roberts, Stephen D. Bartlett, and Robert Raussendorf
Robustness of QMA against witness noise
Friederike Anna Dziemba
Small Majorana fermion codes
Mathew B. Hastings
A note on cohering power and de-cohering power (pp1206-1220)
Kaifeng Bu and Chunhe Xiong

Vol.17 No.11&12 Sept. 2017 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Efficient simulation of sparse Markovian quantum dynamics (pp0901-0947)
Andrew M. Childs and Tongyang Li
Qudit homological product codes
Mate Farkas and Peter Vrana
Merlinization of complexity classes above BQP
Tomoyuki Morimae and Harumichi Nishimura
Superdiffusive quantum stochastic walk definable on arbitrary directed graph  (pp0973-0986)
Krzysztof Domino, Adam Glos, and Mateusz Ostaszewski
Efficient quantum algorithms for analyzing large sparse electrical networks
Guoming Wang
Magic coins are useful for small-space quantum machines
A.C. Cem Say and Abuzer Yakaryilmaz

Vol.17 No.9&10 August 2017 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Two-qubit quantum gates construction via unitary factorization (pp0721-0746)
Francisco Delgado
Universal asymmetric quantum cloning revisited
Anna-Lena Hashagen
Efficient optimization of perturbative gadgets
Yudong Cao and Sabre Kais
Quantum walking in curved spacetime: (3+1) dimensions, and beyond
Pablo Arrighi and Stefno Facchini
Pretty good state transfer between internal nodes of paths
Gabriel Coutinho, Krystal Guo, and Christopher M. van Bommel
Parallel self-testing of (tilted) EPR pairs via copies of (tilted) CHSH and the magic square game
Andrea Coladangelo

Vol.17 No.7&8 June 2017 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Quantum conditional query complexity (pp0541-0567)
Imdad S.B. Sardharwalla, Sergii Strelchuk, and Richard Jozsa
Can small quantum systems learn
Nathan Wiebe and Christopher Grandade
Randomness in nonlocal games between mistrustful players
Carl A. Miller and Yaoyun Shi
Super-additivity and entanglement assistance in quantum reading
Cosmo Lupo and Stefano Pirandola
Improved Hamiltonian simulation via a truncated Taylor series and corrections
Leonardo Novo and Dominic Berry
The complexity of antiferromagnetic interactions and 2D lattices
Stephen Piddock and Ashley Montanaro
Factoring using $2n+2$ qubits with Toffoli based modular multiplication
Thomas Haner, Martin Roetteler, and Krysta M. Svore

Vol.17 No.5&6 May 2017 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

CV-MDI quantum key distribution via satellite (pp0361-0379)
Nedasadat Hosseinidehaj and Robert Malaney
On the one-shot zero-error classical capacity of classical-quantum channels assisted by quantum non-signalling correlations (pp0380-0398)
Ching-Yi Lai and Runyao Duan
Spreading behavior of quantum walks induced by random walks (pp0399-0414)
Yusuke Higuchi and Etsuo Segawa
Quantum gates via continuous time quantum walks in multiqubit systems with non-local auxiliary states (pp0415-0455)
Dmitry Solenov
Analytical evidence of ultrafast generation of spin-motion entanglement (pp0456-0468)
Kuo Hai, Yunrong Luo, Guishu Chong, Hao Chen, and Wenhua Hai
Learning quantum annealing (pp0469-0487)
E.C. Behrman, J.E. Steck, and M.A. Moustafa
Turning gate synthesis errors into incoherent errors (pp0488-0494)
Matthew B. Hastings
Perfect state transfer is poly-time (pp0495-0502)
Gabriel Coutinho and Chris Godsil


Erratum to Coherence measures and optimal conversion for coherent states (Quantum Information and Computation, Vol. 15 (2015), 1307-1316) (pp0503-0505)
Shuanping Du, Zhaofang Bai, and Xiaofei Qi

Vol.17 No.3&4 March 2017 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Local decoders for the 2D and 4D toric code (pp0181-0208)
Nikolas P. Breuckmann, Kasper Duivenvoorden, Dominik Michels, and Barbara M. Terhal
Quantum key distribution with mismatched measurements over arbitrary channels (pp0209-0241)
Walter O. Krawec
Modified group non-membership is in promise-AWPP relative to group oracles (pp0242-0250)
Tomoyuki Morimae, Harumichi Nishimura, and Francois Le Gall
Optimizing the number of gates in quantum search (pp0251-0261)
Srinivasan Arunachalam and Ronald de Wolf
Further extensions of Clifford circuits and their classical simulation complexities (pp0262-0282)
Dax E. Koh
On quantum additive Gaussian noise channels (pp0283-0302)
Martin Idel and Robert Konig
Perfect state transfer on graphs with a potential (pp0303-0327)
Mark Kempton, Gabor Lippner, and Shing-Tung Yau

Vol.17 No.1&2 February 2017 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Scaling and efficient classical simulation of the quantum Fourier transform (pp0001-0014)
Kieran J. Woolfe, Charles D. Hill, and Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg
A fast exact quantum algorithm for solitude verification (pp0015-0040)
Seiichiro Tani
Quantum algorithms for Gibbs sampling and hitting-time estimation (pp0041-0064)
Anirban Narayan Chowdhury and Rolando D. Somma
Using Simon's algorithm to attack symmetric-key cryptographic primitives (pp0065-0078)
Thomas Santoli and Christian Schaffner
Open quantum random walks and the mean hitting time formula (pp0079-0105)
Carlos F. Lardizabal
Orthogonal rank and impossibility of quantum round elimination (pp0106-0116)
Jop Briet and Jeroen Zuiddam
Electrical control of  strong spin-phonon coupling in a carbon nanotube (pp0117-0124)
Fang-Yu Hong, Jing-Li Fu, Yan   Wu, and Zhi-Yan Zhu
Quantum invariants of 3-manifolds and NP vs #P (pp0125-0146)
Gorjan Alagic and Catharine Lo

Vol.16 No.15&16 Nov. 2016 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Noise thresholds for the [4,2,2]-concatenated toric code (pp1261-1281)
Ben Criger and Barbara Terhal
A note on coherence power of n-dimensional unitary operators (pp1282-1294)
Maria Garcia-Diaz, Dario Egloff, and Martin B. Plenio
Corrected quantum walk for optimal Hamiltonian simulation (pp1295-1317)
Dominic Berry and Leonardo Novo
Quantum Latin squares and unitary error bases (pp1318-1332)
Benjamin Musto and Jamie Vicary
Generalized Dicke states (pp1333-1348)
Stephan Hartmann
Extension of remotely creatable region via local unitary transformation on receiver side (pp1349-1364)
G. Bochkin and A. Zenchuk
Stability of two interacting entangled spins interacting with a thermal environment (pp1365-1378)
S. Dehdashti, M. B. Harouni, Z. Harsij, J. Shen, H. Wang, Z. Xu, B. Mirza, and H. Chen
The Clifford group forms a unitary 3-design (pp1379-1400)
Zak Webb

Vol.16 No.13&14 Oct. 2016 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Single-quadrature continuous-variable quantum key distribution (pp1081-1095)
Tobias Gehring, Christian S. Jacobsen, and Ulrik L. Andersen
Optimal and asymptotically optimal NCT reversible circuits by the gate types (pp1096-1112)
Dmitri Maslov
Quantum circuits for qubit fusion
Jonathan Edward Moussa
Quantum simulations of one dimensional quantum systems
Rolando Diego Somma
The quantum complexity of approximating the frequency moments
Ashley Montanaro
The structure of nearly-optimal quantum strategies for the non-local XOR games (pp1191-1211)
Dimiter Ostrev
A quantum version of Schoning's algorithm applied to quantum 2-SAT
Edward Farhi, Shelby Kimmel, and Kristan Temme
Random MERA states and the tightness of the Brandao-Horodecki entropy bound
Matthew Hastings

Vol.16 No.11&12 Sept. 2016 ABSTRACTS  DOI:

Research Articles:

Optimal ancilla-free Clifford+$T$ approximation of z-rotations (pp0901-0953)
Neil J. Ross and Peter Selinger
Coherent modification of entanglement: benefits due to extended Hilbert space
Dmitry Solenov
The entangling power of a glocal dissipative map
Alireza Nourmandipour, M.K. Tavassoly, and Stefano Mancini
Environment-assisted entanglement purification
Liang Qiu, Zhi Liu, and Xin Wang
Optimal universal quantum cloning: asymmetries and fidelity measures
Alastair Kay
Solving constrained quadratic binary problems via quantum adiabatic evolution
Pooya Ronagh, Brad Woods, and Ehsan Iranmanesh
An adaptive attack on Wiesner's quantum money
Daniel Nagaj, Or Sattath, Aharon Brodutch, and Dominique Unruh

Vol.16 No.9&10 July 2016 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Near-linear constructions of exact unitary 2-designs (pp0721-0756)
Richard Cleve, Debbie Leung, Li Liu, and Chunhao Wang
The Unruh effect interpreted as a quantum noise channel
S. Omkar, R. Srikanth, Subhashish Banerjee, and Ashutosh Kumar Alok
Classification of transversal gates in qubit stabilizer codes
Jonas T. Anderson and Tomas Jochym-O'Connor
Phase estimation using an approximate eigenstate
Avatar Tulsi
An improved asymptotic key rate bound for a mediated semi-quantum key distribution protocol
Walter O. Krawec
Renormalization of quantum deficit and monogamy relation in the Heisenberg XXZ model
Meng Qin, Xin Zhang, and Zhong-Zhou Ren
Optimal bounds on functions of quantum states under quantum channels
Chi-Kwong Li, Diane Christine Pelejo, and Kuo-Zhong Wang
Improved quantum ternary arithmetic
Alex Bocharov, Shawn X. Cui, Martin Roetteler, and Krysta M. Svore
Phase diagrams of one-, two-, and three-dimensional quantum spin systems
Briiissuurs Braiorr-Orrs, Michael Weyrauch, and Mykhailo V. Rakov

Vol.16 No.7&8 May 2016 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Quantum deep learning (pp0541-0587)
Nathan Wiebe, Ashish Kapoor and Krysta M. Svore
Quantum advice enhances social optimality in three-party conflicting interest games
Haozhen Situ, Cai Zhang, and Fang Yu
Quantum feedback control for qubit-qutrit entanglement
Tiantian Ma, Jun Jing, Yi Guo, and Ting Yu
The learnability of unknown quantum measurements
Hao-Chung Cheng, Min-Hsiu Hsieh, and Ping-Cheng Yeh
General fixed points of quasi-local frustration-free quantum semigroups: from invariance to stabilization
Peter D. Johnson, Francesco Ticozzi, and Lorenza Viola
An n-bit general implementation of Shor's quantum period-finding algorithm
J.T. Davies, Christopher J. Rickerd, Mike A. Grimes, and Durduo Guney

Vol.16 No.5&6 April 2016 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Normalizer circuits and a Gottesman-Knill theorem for infinite-dimensional systems (pp0361-0422)
Juan Bermejo-Vega, Cedric Yen-Yu Lin, Maarten Van den Nest
Constructions of q-ary entanglement-assisted quantum MDS codes with minimum distance greater than q+1
Jihao Fan, Hanwu Chen, and Juan Xu
Multiparty quantum signature schemes
Juan Miguel Arrazola, Petros Wallden, and Erika Andersson
Realizing an N-two-qubit quantum logic gate in a cavity QED with nearest qubit--qubit interaction
Taoufik Said, Abdelhaq Chouikh, Karima Essammouni, and Mohamed Bennai
Non-Markovian quantum trajectroy unravellings of entanglement
Brittany Corn, Jun Jing, and Ting Yu
Quantum interpretations of AWPP and APP
Tomoyuki Morimae and Harumichi Nishimura
A localized quantum walk with a gap in distribution
Takuya Machida
Entanglement of simultaneous and non-simultaneous accelerated qubit-qutrit systems
Nasser Metwally

Vol.16 No.3&4 March 2016 ABSTRACTS  DOI:

Research Articles:

Information cost of quantum communication protocols (pp0181-0196)
Iordanis Kerenidis, Mathieu Lauriere, Francois Le Gall, and Mathys Rennela
Quantum algorithms and circuits for scientific computing
Mihir K. Bhaskar, Stuart Hadfield, Anargyros Papageorgiou, and Iasonas Petras
On the relation between a graph code and a graph state
Yongsoo Hwang and Jun Heo
Commuting quantum circuits with few outputs are unlikely to be classically simulatable
Yasuhiro Takahashi, Seiichiro Tani, Takeshi Yamazaki, and Kazuyuki Tanaka
Dense quantum communication using single- and two-particle operations on six-particle cluster state
Parminder S. Bhatia
Universality of beamsplitters
Adam Sawicki
Renyi and Tsallis formulations of noise-disturbance trade-off relations
Alexey E. Rastegin
Squash 2: a hierarchical scalable quantum mapper considering ancilla sharing
Mohammad J. Dousti, Alireza Shafaei, and Massoud Pedram

Vol.16 No.1&2 Jan. 2016  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Complexity of the XY antiferromagnet at fixed magnetization (pp0001-0018)
Andrew M. Childs, David Gosset, and Zak Webb
Single-query quantum algorithms for symmetric problems
Orest Bucicovschi, Daniel Copeland, David Meyer, and James Pommersheim
Quantum codes over a class of finite chain ring
Mustafa Sari and Irfan Siap
Security analysis of Quantum-Readout PUFs in the case of challenge-estimation attacks
Boris Skoric
Quantum-enhanced secure delegated classical computing
Vedran Dunjko, Theodoros Kapourniotis, and Elham Kashefi
Efficient approximation of diagonal unitaries over the Clifford+T basis
Jonathan Welch, Alex Bocharov, and Krysta M. Svore
Gaussian (N, z)-generalized Yang-Baxter operators
Eric Rowell
Natural information measures for contextual probabilistic models
Federico Holik, Angel Plastino, and Manuel Saenz
Quantum arithmetic and numerical analysis using Repeat-Until-Success circuits
Nathan Wiebe and Martin Roetteler

Vol.15 No.15&16 Nov. 2015 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Galois unitaries, mutually unbiased bases, and mub-balanced states (pp1261-1294)
D. Marcus Appleby, Ingermar Bengtsson, and Hoan Bui Dang
A qutrit quantum key distribution protocol using Bell inequalities with larger violation capabilities
Zoe Amblard and Francois Arnault
Coherence measures and optimal conversion for coherent states
Shuanping Du, Zhaofang Bai, and Xiaofei Qi
Unbounded entanglement in nonlocal games
Laura Mančinska and Thomas Vidick
Monotonicity of quantum relative entropy and recoverability
Mario Berta, Marius Lemm, and Mark M. Wilde
Maximally coherent states
Zhaofang Bai and Shuanping Du
Correcting for potential barriers in quantum walk search
Andris Ambainis and Thomas G. Wong
Limit theorems of a two-phase quantum walk with one defect
Shimpei Endo, Takako Endo, Norio Konno, Masato Takei, and Etsuo Segawa
Teleportation of a controlled-NOT gate for photon and electron-spin qubits assisted by the nitrogen-vacancy center
Ming-Xing Luo and Hui-Ran Li
Quantum Merlin-Arthur with Clifford Arthur
Tomoyuki Morimae, Masahito Hayashi, Harumichi Nishimura, and Keisuke Fujii

Vol.15 No.13&14 Oct. 2015 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

On the non-locality of tripartite non-signaling boxes emerging from wirings (pp1081-1108)
Jan Tuziemski and Karol Horodecki
Characterization and properties of weakly optimal entanglement witnesses
Bang-Hai Wang, Hai-Ru Xu, Steve Campbell, and Simone Severini
Monte Carlo simulation of stoquastic Hamiltonians
Sergey Bravyi
Entanglement in a linear coherent feedback chain of nondegenerate optical parametric amplifiers
Zhan Shi and Hendra I. Nurdin
Thresholds for reduction-related entanglement criteria in quantum information theory
Maria A. Jivulescu, Nicolae Lupa, and Ion Nechita
Quantum Gaussian channels with weak measurements
Boaz Tamir and Eliahu Cohen
Perturbative gadgets without strong interactions
Yudong Cao and Daniel Nagaj
The impact of resource on remote quantum correlation Preparation
Chengjun Wu, Bin Luo, and Hong Guo
Spatial search on grids with minimum memory
Andris Ambainis, Renato Portugal, and Nikolay Nahimov
Limit distributions for different forms of four-state quantum walks on a two-dimensional lattice
Takuya Machida, C.M. Chandrashekar, Norio Konno, and Thomas Busch

Vol.15 No.11&12 Sept. 2015 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Quantum lower bound for inverting a permutation with advice (pp0901-0913)
Aran Nayebi, Scott Aaronson, Aleksandrs Belovs, Luca Trevisan
Quantum circuits for asymmetric 1 to n quantum cloning
Xi-Jun Ren and Heng Fan
Entanglement and swap of quantum states in two qubits
Takaya Ikuto and Satoshi Ishizaka
Optimal ancilla-free Clifford+V approximation of z-rotations
Neil J. Ross
Geometric phase carried by the observables and its application to quantum computation
Zisheng Wang and Hui Pan
Reduced space-time and time costs Ising dislocation codes and arbitrary ancillas
Matthew B. Hastings and A. Geller
A constructive quantum Lovasz local lemma for commuting projectors
Or Sattath and Itai Arad
Leakage suppression in the toric code
Martin Suchara, Andrew W. Cross, Jay M. Gambetta
Modular quantum memories using passive linear optics and coherent feedback
Hendra I. Nurdin and John E. Gough
Quantum information splitting using a pair of GHZ states
Kaushik Nandi and Goutam Paul
An almost sudden jump in quantum complexity
Or Sattath
The non-uniform stationary measure for discrete-time quantum walks in one dimension
Norio Konno and Masato Takei

Vol.15 No.9&10 July 2015 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Performance scaling of the quantum Fourier transform with defective rotation gates (pp0721-0736)
Yun Seong Nam and Reinhold Blumel
Minimum guesswork discrimination between quantum states
Weien Chen, Yongzhi Cao, Hanpin Wang, and Yuan Feng
Tensor networks and graphical calculus for open quantum systems
Christopher J. Wood, Jacob D. Biamonte, and David G. Cory
Does symmetry Imply PPT Property?
Daniel Cariello
Spin glass reflection of the decoding transition for quantum error correcting codes
Alexey A. Kovalev and Leonid P. Pryadko
Optimising the information flow of one-way quantum computations
Einar Pius, Raphael Dias da Silva, and Elham Kashefi
Tensor network non-zero testing
Sevag Gharibian, Zeph Landau, Seung Woo Shin, and Guoming Wang

Vol.15 No.7&8 May 2015 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Jordan-Wigner formalism for arbitrary 2-input 2-output matchgates and their classical simulation (pp0541-0556)
Richard Jozsa, Akimasa Miyake, and Sergii Strelchuk
A note on the quantum collision and set equality problems
Mark Zhandry
Improving the quality of noisy spatial quantum channels
Ning Tang, Zi-Long Fan, and Hao-Sheng Zeng

Quantum state transfer in disordered spin chains: How much engineering is reasonable?
Analia Zwick, Gonzalo A. Alvarez, Joachim Stolze, and Omar Osenda
Momentum switches
601 (pp0601-0621)
Andrew M. Childs, David Gosset, Daniel Nagaj, Mouktik Raha, and Zak Webb
There is entanglement in the primes
Jose I. Latorre and German Sierra
Quantum relay cooperative communication via space-time transmission
Jinjing Shi, Ronghua Shi, Xiaoqi Peng, Ying Guo, and Moon Ho Lee
W-like states are not necessary for totally correct quantum anonymous leader election
Alexander Norton
Solution to time-energy costs of quantum channels
Chi-Hang F. Fung, H. F. Chau, Chi-Kwong Li, and Nung-Sing Sze
Is absolute separability determined by the partial transpose?
Srinivasan Arunachalam, Nathaniel Johnston, and Vincent Russo

Vol.15 No.5&6 April 2015  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

The Trotter step size required for accurate quantum simulation of quantum chemistry (pp0361-0384)
David Poulin, M. B. Hastings, D. Wecker, N. Wiebe, Andrew C. Doberty, and M. Troyer
Some classes of concatenated quantum codes: constructions and lower bounds
Hachiro Fujita
Limit theorems of a 3-state quantum walk and its application for discrete uniform measures
Takuya Machida
High performance information reconciliation for QKD with CASCADE
Thomas Brochmann Pedersen and Mustafa Toyran
Exact quantum algorithms have advantage for almost all Boolean functions
Andris Ambainis, Jozef Gruska, and Shenggen Zheng
Demystifying the information reconciliation protocol cascade
Jesus Martinez-Mateo, Christoph Pacher, Momtchil Peev, Alex Ciurana, and Vicente Martin
Indecomposability of entanglement witnesses
Xiao-Fei Qi and Jin-Chuan Hou
Analysis of circuit imperfections in BosonSampling
Anthony Leverrier, Raul Garcia-Patron
Locally restricted measurements on a multipartite quantum system: data hiding is generic
Guillaume Aubrun and Cecilia Lancien

Vol.15 No.3&4 March 2015  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Adiabatic optimization without local minima (pp0181-0199)
Michael Jarret and Stephen P. Jordan
Ground state blind quantum computation on AKLT state
Tomoyuki Morimae, Vedran Dunjko, and Elham Kashefi
Quantum circuits and Spin(3n) groups
Alexander Yu. Vlasov
Limitations of single coset states and quantum algorithms for code equivalence
Hang Dinh, Cristopher Moore, and Alexander Russell
Rational approximations and quantum algorithms with postselection
Urmila Mahadev and Ronald de Wolf
Complementarity between signaling and local indeterminacy
S. Aravinda and R. Srikanth
Quantum algorithms for nearest-neighbor methods for supervised and unsupervised learning
Nathan Wiebe, Ashish Kapoor, and Krysta M. Svore

Vol.15 No.1&2 Jan. 2015  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Improving quantum algorithms for quantum chemistry (pp0001-0021)
Matthew B. Hastings, Dave Wecker, Bela Bauer, and Matthias Troyer
A model of quantum-von Neumann hybrid cellular automata: principles and simulation of quantum coherent superposition and dehoerence in cytoskeletal microtubules
Manuel Alfonseca, Alfonso Ortega, Marina de la Cruz, Stuart R. Hameroff, and Rafael Lahoz-Beltra
Detection loophole attacks on semi-device-independent quantum and classical protocols
Michele Dall'Arno, Elsa Passaro, Rodrigo Gallego, Marcin Pawlowski, and Antonio Acin
A limit theorem for a 3-period time-dependent quantum walk
F. Alberto Grunbaum and Takuya Machida
Group theoretic, Lie algebraic and Jordan algebraic formulations of the SIC existence problem
D. M. Appleby, Christopher A. Fuchs, and Huangjun Zhu
Controlling the coherence in a pure dephasing model for arbitrary prescibed time span
Lucio Fassarella
Time-averaged limit measure of the Wojcik model
Takako Endo and Norio Konno
Polyestimate: a library for near-instantaneous surface code analysis
Austin G. Fowler
Minimum weight perfect matching of fault-tolerant topological quantum error correction in average O(1) parallel time
Austin G. Fowler
Efficient Clifford+T approximation of single-qubit operators
Peter Selinger

Vol.14 No.15&16 Nov. 2014  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

An algorithm for the T-count (pp1261-1276)
David Gosset, Vadym Kliuchnikov, Michele Mosca, and Vincent Russo
Repeat-Until-Success: Non-deterministic decomposition of single-qubit unitaries
Adam Paetznick and Krysta M. Svore
Strong equivalence of reversible circuits is coNP-complete
Stephen P. Jordan
Separability for weakly irreducible matrices
Daniel Cariello
Fault-Tolerant quantum computation with constant overhead
Daniel Gottesman
Generation of quantum correlation in quantum dots by Lyapunov control methods
Da-Wei Luo and Jing-Bo Xu
BosonSampling is far from uniform
Scott Aaronson and Alex Arkhipov
Families of codes of topological quantum codes from tessellations tessellations {4i+2,2i+1}, {4i,4i}, {8i-4,4} and ${12i-6,3}
Clarice Dias de Albuquerque, Reginaldo Palazzo Jr., and Eduardo Brandani da Silva

Vol.14 No.13&14 Oct. 2014  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

A new relativistic orthogonal states quantum key distribution protocol (pp1081-1088)
Jordan S. Cotler and Peter W. Shor
A quantum lower bound for distinguishing random functions from random permutations
Henry Yuen
Small sets of locally indistinguishable orthogonal maximally entangled states
Alessandro Cosentino and Vincent Russo
Entanglement-assisted quantum codes achieving the quantum singleton bound but violating the quantum hamming bound
Ruihu Li, Luobin Guo, and Zongben Xu
Study on error reconciliation in quantum key distribution
Qiong Li, Dan Le, Haokun Mao, Xiamu Niu, Tian Liu, and Hong Guo
Quasiparticle localisation via frequent measurements
David A. Herrera-Marti, Ying Li, and Leong Chuan Kwek
Hardness of classically simulating quantum circuits with unbounded Toffoli and fan-out gates
Yasuhiro Takahashi, Takeshi Yamazaki, and Kazuyuki Tanaka
One-dimensional quantum walks via generating function and the CGMV method
Norio Konno and Etsuo Segawa
Decoding in hyperbolic spaces: quantum LDPC codes with linear rate and efficient error correction
Matthew B. Hastings
Multiplicativity of superoperator norms for some entanglement breaking channels
Christopher King
Stability of point spectrum for three-state quantum walks on a line
Martin Štefaňák, Iva Bezděková, Igor Jex, and Stephen M. Barnett
Relevance of rank for a mixed state quantum teleportation resource
K.G. Paulson and S.V.M. Satyanarayana
Quantum network exploration with a faulty sense of direction
aroslaw A. Miszczak and Przemyslaw Sadowski
CTC assisted PR box type correlation can lead to signaling
Indranil Chakrabarty, Tanumoy Pramanik, Arun K Pati, and Pankaj Agrawal

Vol.14 No.11&12 Sept. 2014 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

The computational power of matchgates and the XY interaction on arbitrary graphs (pp0901-0916)
Daniel J. Brod and Andrew M. Childs

Channel covariance, twirling, contraction and some upper bounds on the quantum capacity
Yingkai Ouyang
Entanglement classification of relaxed Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger-symmetric states
Eylee Jung and DaeKil Park

Decomposition and gluing for adiabatic quantum optimization
Micah Blake McCurdy, Jeffrey Egger, and Jordan Kyriakidis
Global convergence of diluted iterations in maximum-likelihood quantum tomography
Doglas S. Goncalves, Marcia A. Gomes-Ruggiero, and Carlile Lavor
Majorana fermions and non-locality
Earl T. Campbell, Matty J. Hoban, and Jens Eisert
Tests for quantum contextuality in terms of Q-entropies
Alexey E. Rastegin
Quantum computation of scattering in scalar quantum field theories
Stephen P. Jordan, Keith S. M. Lee, and John Preskill

Vol.14 No.9&10 July 2014 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Fault-tolerant renormalization group decoder for abelian topological codes (pp0721-0740)
Guillaume Duclos-Cianci and David Poulin

Dynamics of coupled cavity arrays embedded in a non-Markovian bath
Xinyu Zhao, Jun Jing, J.Q. You, and Ting Yu
Unitary operation attack and the improvement on probabilistic quantum key distribution
Tzu-Han Lin, Chun-Wei Yang, and Tzonelih Hwang
Quantum circuits for simple periodic functions
Omar Gamel and Daniel F.V. James
Long distance entanglement generation through coherent directed transport of
Neutral atoms in unmodulated optical lattices (pp0777-0789)
Morteza Rafiee and Abolfazl Bayat
Polynomial time quantum algorithms for certain bivariate hidden polynomial problems
Thomas Decker, Peter Hoyer, Gabor Ivanyos, and Miklos Santha
Performance and error analysis of Knill's postselection scheme in a two-dimensional architecture
Ching-Yi Lai, Gerardo Paz, Martin Suchara, and Todd A. Brun
Unextendible mutually unbiased bases from Pauli C\classes
Prabha Mandayam, Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay, Markus Grassl, and William K. Wootters
Quantum key distribution: defeating collective noise without reducing efficiency
Song Lin, Gong-De Guo, Fei Gao, and Xiao-Fen Liu
On the spectral dependence of separable and classical correlations in small quantum systems
Gary McConnell and David Jennings
A quantum circuit to find discrete logarithms on ordinary binary elliptic curves in depth O(log^2n)
Martin Rotteler and Rainer Steinwandt

Vol.14 No.7&8 May 2014 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Generalizing and derandomizing Gurvits's approximation algorithm for the permanent  (pp0541-0559)
Scott Aaronson and Travis Hance
Distillation protocols for Fourier states in quantum computing
Cody Jones
Quantum computation of prime number functions
Jose I. Latorre and German Sierra
Robust variations of secret sharing through noisy quantum channel
Xiu-Bo Chen, Gang Xu, Yuan Su, and Yi-Xian Yang
Uselessness for an Oracle model with internal randomness
Aram W. Harrow and David J. Rosenbaum
Implementation of a multiqubit phase gate with one qubit simultaneously controlling n qubits in the ion-trap system
Xiu Lin
Classical simulation complexity of extended Clifford circuits
Richard Jozsa and Marrten Van den Nest
Fast quantum modular exponentiation architecture for Shor's factoring algorithm
Archimedes Pavlidis and Dimitris Gizopoulos
On the geometry of stabilizer states
Hector J. Garcia, Igor L. Markov, and Andrew W. Cross

Vol.14 No.5&6 April 2014  ABSTRACTS DOI:


QMA-complete problems (pp0361-0383)
Adam D. Bookatz

Research Articles:

Two-message quantum interactive proofs and the quantum separability problem (pp0384-0416)
Patrick Hayden, Kevin Milner, and Mark M. Wilde

Periodicity and perfect state transfer in quantum walks on variants of cycles
Katharine E. Barr, Tim J. Proctor, Daniel Allen, and Viv M. Kendon
Quantum algorithms for search with wildcards and combinatorial group testing
Andris Ambainis and Ashley Montanaro
The witness of sudden change of geometric quantum correlation
Chang-shui Yu, Bo Li, and Heng Fan
An improved query for the hidden subbroup problem
Asif Shakeel
Can quantum entanglement implement classical correlated equilibria?
Alan Deckelbaum
Hardness of approximation for quantum problems
Sevag Gharibian and Julia Kempe

Vol.14 No.3&4 March 2014 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Classical simulations of Abelian-group normalizer circuits with intermediate measurements (pp0181-0216)
Juan Bermejo-Vega and Maarten Van den Nest
Security of high speed quantum key distribution with finite detector dead time
Viacheslav Burenkov, Bing Qi, Ben Fortescue, and Hoi-Kwong Lo
Two-party QPC with polarization-entangled Bell states and the coherent states
Xiao-Ming Xiu, Li Dong, Hong-Zhi Shen, Ya-Jun Gao, and X. X. Yi
Dynamics of multi-qubit states in non-inertial frames for quantum communication applications
Alaa Sagheer and Hala Hamdoun
Steady-state entanglement by engineered quasi-local Markovian dissipation
Francesco Ticozzi and Lorenza Viola
Quantum solution to a three player Kolkata restaurant problem using entangled qutrits
Puya Sharif and Hoshang Heydari
Faster phase estimation
Krysta M. Svore, Matthew B. Hastings, and Michael Freedman
High performance error correction for quantum key distribution using polar codes
Paul Jouguet and Sebastien Kunz-Jacques
Systems of Imprimitivity for the Clifford group
D.M. Appleby, Ingemar Bengtsson, Stephen Brierley, Asa Ericsson, Markus Grassl, and Jan-Ake Larsson

Vol.14 No.1&2 Jan. 2014 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Gate-efficient discrete simulations of continuous-time quantum query algorithms (pp0001-0030)
Dominic W. Berry, Richard Cleve, and Sevag Gharibian
Comparisons between quantum state distinguishability measures
Koenraad M.R. Audenaert
Effects of quantum error correction on entanglement sudden death
Muhammed Yonac and Joseph H. Eberly
Quantum algorithms for one-dimensional infrastructures
Pradeep Sarvepalli and Pawel M. Wocjan
Coding-based quantum private database query using entanglement
Fang Yu and Daowen Qiu
Nonlocal entanglement concentration of separate nitrogen-vacancy centers coupling to microtoroidal resonators
Chuan Wang, Yong Zhang, Ming Lei, Guang-sheng Jin, Hai-qiang Ma, and Ru Zhang
Many-to-one remote information concentration for qudits and multipartite entanglement
Xin-Wen Wang, Shi-Qing Tang, Li-Jun Xie, Deng-Yu Zhang, and Le-Man Kuang
One-step implementation of quantum comtrolled-phase gate via quantum Zeno dynamics
Wen-An Li and Lian-Fu Wei
Quantum Systems on Non-$k$-Hyperfinite Complexes: a generalization of classical statistical mechanics on expander graphs
Michael H. Freedman and Matthew B. Hastings

Vol.13 No.11&12 Nov. 2013 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Exponential quantum speed-ups are generic (pp0901-0924)
Fernando G.S.L. Brandao and Michal Horodecki
Entanglement capabilities of the spin representation of (3+1)D-conformal transformations
Klaus Scharnhorst
A 2D nearest-neighbor quantum architecture for factoring in polylogarithmic depth
Paul Pham and Krysta M. Svore

Subsystem surface codes with three-qubit check operators
Sergey Bravyi, Guillaume Duclos-Cianci, David Poulin, and Martin Suchara
Upper bounds on mixing rates
Elliott H. Lieb and AnnaVershynina
Loss tolerance with a concatenated graph state
David A. Herrera-Marti and Terry Rudolph
Efficient classical simulations of quantum Fourier transforms and Normalizer circuits over Abelian groups
Maarten Van den Nest
Obstructions to classically simulating the quantum adiabatic algorithm
Matthew B. Hastings


A note on locally unextendible non-maximally entangled basis (pp1077-1080)
Bin Chen, Halqum Nizamidin, and Shao-Ming Fei

Vol.13 No.9&10 Sept. 2013 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

The local Hamiltonian problem on a line with eight states is QMA-complete (pp0721-0750)
Sean Hallgren, Daniel Nagaj, and Sandeep Narayanaswami
Entanglement distillation by extendible maps
Lukasz Pankowski, Fernando G.S.L. Brandao, Michal Horodecki, and Graeme Smith
Reversible logic synthesis by quantum rotation gates
Afshin Abdollahi, Mehdi Saeedi, and Massoud Pedram
Upper bounds on the rate of low density stabilizer codes for the quantum erasure channel
Nicolas Delfosse and Gilles Zemor
A study of BB84 protocol in a device-independent scenario: from the view of entanglement distillation
Zhen-Qiang Yin, Wei Chen, Shuang Wang, Hong-Wei Li, Guang-Can Guo, and Zheng-Fu Han
Pseudo-telepathy games using graph states
Anurag Anshu and Mehdi Mhalla
Full characterization of quantum correlated equilibria
Zhaohui Wei and Shengyu Zhang
Security of plug-and-play QKD arrangements with finite resources
Pedro J. Salas
Optimal asymmetric quantum cloning for quantum information and computation (pp0880-0900)
Alastair Kay, Ravishankar Ramanathan, and Dagomir Kaszlikowski

Vol.13 No.7&8 July 2013 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Multiaccess quantum communication and product higher rank numerical range (pp0541-0566)
Maciej Demianowicz, Pawel Horodecki, and Karol Zyczkowski
No-broadcasting of non-signalling boxes via operations which transform local boxes into local ones
P. Joshi, Andrzej Grudka, Karol Horodecki, Michal Horodecki, Pawel Horodecki, and Ryszard Horodecki
Quantum fingerprints that keep secrets
Dmitry Gavinsky and Tsuyoshi Ito
Fast and efficient exact synthesis of single-qubit unitaries generated by Clifford and T gates
Vadym Kliuchnikov, Dmitri Maslov, and Michele Mosca
Efficient quantum circuits for binary elliptic curve arithmetic: reducing $T$-gate complexity
Brittanney Amento, Martin Rotteler, and Rainer Steinwandt
Most robust and fragile two-qubit entangled states under deploarizing channels
Chao-Qian Pang, Fu-Lin Zhang, Yue Jiang, Mai-Lin Liang, and Jing-Ling Chen
Limit theorems for the interference terms of discrete-time quantum walks on the line
Takuya Machida
Galois automorphisms of a symmetric measurement (pp0672-0720)
D.M. Appleby, Hulya Yadsan-Appleby, and Gerhard Zauner

Vol.13 No.5&6 May 2013 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

The robustness of magic state distillation against errors in Clifford gates (pp0361-0378)
Tomas Jochym-O'Connor, Yafei Yu, Bassam Helou, and Raymond Laflamme
Entanglement and output entropy of the diagonal map
Meik Hellmund
Trivial low energy states for commuting Hamiltonians, and the quantum PCP conjecture
Matthew Hastings

Realization of the probability laws in the quantum central limit theorems by a quantum walk (pp0430-0438)
Takuya Machida
Fault-tolerant quantum error correction code conversion (pp0439-0451)
Charles D. Hill, Austin G. Fowler, David S. Wang, and Lloyd C.L. Hollenberg
Quantum discord and quantum phase transition in spin-1/2 frustrated Heisenberg chain (pp0452-0468)
Chu-Hui Fan, Heng-Na Xiong, Yixiao Huang, and Zhe Sun
Non-monogamy of quantum discord and upper bounds for quantum correlation (pp0469-0478)
Xi-Jun Ren and Heng Fan

Measurement-induced nonlocality for an arbitrary bipartite state (pp0479-0489)
Sayyed Y. Mirafzali, Iman Sargolzahi, Ali Ahanj, Kurosh Javidan, and Mohsen Sarbishaei
Optimal Bacon-Shor codes (pp0490-0510)
John Napp and John Preskill
Perfect state transfer on signed graphs (pp0511-0530)
John Brown, Chris Godsil, Devlin Mallory, Abigail Raz, and Christino Tamon
Entanglement transfer between atomic qubits and thermal fields
Shi-Biao Zheng and Rong-Xin Chen

Vol.13 No.3&4 March 2013  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Sufficient condition on noise correlations for scalable quantum computing (pp0181-0194)
John Preskill
Magic-state distillation with the four-qubit code (pp0195-0209)
Adam M. Meier, Bryan Eastin, and Emanuel Knill
Optimal class-specific witnesses for three-qubit entanglement from Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger symmetry (pp0210-0220)
Christopher Eltschka and Jens Siewert
Reduction from non-injective hidden shift problem to injective hidden shift problem (pp0221-0230)
Mirmojtaba Gharibi
Gaming the quantum (pp0231-0244)
Faisal Shah Khan and Simon J.D. Phoenix
Can bipartite classical information resources be activated? (pp0245-0265)
Giuseppe Prettico and Antonio Acin
Spin squeezing of one-axis twisting model in the presence of phase dephasing (pp0266-0280)
Chen-Gang Ji,Yong-Chun Liu, and Guang-Ri Jin

Cooling distant atoms into steady entanglement via coupled cavities (pp0281-0289)
Li Tuo Shen, Xin Yu Chen, Zhen-Biao Yang, Huai-Zhi Wu, and Shi-Biao Zheng

Efficient quantum communication under collective noise (pp0290-0323)
Michael Skotiniotis, Wolfgang Dur, and Barbara Kraus
Optical detection of quantum entanglement between two quantum dots mear a metal nanoparticle (pp0324-0333)
Yong He and Ka-Di Zhu
Multipartite entanglement in XOR games (pp0334-0360)
Jop Briet, Harry Buhrman, Troy Lee, and Thomas Vidick

Vol.13 No.1&2 Jan. 2013 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Counterexamples to Kalai's conjecture C (pp0001-0008)
Steven T. Flammia and Aram W. Harrow
Fidelity as a figure of merit in quantum error correction (pp0009-0020)
Jonas Aamlof and Gunnar Bjork
Hermitian dual containing BCH codes and Construction of new quantum codes (pp0021-0035)
Ruihu Li, Fei Zou, Yang Liu, and Zongben Xu
Multiqubit entanglement of a general input state (pp0036-0053)
Elizabeth C. Behrman and James E. Steck
Commuting quantum circuits: efficiently classical simulations versus hardness results (pp0054-0072)
Xiaotong Ni and Maarten van den Nest
A linearized stabilizer formalism for systems of finite dimension (pp0073-0115)
Niel de Beaudrap
Quantum binary field inversion: improved circuit depth via choice of basis representation  (pp0116-0134)
Brittanney Amento, Martin Rotteler, and Rainer Steinwandt

QMA variants with polynomially many provers (pp0135-0157)
Sevag Gharibian, Jamie Sikora, and Sarvagya Upadhyay

Lower bounds for quantum oblivious transfer (pp0158-0177)
Andre Chailloux, Iordanis Kerenidis, and Jamie Sikora


Cryptanalysis of a secret sharing scheme (pp0178-0180)
Subhamoy Maitra and Kaushik Nandi

Vol.12 No.11&12 Nov. 2012 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Hamiltonian simulation using linear combinations of unitary operations (pp0901-0924)
Andrew M. Childs and Nathan Wiebe

Classical simulation of dissipative fermionic linear optics (pp0925-0943)
Sergey Bravyi and Robert Konig
Limitation for linear maps in a class for detection and quantification of bipartite nonclassical correlation (pp0944-0952)
Akira SaiToh, Roabeh Rahimi, and Mikio Nakahara
Large-scale multipartite entanglement in the quantum optical frequency comb (pp0953-0969)
Reihaneh Shahrokhshahi and Olivier Pfister
Low-overhead surface code logical Hadamard (pp0970-0982)
Austin G. Fowler
Improved bounds on negativity of superpositions (pp0983-0988)
Zhi-Hao Ma, Zhi-Hua Chen, Shuai Han, Shao-Ming Fei, and Simone Severini
Dirac four-potential tunings-based quantum transistor utilizing the Lorentz force (pp0989-1010)
Agung Trisetyarso

Finite geometry behind the Harvey-Chryssanthacopoulos four-qubit magic rectangle (pp1011-1016)
Metod Saniga and Michel Planat
Multicopy programmable discriminators between two unknown qudit states with group-theoretic approach (pp1017-1033)
Tao Zhou, Jing Xin Cui, Xiaohua Wu, and Gui Lu Long
Fault-tolerant ancilla preparation and noise threshold lower bounds for the 23-qubit Golay code (pp1034-1080)
Adam Paetznick and Ben W. Reichardt

Vol.12 No.9&10 Sept. 2012 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Criteria for measures of quantum correlations (pp0721-0742)
Aharon Brodutch and Kavan Modi
Number-phase uncertainty relations in terms of generalized entropies (pp0743-0762)
Alexey E. Rastegin
Application of indirect Hamiltonian tomography to complex systems with short coherence times (pp0763-0774)
Koji Maruyama, Daniel Burgarth, Akihito Ishizaki, Takeji Takui, and K. Birgitta Whaley
Local solutions of maximum likelihood estimation in quantum state tomography (pp0775-0790)
Douglas S. Goncalves, Marcia A. Gomes-Ruggiero, Carlile Lavor, Osvaldo J. Farias, and P. H. Souto Ribeiro
Blind reconciliation (pp0791-0812)
Jesus Martinez-Mateo, David Elkouss, and Vicente Martin
Quantum codes from codes over Gaussian integers with respect to the Mannheim metric (pp0813-0819)
Mehmet Ozen and Murat Guzeltepe
On nonbinary quantum convolutional BCH codes (pp0820-0842)
Giuliano G. La Guardia

Quantum algorithms for invariants of triangulated manifolds (pp0843-0863)
Gorjan Alagic and Edgar A. Bering IV
Quantum phase estimation with arbitrary constant-precision phase shift operators (pp0864-0875)
Hamed Ahmadi and Chen-Fu Chiang

Systematic distillation of composite Fibonacci anyons using one mobile quasiparticle (pp0876-0892)
Ben W. Reichardt

Vol.12 No.7&8 July 2012  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Non-demolition dispersive measurement of a superconducting qubit with a microstrip SQUID amplifier (pp0541-0552)
G.P. Berman, D.I. Kamenev, D. Kinion, and V.I. Tsifrinovich
Improving quantum clocks via semidefinite programming (pp0553-0574)
Michael Mullan and Emanuel Knill
Quantum predictive learning and communication complexity with single input (pp0575-0588)
Dmitry Gavinsky
On QMA protocols with two short quantum proofs (pp0589-0600)
Francois Le Gall, Shota Nakagawa, and Harumichi Nishimura
Fast iSWAP gate using two $Q$ switches (pp0601-0608)
Jie Song, Yan Xia, Xiu-Dong Sun, and He-Shan Song
On the existence of loss-tolerant quantum oblivious transfer protocols (pp0609-0619)
Jamie Sikora
An optical scheme for quantum multi-service network (pp0620-0629)
Fabio Alencar Mendonca, Daniel Barbosa de Brito, and Rubens Viana Ramos

The security of SARG04 protocol in plug and play QKD system with an untrusted source (pp0630-0647)
Bingjie Xu, Xiang Peng, and Hong Guo
How to counteract systematic errors in quantum state transfer (pp0648-0660)
Chiara Marletto, Alastair Kay, and Artur Ekert
Finding hidden Borel subgroups of the general linear group (pp0661-0669)
Gabor Ivanyos
The quantum query complexity of AC0 (pp0670-0676)
Paul Beame and Widad Machmouchi

Quantum discord of a three-qubit W-class state in noisy environments (pp0677-0692)
Hui Guo, Jin-Ming Liu, Cheng-Jie Zhang, and C. H. Oh

Vol.12 No.5&6 May 2012 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Constant-optimized quantum circuits for modular multiplication and exponentiation (pp0361-0394)
Igor L. Markov and Mehdi Saeedi
Encryption with weakly random keys using quantum ciphertext (pp0395-0403)
Jan Bouda, Matej Pivoluska, and Martin Plesch
The monomial representations of the Clifford group (pp0404-0431)
D. Markus Appleby, Ingemar Bengtsson, Stephen Brierley, Markus Grassl, David Gross, and Jan-Ake Larsson
An intuitive proof of the data processing inequality (pp0432-0441)
Normand J. Beaudry and Renato Renner
Optimal estimation of quantum processes using incomplete information: variational quantum process tomography (pp0442-0447)
Thiago O. Maciel and Reinaldo O. Vianna
Long distance two-party quantum crypto made simple (pp0448-0460)
Iordanis Kerenidis and Stephanie Wehner
Achieving perfect completeness in classical-witness quantum Merlin-Arthur proof systems (pp0461-0471)
Stephen P. Jordan, Hirotada Kobayashi, Daniel Nagaj, and Harumichi Nishimura

Matrices of fidelities for ensembles of quantum states and the Holevo quantity (pp0472-0489)
Mark Fannes, Fernando de Melo, Wojciech Roga, and Karol Zyczkowski

Semi-loss-tolerant strong coin flipping protocol using EPR pairs (pp0490-0501)
Jia-Jun Ma, Fen-Zhuo Guo, Qian Yang, Yan-Bing Li, and Qiao-Yan Wen
Distribution of entanglement in networks of bi-partite full-rank mixed states (pp0502-0534)
G John Lapeyre Jr., Sébastien Perseguers, Maciej Lewenstein, and Antonio Acín

Vol.12 No.3&4 March 2012 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Quantum McEliece public-key cryptosystem (pp0181-0202)
Hachiro Fujita
Improved Data Post-Processing in Quantum Key Distribution and Application to Loss Thresholds in device independent QKD (pp0203-0214)
Xiongfeng Ma and Norbert Lutkenhaus
One-step implementation of the Fredkin gate via quantum Zeno dynamics (pp0215-0230)
Zhi-Cheng Shi, Yan Xia, Jie Song, and He-Shan Song
Steady-state correlations of two atoms interacting with a reservoir (pp0231-0252)
Luis Octavio Castanos
Probabilistic secret sharing through noise quantum channel (pp0253-0261)
Satyabrata Adhikari, Indranil Chakrabarty, and Pankaj Agrawal
Decomposition of orthogonal matrix and synthesis of two-qubit and three-qubit orthogonal gates (pp0262-0270)
Hai-Rui Wei and Yao-Min Di
Locally unextendible non-maximally entangled basis (pp0271-0282)
Indranil Chakrabarty, Pankaj Agrawal, and Arun K. Pati

An exact tensor network for the 3SAT problem (pp0283-0292)
Artur Garcia-Saez and Jose I. Latorre

Perfect state transfer on quotient graphs (pp0293-0313)
Rachel Bachman, Eric Fredette, Jessica Fuller, Michael Landry, Michael Opperman, Christino Tamon, and Andrew Tollefson
Limit theorems for the discrete-time quantum walk on a graph with joined half lines (pp0314-0333)
Kota Chisaki, Norio Konno, and Etsuo Segawa

Realization of an economical phase-covariant telecloning in separate cavities (pp0334-0345)
Bao-Long Fang, Tao Wu, and Liu Ye
On the geometry of tensor network states (pp0346-0354)
Joseph M. Landsburg, Yang Qi, and Ke Ye

Vol.12 No.1&2 Jan. 2012 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Practical four-dimensional quantum key distribution without entanglement (pp0001-0008)
William T. Buttler, Steven K. Lamoreaux, and Justin R. Torgerson

Bell violations through independent bases games (pp0009-0020)
Oded Regev
Impossibility of succinct quantum proofs for collision-freeness (pp0021-0028)
Scott Aaronson

Black-box Hamiltonian simulation and unitary implementation (pp0029-0062)
Andrew M. Childs and Dominic W. Berry
Mixed maximally entangled states (pp0063-0073)
Z. G. Li, M. G. Zhao, S. M. Fei, H. Fan, and W. M. Liu
Entanglement distillation from quasifree fermions (pp0074-0104)
Zoltan Kadar, Michael Keyl, and Dirk Schlingemann
On learning finite-state quantum sources (pp0105-0118)
Brendan Juba

Relative state measures of correlations in bipartite quantum systems (pp0119-0137)
Pierre Rudolfsson and Erik Sjoqvist
Some bounds on the minimum number of queries required for quantum channel perfect discrimination (pp0138-0148)
Cheng Lu, Jianxin Chen, and Runyao Duan
Recovery in quantum error correction for general noise without measurement (pp0149-0158)
Chi-Kwong Li, Mikio Nakahara, Yiu-Tung Poon, Nung-Sing Sze, and Hiroyuki Tomita
Nearly deterministic controlled-NOT gate with weak cross-Kerr nonlinearities (pp0159-0170)
Xiao-Ming Xiu, Li Dong, Ya-Jun Gao, and X. X. Yi

Vol.11 No.11&12 Nov. 2011 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Complexity of commuting Hamiltonians on a square lattice of qubits (pp0901-0912)
Norbert Schuch

Passively self-error-rejecting qubit transmission over a collective-noise channel (pp0913-0924)
Fu-Guo Deng, Xi-Han Li, and Hong-Yu Zhou
Low temperature dynamics of netral atoms for quantum logic (pp0925-0936)
Fang-Yu Hong, Yang Xiang, Z.Y. Zhu, and W.H. Tang

Security of quantum key distribution with state-dependent imperfections (pp0937-0947)
Hong-Wei Li, Zhen-Qiang Yin, Shuang Wang, Wan-Su Bao, Guang-Can Guo, and Zheng-Fu Han
Bound on genuine multipartite correlations from the principle of information causality (pp0948-0956)
Yang Xiang and Wei Ren
Relativity of mixed entangled states (pp0957-0967)
Shahpoor Moradi
Security analysis of the time-coding quantum key distribution protocols (pp0968-0987)
Thierry Debuisschert and Simon Fossier

Polarization-entanglement purification and concentration using cross-Kerr nonlinearity (pp0988-1002)
Chuan Wang, Yong Zhang, and Guang-Sheng Jin
Universal quantum computation and leakage reduction in the 3-Qubit decoherence free subsystem (pp1003-1018)
Bryan H. Fong and Stephen M. Wandzura

A note about a partial no-go theorem for quantum PCP (pp1019-1027)
Itai Arad

Local extrema of entropy functions under tensor products (pp1028-1044)
Shmuel Friedland, Gilad Gour, and Aidan Roy

Non-demolition Adiabatic Measurement of the Phase Qubit State (pp1045-1065)
G.P. Berman, A.A. Chumaka, D.I. Kameneva, D. Kinionc, and V.I. Tsifrinovichd

Vol.11 No.9&10 Sept. 2011 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Metrics on unitary matrices and their application to quantifying the degree of non-commutativity between unitary matrices (pp0721-0740)
H.F. Chau
Crossovers induced by discrete-time quantum walks (pp0741-0760)
Kota Chisaki, Norio Konno, Etsuo Segawa, and Yutaka Shikano
Return probability of quantum walks with final-time dependence (pp0761-0773)
Yusuke Ide, Norio Konno, Takuya Machida, and Etsuo Segawa
Private quantum channels, conditional expectations, and trace vectors (pp0774-0783)
Amber Church, David W. Kribs, Rajesh Pereira, and Sarah Plosker
Simulating quantum computers with probabilistic methods (pp0784-0812)
Maarten Van den Nest
Deciding unitary equivalence between matrix polynomials and sets of bipartite quantum states (pp0813-0819)
Eric Chitambar, Carl Miller, and Yaoyun Shi
On the experimental violation of Mermin's inequality with imperfect measurements (pp0820-0839)
Ruffin Evans and Olivier Pfister

Unstructured randomness, small gaps and localization (pp0840-0854)
Edward Farhi, Jeffrey Goldstone, David Gosset, Sam Gutmann, and Peter Shor
Entanglement for quantum walks on the line (pp0855-0866)
Yusuke Ide, Norio Konno, and Takuya Machida

Constructing arbitrary Steane code single logical qubit fault-tolerant gates (pp0867-0873)
Austin G. Fowler

Entanglement distribution over the subsystems and its invariance (pp0874-0884)
Qing-Jun Tong, Jun-Hong An, Hong-Gang Luo, and C. H. Oh

Vol.11 No.7&8 July 2011 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

A study of quantum correlations in open quantum systems (pp0541-0562)
Indranil Chakrabarty, Subhashish Banerjee, and Nana Siddharth
Geometric entanglement of one-dimensional systems: bounds and scalings in the thermodynamic limit (pp0563-0573)
Roman Orus and Tzu-Chieh Wei
A new exponential separation between quantum and classical one-way communication complexity (pp0574-0591)
Ashley Montanaro
Optimal deterministic entanglement concentration of polarized photons through direct sum extension (pp0592-0605)
Wen-Dong Li, Wen-Zhao Zhang, Li-Zhen Ma, and Yong-Jian Gu
Current noise cross correlations and dynamical spin entanglement in coupled quantum dots (pp0606-0614)
Hai-Feng Lu, Yong Guo, and Lian-Fu Wei
Probabilistic quantum key distribution (pp0615-0637)
Tzonelih Hwang, Chia-Wei Tsai, and Song-Kong Chong
Different adiabatic quantum optimization algorithms (pp0638-0648)
Vicky Choi

The communication complexity of non-signaling distributions (pp0649-0676)
ulien Degorre, Marc Kaplan, Sophie Laplante, and Jeremie Roland
Universality of sudden death of entanglement (pp0677-0694)
Felipe F. Fanchini, Paulo E. M. F. Mendonca, and Reginaldo de J. Napolitano

Rank-based SLOCC classification for odd n qubits (pp0695-0705)
          Xiangrong Li and Dafa Li

Vol.11 No.5&6 May 2011 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Multi-Bloch vector representation of the qutrit (pp0361-0373)
Pawel Kurzynski
Finite-key analysis for quantum key distribution with decoy states (pp0374-0389)
Ting-Ting Song, Jie Zhang, Su-Juan Qin, Fei Gao, and Qiao-Yan Wen
Evolution of entanglement (pp0390-0419)
M. Merkli, G.P. Berman, F. Borgonovi, and K. Gebresellasie
Coherence preservation in 3-level atom (pp0420-0433)
Fei Yang and Shuang Cong
Security of a kind of quantum secret sharing with single photons (pp0434-0443)
Tian-Yin Wang and Qiao-Yan Wen
HQC with the AC setup associated with topological defects (pp0444-0455)
Knut Bakke and Cláudio Furtado
Quantum memory for light with a quantum dot system coupled to a nanomechanical resonator (pp0456-0465)
Jin-Jin Li and Ka-Di Zhu

Depolarizing behavior of quantum channels in higher dimensions (pp0466-0484)
Easwar Magesan
Localization of quantum walks via the CGMV method (pp0485-0495)
Norio Konno and Etsuo Segawa
Assisted entanglement distillation (pp0496-0520)
Nicolas Dutil and Patrick Hayden

Vol.11 No.3&4 March 2011 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Quantum adiabatic algorithms, small gaps, and different paths (pp0181-0214)
Edward Farhi, Jeffrey Goldstone, David Gosset, Sam Gutmann, Harvey B. Meyer, and Peter Shor
Uniform approximation by (quantum) polynomials (pp0215-0225)
Andrew Drucker and Ronald de Wolf
Information reconciliation for QKD (pp0226-0238)
David Elkouss, Jesus Martinez-Mateo, and Vicente Martin
New families of asymmetric quantum BCH codes (pp0239-0252)
Giuliano G. La Guardia
Localization of quantum walks on a deterministic recursive tree (pp0253-0261)
Xin-Ping Xu
Block-based quantum-logic synthesis (pp0262-0277)
Mehdi Saeedi, Mona Arabzadeh, Morteza Saheb Zamani, and Mehdi Sedighi
Entanglement in massive coupled oscillators (pp0278-0299)
Nathan L. Harshman and William F. Flynn

Universal quantum computing in linear nearest neighbor architectures (pp0300-0312)
Preethika Kumar and Steven R. Skinner
Efficient photon sorter in a high-dimensional state space (pp0313-0325)
Warner A. Miller
Global geometric entanglement in transverse-field XY spin chains: finite and infinite systems (pp0326-0354)
Tzu-Chieh Wei, Smitha Vishveshwara, and Paul M. Goldbart

Vol.11 No.1&2 Jan. 2011 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Macroscopic multispecies entanglement near quantum phase transitions (pp0001-0007)
V. Subrahmanyam
Surface code quantum error correction incorporating accurate error propagation (pp0008-0018)
Austin G. Fowler, David S. Wang, and Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg
Characterization of universal two-qubit Hamiltonians (pp0019-0039)
Andrew M. Childs, Debbie Leung, Laura Mancinska, and Maris Ozols
Non-local box complexity and secure function evaluation (pp0040-0069)
Marc Kaplan, Sophie Laplante, Iordanis Kerenidis, and Jeremie Roland
A new entanglement measure: D-concurrence (pp0070-0078)
Zhihao Ma, Weigang Yuan, Minli Bao, and Xiao-Dong Zhang
Measurable lower bounds on concurrence (pp0079-0094)
Iman Sargolzahi, Sayyed Yahya Mirafzali, and Mohsen Sarbishaei
Quantum interpolation of polynomials (pp0095-0103)
Daniel M. Kane and Samuel A. Kutin
A family of norms with applications in quantum information theory II (pp0104-0123)
Nathaniel Johnston and David W. Kribs
Generation of cluster-type entangled coherent states using weak nonlinearities (pp0124-0141)
Nguyen B. An, Kisik Kim, and Jaewan Kim
An efficient conversion of quantum circuits to a linear nearest neighbor architecture (pp0142-0166)
Yuichi Hirata, Masaki Nakanishi, Shigeru Yamashita, and Yasuhiko Nakashima
Mathematical framework for detection and quantification of nonclassical correlation (pp0167-0180)
Akira SaiToh, Robabeh Rahimi, and Mikio Nakahara

Vol.10 No.11&12 Nov. 2010 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Are quantum correlations symmetric? (pp0901-0910)
Karol Horodecki, Michal Horodecki, and Pawel Horodecki
A lower bound on the value of entangled binary games (pp0911-0924)
Salman Beigi
When is there a multipartite maximum entangled state? (pp0925-0935)
Runyao Duan and Yaoyun Shi 
High-fidelity universal quantum gates (pp0936-0946)
Ran Li and Frank Gaitan
Quantum entanglement of Dirac field in background of an asymptotically flat static black hole (pp0947-0955)
Jieci Wang, Qiyuan Pan, Songbai Chen, and Jiliang Jing
New classes of TQC associated with self-dual, quasi self-dual and denser tessellations (pp0956-0970)
C. D. Albuquerque, R. Palazzo Jr., and E. B. Silva
No-cloning theorem for a single POVM (pp0971-0980)
Alexey E. Rastegin
On Steane's  enlargement of Calderbank-Shor-Steane codes (pp0981-0993)
Hachiro Fujita
Geometric measure of quantum discord under decoherence (pp0994-1003)
Xiao-Ming Lu, Zhengjun Xi, Zhe Sun, and Xiaoguang Wang
Limit theorems for quantum walks with memory (pp1004-1017)
Norio Konno and Takuya Machida
Relationship between the n-tangle and the residual entanglement of even n qubits (pp1018-1028)
Xiangrong Li and Dafa Li
Symmetric states: local unitary equivalence via stabilizers (pp1029-1041)
Curt D. Cenci, David W. Lyons, Laura M. Snyder, and Scott N. Walck

Vol.10 No.9&10 Sept. 2010 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Fast equivalence -- checking for quantum circuits (pp0721-0734)
Shigeru Yamashita and Igor L. Markov
Computational distinguishability of degradable and antidegradable channels (pp0735-0746)
Bill Rosgen
Languages recognized by nondeterministic quantum finite automata (pp0747-0770)
Abuzer Yakaryilmaz and A.C. Cem Say
Security of practical phase-coding quantum key distribution (pp0771-0779)
Hong-Wei Li, Zheng-Qiang Yin, Zheng-Fu Han, Wan-Su Bao, and Guang-Can Guo
Graphical algorithms and threshold error rates for the 2d color code (pp0780-0802)
David S. Wang, Austin G. Fowler, Charles D. Hill, and Lloyd C.L. Hollenberg
All mutually unbiased bases in dimensions two to five (pp0803-0820)
Stephen Brierley, Stefan Weigert, and Ingemar Bengtsson
Controlled implementation of two-photon controlled phase gate within a network (pp0821-0828)
Yan Xia, Jie Song, Zhen-Biao Yang, and Shi-Biao Zheng
Criterion for k-separability in mixed multipartite states (pp0829-0836)
Andreas Gabriel, Beatrix C. Hiesmayr, and Marcus Huber
Quantum guessing via Deutsch-Jozsa (pp0837-0847)
Michael Nathanson
Limits on entropic uncertainty relations (pp0848-0858)
Andris Ambainis
Hardy's non-locality and generalized  non-local theory (pp0859-0871)
Sujit K. Choudhary, Sibasish Ghosh,  Guruprasad Kar, Samir Kunkri, Ramij Rahaman, and Anirban Roy
Quantum addition circuits and unbounded fan-out (pp0872-0890)
Yasuhiro Takahashi, Seiichiro Tani, and Noboru Kunihiro

Vol.10 No.7&8 July 2010  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Universal quantum computation in a hidden basis (pp0541-0561)
Lawrence M. Ioannou and Michele Mosca
Nonlinear and linear entanglement witnesses for bipartite systems via exact convex optimization (pp0562-0579)
Mohammad Ali Jafarizadeh, Almas Heshmati, and K. Aghayar
Limitations of passive protection of quantum information (pp0580-0618)
Fernando Pastawski, Alastir Kay, Norbert Schuch, and J. Ignacio Cirac 
The semigroup sturucture of Gaussian channels (pp0619-0635)
Teiko Heinosaari, Alexander S. Holevo, and Michael M. Wolf
Quantum and randomized lower bounds for local search on vertex-transitive graphs (pp0636-0652)
Hang Dinh and Alexander Russell
Nuclear spin-3/2 electric quadrupole relaxation as a quantum computation process (pp0653-0668)
Alexandre M. Souza, Andre Gavini-Viana, I.S. Oliveira, R.S. Sarthour, R. Auccaise, E.R. deAzevedo, and  T.J. Bonagamba
Limitations on the simulation of non-sparse Hamiltonians (pp0669-0684)
Andrew M. Childs and Robin Kothari
Extraspecial two-Groups, generalized Yang-Baxter equations and braiding quantum gates (pp0685-0702)
Eric C. Rowell, Yong Zhang, Yong-Shi Wu, and Mo-Lin Ge
Bell inequalities from multilinear contractions (pp0703-0719)
Alejo Salles, Daniel Cavalcanti, Antonio Acin, David Perez-Garcia, and Michael M. Wolf

Vol.10 No.5&6 May 2010 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Upper bounds on the noise threshold for fault-tolerant quantum computing (pp0361-0376)
Julia Kempe, Oder Regev, Falk Unger, and Ronald de Wolf
Three-party entanglement in tripartite teleportation scheme through noisy channels (pp0377-0397)
Eylee Jung, Mi-Ri Hwang, Daekil Park, and Sayatnova Tamaryan
Teleportation via maximally and non-maximally entangled mixed states (pp0398-0419)
Satyabrata Adhikari, Archan S. Majumdar, Sovik Roy, Biplab Ghosh, and Nilakantha Nayak
Efficient circuits for quantum walks (pp0420-0434)
Chen-Fu Chiang, Daniel Nagaj, and Pawel Wocjan
On quantum-classical equivalence for composed communication problems (pp0435-0455)
Alexander A. Sherstov
Threshold error rates for the toric and planar codes (pp0456-0469)
David S. Wang, Austin G. Fowler, Ashley M. Stephens, and Lloyd C.L. Hollenberg
Permutational quantum computing (pp0470-0497)
Stephen P. Jordan
Quantum Fisher information for superpositions of spin states (pp0498-0508)
Heng-Na Xiong, Jian Ma, Wan-Fang Liu, and Xiaoguang Wang
One dimensional quantum walks with memory (pp0509-0524)
Michael Mc Gettrick
PPT classifiable families of bipartite states (pp0535-0538)
Frank E.S. Steinhoff and Marcos C. de Oliveira

Vol.10 No.3&4 March 2010  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

The quantum query complexity of certification (pp0181-0189)
Andris Ambainis, Andrew M. Childs, Francois Le Gall, and Seiichiro Tani
A quantum coupler and the harmonic oscillator interacting with a reservoir: Defining the relative phase gate (pp0190-0200)
P.C. Garcia Quijas and Luis M. Arevalo Aguilar
Quantum information processing with quantum zeno many-body dynamics (pp0201-0222)
Alex Monras and Oriol Romero-Isart
Computable constraints on entanglement-sharing of multipartite quantum states (pp0223-0233)
Yong-Cheng Ou and Mark S. Byrd
A promiseBQP-complete string rewriting problem (pp0234-0257)
Doninik Janzing and Pawel Wocjan
Classical simulation of quantum computation, the gottesman-Knill theorem, and slightly beyond (pp0258-0271)
Maarten Van den Nest
Single-photon entanglement concentration for long-distance quantum communication (pp0272-0281)
Yu-Bo Sheng, Fu-Guo Deng, and Hong-Yu Zhou
Finding conjugate stabilizer subgroups in $\PSL$ and related groups (pp0282-0291)
          Aaron Denney, Cristopher Moore, and Alexander Russell
Simplifying quantum double Hamiltonians using perturbative gadgets (pp0292-0324)
Robert Konig
Perfect state transfer, integral circulants, and join of graphs (pp0325-0342)
          Richardo J. Angeles-Canul, Rachael M. Norton, Michael C. Opperman, Christopher C. Paribello, Matthew C. Russell, and Christino Tamon
Strong NP-hardness of the quantum separability problem (pp0343-0360)
Sevag Gharibian

Vol.10 No.1&2 Jan. 2010  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Random quantum satisfiability (pp0001-0015)
Christopher R. Laumann, R. Moessner, Antonello Scarddichio, and S.L. Sondhi
Efficient universal quantum circuits (pp0016-0027)
Debajyoti Bera, Stephen Fenner, Frederic Green, and Steve Homer
Single qubit quantum secret sharing with improved security (pp0028-0040)
          Guang Ping He and Z.D. Wang
C_3, semi-Clifford and genralized semi-Clifford operations (pp0041-0059)
Salman Beigi and Peter W. Shor
Security of quantum key distribution with bit and basis dependent detector flaws (pp0060-0076)          Lars Lydersen and Johannes Skaar
On the complexity of approximating the diamond norm (pp0077-0086)
Avraham Ben-Aroya and Amnon Ta-Shma
Quantum universality by state distillation indirect quantum control for finite-dimensional coupled systems (pp0087-0096)
Jian-Jun Nie, Hongchen Fu, and Xuexi Yi
The LU-LC conjecture is false (pp0097-0108)
Zhengfeng Ji, Jianxin Chen, Zhaohui Wei, and Mingsheng Ying
The role of symmetries in adiabatic quantum algorithms (pp0109-0140)
Gernot Schaller and Ralf Schutzhold
NP vs QMA_log(2) (pp0141-0151)
Salman Beigi
A non-distillability criterion for secret correlations (pp0152-0159)
Lluis Masanes and Andreas Winter
Ancilla-assisted discrimination of quantum gates (pp160-0177)
Jianxin Chen and Mingsheng Ying

Vol.9 No.11&12 Nov. 2009 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

Demonstration of a scalable, multiplexed ion trap for quantum information processing (pp0901-0919)
D.R. Leibrandt, J. Labaziewicz, R.J. Clark, I.L. Chuang, R.J. Epstein, C. Ospelkaus, J.H. Wesenberg, J.H. Bollinger, D. Leibfried, David Wineland, D. Stick, J. Stick, Christopher Monroe, C.-S. Pai, Y. Low, R. Frahm, and R.E. Slusher
High-fidelity quantum control using ion crystals in a Penning trap (pp0920-0949)
Michael J. Biercuk, Hermann Uys, Aaron P. VanDevender, Nobuyasu Shiga, Wayne M. Itano, and John J. Bollinger
Deterministic quantum distribution of a d-ary key (pp0950-0962)
Anita Eusebi and Stefano Mancini
Robust cryptography in the noisy-quantum-storage model (pp0963-0996)
Christian Schaffner, Barbara Terhal, and Stephanie Wehner
Locally undetermined states, generalized Schmidt decomposition, and application in distributed computing (pp0997-1012)
Yuan Feng, Runyao Duan, and Mingsheng Ying
On global effects caused by locally noneffective unitary operations (pp1013-1029)
Sevag Gharibian, Hermann Kampermann, and Dagmar Bruss
Quantum universality by state distillation (pp1030-1052)
Ben W. Reichardt
Fast amplification of QMA (pp1053-1068)
Daniel Nagaj, Pawel Wocjan, and Yong Zhang
Some properties of partial fidelities (pp1069-1080)
Alexey E. Rastegin

Vol.9 No.9&10 Sept. 2009 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Review Article:

Topological cluster state quantum computing (pp0721-0738)
Austin G. Fowler and Kovid Goyal

Research Articles:

 Properties of local quantum operations with shared entanglement (pp0739-0764)
Gus Gutoski
Security of quantum secret sharing with two-particle entanglement against individual attacks (pp0765-0772)
Su-Juan Qin, Fei Gao, Qiao-Yan Wen, and Fu-Chen Zhu
Exact universality from any entangling gate without inverses (pp0773-0777)
Aram W. Harrow
SLOCC classification for nine families of four-qubits (pp0778-0800)
Dafa Li, Xiangrong Li, Hongtao Huang, and Xinxin Li
Relaxed uncertainty relations and information processing (pp0801-0832)
Gerg Ver Steeg and Stephanie Wehner
Eigenpath traversal by phase randomization (pp0833-0855)
Sergio Boixo, Emanuel Knill, and Rolando Somma
Complete characterization of mixing time for the continuous quantum walk on the hypercube with Markovian decoherence model (pp0856-0878)
Milosh Drezgich, Andrew P. Hines, Mohan Sarovar, and Shankar Sastry
New approach to quantum key distribution via quantum encryption (pp0879-0898)
Akbar Fahmi

Vol.9 No.7&8 July 2009 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:

A comparative code study for quantum fault tolerance (pp0541-0572)
Andrew W. Cross, David P. DiVincenzo, and Barbara M. Terhal
Quantum multiplexing with optical coherent states (pp0573-0593)
Juan C. Garcia-Escartin and Pedro Chamorro-Posada
The decreasing property of relative entropy and the strong superadditivity of quantum channels (pp0594-0609)
Grigori G. Amosov and Stefano Mancini
An O(m^2)-depth quantum algorithm for the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem over GF(2^m) (pp0610-0621)
Dmitri Maslov, Jimson Mathew, Donny Cheung, and Dhiraj K. Pradhan
An entropy inequality (pp0622-0627)
Meik Hellmund and Armin Uhlmann
Quantum search of partially ordered sets (pp0628-0647)
Ashley Montanaro
Entanglement-resistant two-Prover interactive proof systems and non-adaptive PIRs (pp0648-0656)
Richard Cleve, Dmitry Gavinsky, and Rahul Jain
Correlation loss and multipartite entanglement across a black hole horizon (pp0657-0665)
Gerardo Adesso and Ivette Fuentes-Schuller
Latency in local, two-dimensional, fault-tolerant quantum computing (pp0666-0682)
Federico M. Spedalieri and Vwani P. Roychowdhury
Practical random number generation protocol for entanglement-based quantum key distribution (pp0683-0692)
Guilherme B. Xavier, T. Ferreira da Silva, G. Vilela de Faria, Guilherme P. Temporao, and J.P. von der Weid
Auto-adaptive interval selection for quantum key distribution (pp0693-0700)
Jiajing Han and Xudong Qian
Classical approximation schemes for the ground-state energy of quantum and classical Ising spin Hamiltonians on planar graphs (pp0701-0720)
Nihhil Bansal, Sergey Bravyi, and Barbara M. Terhal

Vol.9 No.5&6 May 2009 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
Designing an ion trap for quantum simulation (pp0361-0375)
Iulia M. Buluta and S. Hasegawa
Quantum direct communication with mutual authentication (pp0376-0394)
Cheng-An Yen, Shi-Jinn Horng, Hsi-Sheng Goan, Tzong-Wann Kao, and Yao-Hsin Chou
The regime of good control (pp0395-0405)
Juliang Li and Kurt Jacobs
Mixing doubly stochastic quantum channels with the completely depolarizing channel (pp0406-0413)
John Watrous
Quantum wavelet transforms of any order (pp0414-0422)
Francisco Arguello
Synthesis of quantum circuits for $d$-level systems by using cosine-sine (pp0423-0443)
Yumi Nakajima, Yasuhito Kawano, Hiroshi Sekigawa, Masaki Nakanishi, Shigeru Yamashita, and Yasuhiko Nakashima
Quantum communication complexity of block-composed functions (pp0444-0460)
Yaoyun Shi and Yufan Zhu
On the CNOT-cost of TOFFOLI gates (pp0461-0486)
Vivek V. Shende and Igor L. Markov
Locality bounds on Hamiltonians for stabilizer codes (pp0487-0499)
Stephen S. Bullock and Dianne P. O'Leary
Quantum algorithms for shifted subset problems (pp0500-0512)
Ashley Montanaro
On parallel composition of zero-knowledge proofs with black-box quantum (pp0513-0532)
Rahul  Jain, Alexandra  Kolla, Gatis Midrijanis, and Ben W. Reichardt
Exact quantum lower bound for Grover's problem (pp0533-0540)
Catalin Dohotaru and Peter Hoyer

Vol.9 No.3&4 March 2009 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
Integrated optical approach to trapped ion quantum computation (pp0181-0202)
Jungsang Kim and Changsoon Kim
Scalable, efficient ion-photon coupling with phase Fresnel lenses for large-scale quantum computing (pp0203-0214)
Erik W. Streed, Benjiamin G. Norton, J.J. Chapman, and David Kielpinski
Efficient quantum algorithm for identifying hidden polynomials (pp0215-0230)
Thomas Decker, Jan Draisma, and Pawel Wocjan
Graph embedding using quantum hitting time (pp0231-0254)
David Emms, Richard Wilson, and Edwin Hancock 
Communication complexities of symmetric XOR functions (pp0255-0263)
Zhiqiang Zhang and Yaoyun Shi
Estimating Jones and HOMFLY polynomials with one clean qubit (pp0264-0289)
Stephen P. Jordan and Pawel Wocjan
High fidelity universal set of quantum gates using non-adiabatic rapid passage (pp0290-0316)
Ran Li, Melique Hoover, and Frank Gaitan
Non-Markovian decoherence dynamics of entangled coherent states (pp0317-0335)
Jun-Hong An, Mang Feng, and Wei-Min Zhang
Classical and quantum tensor product expanders (pp0336-0360)
Matthew B. Hastings and Aram W. Harrow

Vol.9 No.1&2 Jan. 2009  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
Teleportation of composite systems for communication and information processing (pp0001-0015)
Sebastien G.R. Louis, Andrew D. Greentree, William J. Munro, and Kae Nemoto
Computing stabilized norms for quantum operations (pp0016-0035)
Nathaniel Johnston, David W. Kribs, and Vern I. Paulsen
Generation of entanglement between spin of an electron and polarization of a photon (pp0036-0061)
N. Chandra and Rumi Ghosh
Upper bounds on the performance of differential-phase-shift quantum key distribution (pp0062-0080)
Hipolito Gomez-Sousa and Marcos Curty
On perfect completeness for QMA (pp0081-0089)
Scott Aaronson
Violation of equalities in bipartite qutrits systems (pp0090-0102)
Hossein Movahhedian
Sub- and super-fidelity as bounds for quantum fidelity (pp0103-0130)
Jaroslaw A. Miszczak, Zbigniew Puchala, Pawel Horodecki, Armin Uhlmann, and Karol Zyczkowski
Security proof of quantum key distribution with detection efficiency mismatch (pp0131-0165)
Chi-Hang F. Fung, Kiyoshi Tamaki, Bing Qi, Hoi-Kwong Lo, and Xiongfeng Ma
Generalized concurrences do not provide necessary and sufficient conditions for entanglement detection (pp0166-0180)
Laura Cattaneo and Domenico D'Alessandro

Vol.8 No.10 Nov. 2008  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
The geometry of quantum computation (pp0861-0899)
Mark R. Dowling and Michael A. Nielsen
The complexity of quantum spin systems on a two-dimensional square lattice (pp0900-0924)
Roberto Oliveira and Barbara M. Terhal
Three-qubit Groverian measure (pp0925-0942)
Jung, Mi-Ra Hwang,  Daekil Park, Levon Tamaryan, and Sayatnova Tamaryan
A note on quantum algorithms and the minimal degree of epsilon-error polynomials for symmetric functions (pp0943-0950)
Ronald de Wolf
On impact of a priori classical knowledge of discriminated states on the optimal unambiguous discrimination (pp0951-0964)
Ming Zhang, Zong-Tan Zhou, Hong-Yi Dai, and Dewen Hu
Entanglement of formation from optimal decomposition (pp0965-0976)
Lin Chen and Yi-Xin. Chen
Universal quantum computation with quantum-dot cellular automata in decoherence-free subspace (pp0977-0986)
Zhen-Yu Xu, Mang Feng, and Wei-Min Zhang
On the iterative decoding of sparse quantum codes (pp0987-1000)
David Poulin and Yeojin Chung

Vol.8 No.8&9 Sept. 2008 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
Estimating Jones polynomials is a complete problem for one clean qubit (pp0681-0714)
Peter W. Shor and Stephen P. Jordan
Quantum expanders from any classical Cayley graph expander (pp0715-0721
Aram W. Harrow
Quantum margulis expanders (pp0722-0733)
David Gross and Jens Eisert
Efficient 2-designs from bases exist (pp0734-0740)
Gary McConnell and David Gross
Measuring 4-local qubit observables could probabilistically solve PSPACE (pp0741-0755)
Pawel Wocjan, Dominik Janzing, and Thomas Decker
Improved one-way rates for BB84 and 6-state protocols (pp0756-0772)
Oliver Kern and Joseph M. Renes
Separability criterion for multipartite quantum states based on the Bloch representation of density matrices (pp0773-0790)
Ali S.M. Hassan and Pramod S. Joag
Construction of entanglement witnesses based on concurrence for multi-qubit states (pp0791-0796)
Hoshang Heydari
Approximate joint measurements of qubit observables (pp0797-0818)
Paul Busch and Teiko Heinosaari
Distinguishing quantum operations having few Kraus operators (pp0819-0833)
John Watrous
A panoply of quantum algorithms (pp0834-0859)
Bartholomew Furrow

Book review:
On Geometry of quantum states: an introduction to quantum entanglement (by I. Bengtsson and K. Zyczkowski) (pp0860-0860)
Gerard J. Milburn

Vol.8 No.6&7 July 2008 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
On the transport of atomic ions in linear and multidimensional ion trap arrays (pp0501-0578)
David Hucul, M. Yeo, Winfried K. Hensinger, James Rabchuk, Steven Olmschenk, and Christopher Monroe
On solving systems of random linear disequations (pp0579-0594)
Gabor Ivanyos
Homological invariants of stabilizer states (pp0595-0621)
Klaus Wirthmuller
Faked states attack using detector efficiency mismatch on SARG04, phase-time, DPSK, and Ekert protocols (pp0622-0635)
Vadim Makarov and Johannes Skaar 
A fast quantum circuit for addition with few qubits (pp0636-0649)
Yasuhiro Takahashi and Noboru Kunihiro
PEPS as unique ground states of local Hamiltonians (pp0650-0663)
David Perez-Garcia, Frank Verstraete, J. Ignacio Cirac, and Michael M. Wolf
On separability of graphs with some entangled edges (pp0664-0670)
Hadi Rahiminia and Massoud Amini
Matrix rearrangement approach for the entangling power with hybrid qudit systems (pp0671-0680)
Xiao-Ming Lu, Xiaoguang Wang, Yang Yang, and Jian Chen

Vol.8 No.5 May2008 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
The complexity of stoquastic local Hamiltonian problems (pp0361-0385)
Sergey Bravyi, David P. DiVincenzo, Roberto Oliveira, and Barbara M. Terhal
Generation and detection of photonic qutrit states by linear optics (pp0386-0398)
Yuntian Chen and Gunnar Bjork
Trade-off between the tolerance of located and unlocated errors in nondegenrate quantum (pp0399-0410)
Henry L. Haselgrove and Peter P. Rohde
Constructions for quantum computing with symmetrized gates (pp0411-0429)
Gabor Ivanyos, Attila B. Nagy, and Lajos Ronyai 
An extremal result for geometries in the one-way measurement model (pp0430-0437)
Niel de Beaudrap and Martin Pei
How a Clebsch-Gordan transform helps to solve the Heisenberg hidden subgroup problem (pp0438-0467)
Dave Bacon
A quantum repeater based on decoherence free subspaces (pp0468-0488)
Uwe Dorner, Alexander Klein, and Dieter Jaksch
Efficient quantum circuits for approximating the Jones polynomial (pp0489-0500)
Yumi Nakajima, Yasuhito Kawano, and Hiroshi Sekigawa

Vol.8 No.3&4 March 2008 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
Accuracy threshold for postselected quantum computation (pp0181-0244)
Panos Aliferis, Daniel Gottesman, and John Preskill
Entanglement and separability of quantum harmonic oscillator systems at finite temperature (pp0245-0262)
Janet Anders and Andreas Winter
The LU-LC conjecture, diagonal local operations and quadratic forms over GF(2) (pp0263-0281)
David Gross and Maarten Van den Nest
Optimal synthesis of linear reversible circuits (pp0282-0294)
Ketan N. Patel, Igor L. Markov, and John P. Hayes
Entanglement of formation of rotationally symmetric states (pp0295-0310)
Kiran K. Manne and Carlton M. Caves
Entanglement purification with two-way classical communication (pp0311-0329)
Alan W. Leung and Peter W. Shor
Universal fault tolerant quantum computation on bilinear nearest neighbor arrays (pp0330-0344)
Ashley M. Stephens, Austin G. Fowler, and Lloyd C.L. Hollenberg
Quantum measurements for hidden subgroup problems with optimal sample complexity (pp0345-0358)
Masahito Hayashi, Akinori Kawachi, and Hirotada Kobayashi

Vol.8 No.1&2 Jan. 2008 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles: 
Feasibility study of free-space quantum key distribution in the mid-infrared (pp0001-0011)
          Guilherme Temporao, Hugo Zibinden, Sebastien Tanzilli, Nicolas Gisin, Thierry Aellen, Marcella Giovannini, Jerome Faist, and Jean von der Weid
Quantum algorithm design using dynamic learning (pp0012-0029)
          Elizabeth C. Behrman, J.E. Steck, Prem Kumar, and K.A. Walsh
Epsilon-convertibility  of entangled states and extension of Schmidt rank in infinite-dimensional systems (pp0030-0052)
          Masaki Owari, Sanyek L. Braunstein, Kae Nemoto, and Mio Murao
Practical effects in the preparation of cluster states using weak non-linearities (pp0053-0067)
          Peter P. Rohde, William J. Munro, Timothy C. Ralph, Peter van Loock, and Kae Nemoto
Exploring scalar quantum walks on Cayley graphs (pp0068-0081)
          Olga L. Acevedo, Jeremie Roland, and Nicolas J. Cerf
On the role of shared entanglement (pp0082-0095)
          Dmitry Gavinsky
Universal quantum computation with electronic qubits in decoherence-free subspace (pp0096-0105)
          X.-L. Zhang, Mang Feng, and Kelin Gao
Generalized Clifford groups and simulation  of associated quantum circuits (pp0106-0126)
          Sean Clark, Richard Jozsa, and Noah Linden
On the Pauli graphs on N-qudits (pp0127-0146)
          Michel Planat and Metod Saniga
The Jones polynomial: quantum algorithms and applications in quantum complexity theory (pp0147-0180)
Pawel Wocjan and Jon Yard

Vol.7 No.8 Nov. 2007  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles: 
Multi-partite quantum cryptographic protocols with noisy GHZ states (pp689-715)
          Kai Chen and Hoi-Kwong Lo
Asymmetric quantum teleclonging of multiqubit states (pp716-729)
          Lin Chen and Yi-Xin Chen
Quantumness, generalized spherical 2-design, and symmetric informationally complete POVM (pp730-737)
          Isaac H. Kim
Universal mixing of quantum walk on graphs (pp738-751)
          William Carlson, Allison Ford, Elizabeth Harris, Julian Rosen, Christino Tamon, and Kathleen Wrobel   
For distinguishing conjugate hidden subgroups, the pretty good measurement is as good as it gets (pp752-765)
          Christopher Moore and Alexander Russell
Fully multi-qubit entangled states (pp766-774)
          Jian-Ming Cai, Zheng-Wei Zhou, and Guang-Can Guo
Macroscopic displaced thermal field as the entanglement catalyst (pp775-781)
          Shi-Biao Zheng
Unambiguous unitary quantum channels (pp782-798)
          Shengjun Wu and Xuemei Chen

Book Review: 
On "An introduction to quantum computing (authored by P. Kaye, R. Laflamme and M. Mosca)" (pp799-800)
          Gerard J. Milburn

Vol.7 No.7 September 1, 2007  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles: 
Estimation of the heating rate of ions due to laser fluctuations when implementing quantum algorithms (pp573-583)
          Shingo Fujiwara and Shuichi Hasegawa
Genuine tripartite entanglement semi-monotone for 2x2xn-dimensional systems (pp584-593)
          Chang-Shui Yu, He-Shan Song, and Ya-Hong Wang
High-fidelity single-qubit gates using non-adiabatic rapid passage (pp594-608)
          Ran Li, Melique Hoover, and Frank Gaitan  
Probabilistic purification of noisy coherent states (pp609-623)
          Petr Marek and Radim Filip
Separability criteria based on the Bloch representation of density matrices (pp624-638)
          Julio de Vicente
Zero-error attacks and detection statistics in the coherent one-way protocol for quantum cryptography (pp639-664)
          Cyril Branciard, Nicolas Gisin, Norbert Lutkenhaus, and Valerio Scarani
Sequential attacks against differential-phase-shift quantum key distribution with weak coherent states (pp665-688)
          Marcos Curty, Lucy L. Zhang, Hoi-Kwong Lo, and Norbert Lutkenhaus

Vol.7 No.5&6 July 2007  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles: 
Matrix product state representations (pp401-430)
          David Perez-Garcia, Frank Verstraete, Michael M. Wolf, and J. Ignacio Cirac
Security of quantum key distribution using weak coherent states with nonrandom phases (pp431-458)
          Hoi-Kwong Lo and Jonh Preskill 
Evolution from entanglement to decoherence (pp459-468)
          T. Yu and J.H. Eberly 
Controllable subsystems of  quantum dynamical systems (pp469-478)
          Ming Zhang,  Hong-Yi Dai, Guo-Hua Dong, Hong-Wei Xie, and Dewen Hu 
Quantum automata, braid group and link polynomials (pp479-503)
          Silvano Garnerone, Annalisa Marzuoli, and Mario Rasetti
On the quantum hardness of solving isomorphism problems as nonabelian hidden shift problems (pp504-521)
          Andrew M. Childs and Pawel Wocjan
Probability estimates for Shor's algorithm (pp522-550)
          Paul S. Bourdon and H. Thomas Williams
Quantum cloning of identical mixed qubits (pp551-558)
          Heng Fan, Baoying Liu, and Kangjie Shi
Efficient quantum algorithms for the hidden subgroup problem over semi-direct product groups (pp559-570)
          Yoshifumi Inui and Francois Le Gall

Book Review: 
On “Protecting information: from classical error correction to quantum cryptography (authored by S. Loepp and W. Wootters)” (pp571-572)
          Gerard .J. Milburn

Vol.7 No.4 May 2007  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Quantum computation from a quantum logical perspective (pp281-296)
           Jeffery Bub

Research Articles:
Noise threshold for a fault-tolerant two-dimensional lattice architecture (pp297-318)
Krysta M. Svore, David P. DiVincenzo, and Barbara M. Terhal
Winning strategies for pseudo-telepathy games using single non-local box (pp319-328)
Samir Kunkri, Guruprasad Kar, Sibasish Ghosh, and Anirban Roy  
A simple participant attack on the Bradler-Dusek protocol (pp329-334)
Fei Gao, Su-Juan Qin, Qiao-Yan Wen, and Fu-Chen Zhu   
Computational complexity of the quantum separability problem (pp335-370)
Lawrence M. Ioannou  
Mutually unbiased bases and orthogonal  decompositions of Lie algebras (pp371-382)
P. Oscar Boykin, Meera Sitharam, Pham Huu Tiep, and Pawel Wocjan
The quantum Fourier transform on a linear nearest neighbor architecture (pp383-391)
Yasuhiro Takahashi, Noboru Kunihiro, and Kazuo Ohta
General classes of impossible operations through the existence of incomparable states (pp392-400)
Iindrani Chattopadhyay and Debasis Sarkar

Vol.7 No.3 March 2007  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles: 
How to build a 300 bit, 1 Giga-operation quantum computer (pp171-183)  
          Andrew M. Steane
Cluster state quantum computation for many-level systems (pp184-208)
          William Hall   
Convex hulls of varieties and entanglement measures based on the roof construction (pp209-227)
          Tobias J. Osborne   
Universal quantum circuit for n-qubit quantum gate: a programmable quantum gate (pp228-242)
          Paulo B.M. de Sousa and Rubens V. Ramos    
Optimal fingerprinting strategies with one-sided error (pp243-264)
          Andrew J. Scott, Jonathan Walgate, and Barry C. Sanders
Quantum Gaussian channels with additive correlated classical noise (pp265-272)
          Giovanna Ruggeri and Stefa Mancini
Continuous-discrete entanglement: an example with non-relativistic particles (pp273-280)
          N.L. Harshman

Vol.7 No.1&2 Jan. 2007  ABSTRACTS DOI:

An introduction to entanglement measures (pp001-051)
          Martin B. Plenio and Shashank Virmani

Research Articles: 
Modeling ion trap thermal noise decoherence (pp052-072)
          David Leibrandt, Bernard Yurke, and R. Slusher 
Time-shift attack in practical quantum cryptosystems (pp073-082)
           Bing Qi, Chi-Hang F. Fung, Hoi-Kwong Lo, and Xiongfeng Ma
Hidden symmetry detection on a quantum computer (pp083-092)
          Ralf Schutzhold and William G. Unruh     
Quantum walks on directed graphs (pp093-102)
           Ashley Montanaro      
Invertible quantum operations and perfect encryption of quantum states (pp103-110)
           Ashwin Nayak and Pranab Sen 
Multiplayer quantum minority game with decoherence (pp111-126)
           Adrian P. Flitney and Lloyd C.L. Hollenberg 
Feedback control for communication with non-orthogonal states (pp127-138)
            Kurt Jacobs      
Fault-tolerant quantum computation for local leakage faults (pp139-156)
            Panos Aliferis and Barbara M. Terhal 
An anomaly of non-locality (pp157-170)
           Andre A. Methot and Valerio Scarani

Vol.6 No.7 Nov. 2006  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
On the security of $\alpha\eta$: response to 'some attacks on quantum-based cryptographic protocols' (pp561-582)
 Horace P. Yuen,  Ranjith Nair, Eric Corndorf, Gregory S. Kanter, and Prem Kumar 
Characterization of several kinds of quantum analogues of relative entropy (pp583-596)
Masahito Hayashi   
Characterizations of symmetric monotone metrics on the state space of quantum systems (pp597-605) 
Frank Hansen     
Quantum advantage without entanglement (pp606-615)
Dan Kenigsberg, Tal Mor, and Gil Ratsaby    
Robustness of Shor's algorithm (pp616-629)
Simon J. Devitt, Austin G. Fowler, and Lloyd C.L. Hollenberg 
Entanglement and its role in Shor's algorithm (pp630-640)
 Vivien M. Kendon and William J. Munro 
Teleportation via multi-qubit channels (pp641-670)
 Jon Links, John P. Barjaktarevic, Gerard J. Milburn, and Ross H. Mckenzie

Vol.6 No.6 Sept. 2006  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
Near-perfect simultaneous measurement of a qubit register (pp465-482)
         Mark Acton, Kathy-Anne Brickman, Paul C. Haljan, Patricia J. Lee, Louis Deslauriers, and Christopher Monroe
A new algorithm for fixed point quantum search (pp483-494)
         Tathagat Tulsi, Lov K. Grover, and Apoorva Patel 
Universal quantum computation with shutter logic (pp495-515)
         Juan C. Garcia-Escartin and Pedro Chamorro-Posada 
Quality of a quantum error correcting scheme and memory error threshold estimation (pp516-526)
         Pedro J. Salas
Entanglement probability distribution of bi-partite randomised stabilizer states (pp527-538)
         Oscar C.O. Dahlsten and Martin B. Plenio 
The distillability problem revisited (pp539-560)
         Lieven Clarisse

Vol.6 No.4&5 July 2006  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
Electrode Configurations for fast separation of trapped ions (pp289-325)
         Jonathan P.Home and Andrew M. Steane
Implementation of continuous variable quantum cryptography in optical fibres using a go-&-return configuration (pp326-335)
         Matthieu Legré, Hugo Zbinden, and Nicolas Gisin 
Quantum information processing with hyperentangled photon states (pp336-350)
         Stephen P. Walborn, Mafalda P. Almeida, P.H. Souto Ribeiro, and C.H. Monken 
A logarithmic-depth quantum carry-lookahead adder (pp351-369)
         Thomas G. Draper, Samuel A. Kutin, Eric M. Rains, and Krysta M. Svore
Mixing of quantum walk on circulant bunkbeds (pp370-381)
         Peter Lo, Siddharth Rajaram, Diana Schepens, Daniel Sullivan, Chritino Tamon, and Jeffrey Ward
Operator quantum error correction (pp382-399)
         David W. Kribs, Raymond Laflamme, David Poulin, and Maia Lesosky
The geometry and topology of entanglement: Conifold, Segre variety, and Hopf fibration (pp400-409)
         Hoshang Heydari
Generalized asymmetric quantum cloning machines (pp410-435)
         Sofyan Iblisdir, Antonio Acin, and Nicolas Gisin
Efficient circuits for exact-universal computation with qudits (pp436-454)
         Gavin K. Brennen, Stephen S. Bullock, and Dianne P. O'Leary 
Concurrence and Schwarz inequality (pp455-460)
         Hoshang Heydari and Gunnar Björk
Communication complexity of remote state preparation with entanglement (pp461-464)
         Rahul Jain

Vol.6 No.3 May 2006  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
A flow-map model for analyzing pseudothresholds in fault-tolerant quantum computing (pp193-212)
Krysta M. Svore, Andrew W. Cross, Isaac L. Chuang, and Alfred V. Aho
A geometric approach to quantum circuit lower bounds (pp213-262)
Michael A. Nielsen
Mixing and decoherence in quantum walks on cycles (pp263-276)
Leonid Fedichkin, Dmitry Solenov, and Christino Tamon
On independent permutation separability criteria (pp277-288)
Lieven Clarisse and Pawel Wocjan

Vol.6 No.2 March 2006  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
Quantum accuracy threshold for concatenated distance-3 code (pp097-165)
Panos Aliferis, Daniel Gottesman, and John Preskill
Quantum entanglement measure based on wedge product (pp166-172)
Hoshang Heydari
The computational power of the W and GHZ states (pp173-183)
Ellie D'Hondt and Prakash Panangaden
A quantum circuit for Shor's factoring algorithm using 2n+2 qubits (pp184-192)
         Yasuhiro Takahashi and Noboru Kunihiro

Vol.6 No.1 Jan. 2006 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
Quantum computer with dipole-dipole interacting two-level systems (pp001-015)
David Petrosyan and Gershon Kurizki
Quantum measurements and entropic bounds (pp016-045)
Alberto Barchielli and Giangarlo Lupieri
Quantum lower bounds for fanout (pp046-057)
Maosen Fang, Stephen Fenner, Frederic Green, Steve Homer, and Yong Zhang 
A discrete local invariant for quantum gates (pp058-066)
Laura Koponen, Ville Bergholm, and Martti M. Salomaa
A new algorithm for producing quantum circuits using KAK decompositions (pp067-080)
Yumi Nakajima, Yasuhito Kawano, and Hiroshi Sekigawa 

Mini Tutorial:
The Solovay-Kitaev algorithm (pp081-095)
Christopher M. Dawson and Michael A. Nielsen     

Vol.5 No.7 Nov. 2005 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
System design for large-scale ion trap quantum information processor (pp515-537)
         J. Kim,  S. Pau, Z. Ma, H.R. McLellan, J.V. Gates, A. Kornblit, R.E. Slusher, R.M. Jopson, I. Kang and M. Dinu
Recasting Mermin's multi-player game into the framework of pseudo-telepathy (pp538-550)
         Gilles Brassard, Anne Broadbent, and  Alain Tapp
A quantum cryptographic protocol with detection of compromised server (pp551-560)
         D. Richard Kuhn 
Globally controlled artificial semiconducting molecules as quantum computers (pp561-572)
         Jerome Tribollet   
A comparison of decoherence-free subsystem/subspace for partially broken symmetry (pp573-582)
         Shabnam  Siddiqui and Julio Gea-Banacloche
Highly asymmetric quantum cloning in arbitrary dimension (pp583-592)
         Jaromir Fiuravsek, Radim Filip, and Nicolas J. Cerf
Quantum algorithms for subset finding (pp593-604)
         Andrew M. Childs and Jason M. Eisenberg

On "Quantum and Classical Message Identification via Quantum Channels" (pp605-606)
         Andreas Winter

Vol.5 No.6 Sept. 2005 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
Surface-electrode architecture for ion-trap quantum information processing (pp419-439)
         John Chiaverini, R. Brad Blakestad, Joe Britton, John D. Jost, Christopher Langer, David Leibfried, Roee Ozeri, and David J. Wineland
A linear-size quantum circuit for addition with no ancillary qubits (pp440-448)
         Yasuhiro Takahashi and Noboru Kunihiro
Two slightly-entangled NP-complete problems (pp449-455)
         Roman Orus
Secure assisted quantum computation (pp456-466)
         Andrew M. Childs
Transformation of quantum states using uniformly controlled rotations (pp467-473)
         Mikko Mottonen, Juha J. Vartiainen, Ville Bergholm, and Martti M. Salomaa
Optimized quantum implementation of elliptic curve arithmetic over binary fields (pp474-491)
         Phillip R. Kaye
Physically-motivated dynamical algorithms  for the graph isomorphism problem (pp492-506)
         Shiue-Yuan Shiau, Robert Joynt, and S.N. Coppersmith

Mini- tutorial:
A simple proof of the strong subadditivity inequality (pp507-513)
         Michael A. Nielsen and Denes Petz

Vol.5 No.4&5 July 2005  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Quantum Information and Quantum Control (pp273-274)
         Paul Brumer, Daniel Lidar, Hoi-Kwong Lo, and Aephraim Steinberg

Research Articles:
Minimum entangled state dimension required for pseudo-telepathy (pp275-284)
         Gilles Brassard, Andre A. Methot and Alain Tapp
Universal dynamical control of decay and decoherence for  weak and strong system-bath coupling (pp285-317)
         Goren Gordon, Gershon Kurizki, Abraham G. Kofman, and Sophie Pellegrin
Coherent optical control of electronic excitations in functionalized semiconductor nanostructures (pp318-334)
         Luis G.C. Rego, S.G. Abuabara and Victor S. Batista
On-site localization of excitations (pp335-349)
         Mark I. Dykman, L.F. Santos, M. Shapiro, and Felix M. Izrailev
Stabilizing qubit coherence via tracking-control (pp350-363)
         Daniel A. Lidar and Sara Schneider
Phase control for entanglement preparation in two-qubit systems (pp364-379)
         Vladimir S. Malinovsky and Ignacio R. Sola
Bidirectional coherent classical communication (pp380-395)
         Aram W. Harrow and Debbie W. Leung
Information vs. disturbance in dimension D (pp396-412)
         P. Oscar Boykin and Vwani P. Roychowdhury
Getting something out of nothing (pp413-418)
         Hoi-Kwong Lo

 Vol.5 No.3 May 2005 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
Cryptanalysis of a Practical Quantum Key Distribution with  Polarization-Entangled Photons (pp181-186)
         Thomas Beth, Jorn Muller-Quade, and Rainer Steinwandt
Commutative version of the local Hamiltonian problem and common eigenspace problem  (pp187-215)
         Sergey Bravyi and Mikhail Vyalyi
Lagrangian representation for fermionic linear optics (pp216-238)
         Sergey Bravyi
Communicating continuous quantum variables between different Lorentz frames (pp239-246)
         Pieter Kok, Timothy C. Ralph, and Gerard J. Milburn
Deterministic Local Conversion of Incomparable States by Collective LOCC (pp247-257)
         Indrani Chattopadhyay and Debasis Sarkar
Classical and quantum fingerprinting with shared randomness and one-sided error (pp258-271)
         Rolf T. Horn, A.J. Scott, Jonathan Walgate, Richard Cleve, A.I. Lvovsky, and Barry C. Sanders

Webcorner updates (pp272-272)
         Pieter Kok

 Vol.5 No.2 March 2005 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research Articles:
New construction of mutually unbiased bases in square dimensions (pp093-101)
       Pawel Wocjan and Thomas Beth
Quantum computing and polynomial equations over Z_2 (pp102-112)
         Christopher M. Dawson, Andrew P. Hines, Duncan Mortimer, Henry L. Haselgrove, Michael A. Nielsen, and Tobias J. Osborne
Graph-based simulation of quantum computation in the density matrix representation (pp113-130)
         George F. Viamontes, Igor L. Markov, and John P. Hayes
Broken promises and quantum algorithms (pp131-145)
         Adam Brazier and Martin B. Plenio
Entanglement tensor for a general pure multipartite quantum state (pp146-155)
         Hoshang Heydari and Gunnar Bjork
Correcting quantum channels by measuring the environment (pp156-160)
         Patrick Hayden and Christopher King

Comments and Reply:
Can quantum cryptography imply quantum mechanics? (pp161-169)
         John A. Smolin
Can quantum cryptography imply quantum mechanics? -- reply to Smolin (pp170-175)
         Hans Halvorson and Jeffrey Bub

Quantum lower bound for recursive Fourier sampling (pp176-177)
         Scott Aaronson

Book Review:
On “Principles of Quantum Computation and Information Volume 1: Basic Concepts” (pp178-180)
         Dave Bacon

 Vol.5 No.1 Jan. 2005 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research and Review Articles:
New encoding schemes for quantum authentication (pp001-012)
         Priscila Garcia-Fernandez, Enrique Fernandez-Martinez, Esther Perez, and David J. Santos
Qubit channels which require four inputs to achieve capacity: Implications for additivity conjectures (pp013-031)
         Masahito Hayashi, Hiroshi Imai, Keiji Matsumoto, Mary B. Ruskai, and Toshiyuki Shimono
Asymmetric phase covariant d-dimensional cloning (pp032-040)
         Louis-Philippe Lamoureux and Nicolas J. Cerf
Some attacks on quantum-based cryptographic protocols (pp041-048)
         Hoi-Kwong Lo and Tsz-Mei Ko
Quantum circuits for incompletely specified two-qubit operators (pp049-057)
         Vivek V. Shende and Igor L. Markov
Notes on super-operator norms induced by Schatten norms (pp058-068)
         John Watrous
An information theoretical model for quantum secret sharing schemes (pp069-080)
         Hideki Imai, Jorn Mueller-Quade, Anderson C.A. Nascimento, Pim Tuyls, and Andreas Winter
Equiangular spherical codes in quantum cryptography (pp081-092)
         Joseph M. Renes

 Vol.4 No.6&7, Dec. 2004 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Editorial note ( pp409-410)

Non-stabilizer quantum codes from Abelian subgroups of the error group (pp411-436)
         V. Arvind, P.P. Kurur, and K.R. Parthasarathy
Instrumental processes, entropies, information in quantum continual measurements (pp437-449)
         A. Barchielli and G. Lupieri
Optical demonstrations of statistical decision theory for quantum systems (pp450-459)
         S.M. Barnett
A resource-based view of quantum information (pp460-466)
         C.H. Bennett
On the quantumness of a Hilbert space (pp467-478)
         Chris A. Fuchs
Statistical estimation of a quantum operation (pp479-488)
         A. Fujiwara
Classical capacity of free-space optical communication (pp489-499)
         V. Giovannetti, S. Guha, S. Lloyd, L. Maccone, J.H. Shapiro, B.J. Yen, and H.P. Yuen
Comments on multiplicativity of maximal p-norms when p=2 (pp500-512)
         C. King and M.B. Ruskai
On consistency of quantum theory and macroscopic objectivity (pp513-525)
         L. Lanz, B. Vacchini, and O. Melsheimer
Toward implementation of coding for quantum sources and channels (pp526-536)
         M. Sasaki
The classical capacity achievable by a quantum channel assisted by limited entanglement (pp537-545)
         Peter W. Shor
The uncertainty relation for joint measurement of position and momentum (pp546-562)
         R.F. Werner
Quantum and classical message protect identification via quantum channels  (pp564-578)
         Andreas Winter

 Vol.4 No.5 Sept. 2004 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research and Review Articles:
Security of quantum key distribution with imperfect devices (pp325-360)
         D. Gottesman, H.-K. Lo, N. L\"utkenhaus, and J. Preskill
Optimal realizations of simplified Toffoli gates (pp361-372)
         G. Song and A. Klappenecker
Erasure versus teleportation scheme of optical CNOT gate (pp373-382)
         A. Wójcik and A. Grudka
Local invariants for multi-partite entangled states allowing for a simple entanglement criterion (pp383-395) PDF
        H. Aschauer, J. Calsamiglia, M. Hein, and Hans J. Briegel
Note on the Khaneja Glaser decomposition (pp396-400)
        Stephen S. Bullock
Measuring polynomial functions of states (pp401-408)
        Todd A. Brun

Vol.4 No. 4 July 2004  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research and Review Articles:
Implementation of Shor's algorithm on a linear nearest neighbour qubit array (pp237-251) 
Austin G. Fowler, Simon J. Devitt, and Lloyd C.L. Hollenberg
Connections between relative entropy of entanglement and geometric measure of entanglement (pp252-272)
T.-C. Wei, M. Ericsson, P.M. Goldbart, and W.J. Munro
Self testing quantum apparatus (pp273-286) 
D. Mayers and A. Yao
Cluster states, algorithms and graphs (pp287-324)
D. Schlingemann

Vol.4 No. 3 May 2004 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research and Review Articles:
Scalable trapped ion quantum computation with a probabilistic ion-photon mapping (pp165-173) 
L.-M. Duan, B.B. Blinov, D.L. Moehring, and Christopher Monroe
An exact effective two-qubit gate in a chain of three spins (pp174-185)
M.-H. Yung, D.W. Leung, and S. Bose
Quantum logical networks for probabilistic teleportation of many particle state of general form (pp186-195
T. Gao, F.-L. Yan, and Z.-X. Wang
Entanglement concentration of individual photon pairs via linear optical logic (pp196-200)
C.-W. Zhang
How significant are the known collision and element distinctness quantum algorithms?
L. Grover and Terry Rudolph
Simplifing Schmidt number witnesses via higher-dimensional embeddings (pp207-221)
F. Hulpke, D. Bruss, M. Levenstein, and A. Sanpera
An upper bound on the threshold quantum decoherence rate (pp222-228)
A.A. Razborov
Quantum solution to the hidden subgroup problem for Poly-Near-Hamiltonian groups (pp229-235)
D. Gavinsky

Vol.4 No. 2 March 2004  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research and Review Articles:
Experimental realization of entangled qutrits for quantum communication
        R. Thew, A. Acin, H. Zbinden, and N. Gisin
Quantum dynamics of the oscillating cantilever-driven adiabatic  reversals in magnetic resonance force microscopy (pp102-113)
G.P. Berman, F. Borgonovi, and V.I. Tsifrinovich
Reconciling cloning fidelities (pp114-121)
I.Ali Khan and J.C. Howell
Relation between discrete and continuous teleportation using linear elements (pp122-133)
D. Witthaut and M. Fleischhauer
Adaptive Quantum Computation, Constant Depth Quantum Circuits and Arthur-Merlin Games (pp134-145
Barbara M. Terhal and David P. DiVincenzo
Distributed construction of quantum fingerprints (pp146-151)
A. Ambainis and Y-Y Shi
On the structure of nonstabilizer Cliford codes (pp152-160)
        A.A. Klappenecker and M. Rotteler

QIC Webcorner:
Update (pp161-163)
Pieter Kok

Vol.4 No. 1 Jan. 30, 2004  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research and Review Articles:
Multiplicativity of accessible fidelity and quantumness for sets of quantum states (pp001-011)
        Koenraad M.R. Audenaert, Chris A. Fuchs, C. King, and Andreas Winter
Compatibility between local and multipartite states (pp012-026)
        Sergey Bravyi
Asymptotically optimal circuits for arbitrary n-qubit diagonal computations (pp027-047)
        Stephen S. Bullock and Igor L. Markov
Ground state entanglement in quantum spin chains (pp048-092)
        Jose I. Latorre, E. Rico, and G. Vidal

Vol.3 No. 6 Nov. 2003 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Research and Review Articles:
Security bounds in quantum cryptography using d-level systems (pp563-580)
        A. Acin, N. Gisin and V. Scarani
Uncloneable encryption (pp581-602)
        D. Gottesman
Proposal for realization of a Toffoli gate via cavity-assisted atomic collision (pp603-610)
        H. Ollivier and P. Milman

On mixing in continuous-time quantum walks on some circulant graphs (pp611-618)
        A. Ahmadi, R. Belk, C. Tamon, and C. Wendler

An observable measure of entanglement for pure states of multi-qubit systems (pp619-626)
        G. Brennen
Entanglement of individual photon and atomic ensembles (pp627-634)
        G.-P. Guo and G.-C. Guo
Two QCMA-complete problems (pp635-643)
        Pawel Wocjan, Dominik Janzing, and Thomas Beth
Authors Index of Vol.3  (pp644-645)
Titles Index of Vol.3  (pp646-646)

Vol.3 No. Special Oct. 2003 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Editorial Note (pp469-470)
          J.H. Shapiro and H.-K. Lo

Research and Review Articles:
Generalized Bell inequalities with parametric down-conversion (pp471-479)
         A. Lamas-Linares, W.T.M. Irvine, J.C. Howell, and D. Bouwmeester
Photon engineering for quantum information processing (pp480-502)
        A.B. U'Ren, K. Banaszek, and I.A. Walmsley
Precise creation, characterization, and manipulation of single optical qubits (pp503-517)
        N. Peters, J. Altepeter, E. Jeffrey, D. Branning, and P. Kwiat
Atomic spins as a storage medium for quantum fluctuations of light (pp518-534)
        B. Julsgaard, C. Schori, J. L. Sorensen, and E.S. Polzik
Virtual entanglement and reconciliation protocols for quantum cryptography with continuous variables (pp535-552)
        F. Grosshans, N.J. Cerf, J.  Wenger, R. Tualle-Brouri, and Ph. Grangier
Experimental Progress in Linear Optics Quantum Computing (pp553-562)
        J.D. Franson J.D. Franson, M.M. Donegan, M.J. Fitch, B.C. Jacobs, and T.B. Pittman

Vol.3 No.5 Sept. 2003  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Squeezing quantum information through a classical channel: measuring the quantumness of a set of quantum states (pp377-404)
        Chris A. Fuchs and M. Sasaki
Entanglement cost of generalised measurements (pp405-422)
        Richard Jozsa, M. Koashi, N. Linden, Sandu Popescu, S. Presnell, D. Shepherd, and Andreas  Winter
Quantum communication protocols using the vacuum (pp423-430)
        Steven J. van Enk and Terry Rudolph
Logical network implementation for graph codes and cluster states (pp431-449)
        Dirk-M Schlingemann 

Fabrication of micro-magnetic traps for cold neutral atoms (pp450-464)
        B. Lev

Book Review:
On "A shortcut through time" by G. Johnson, and "The quest for the quantum computer" by J. Brown (pp465-467)
        N.D. Mermin
Editorial Notes: (pp468-468)

 Vol.3 No.4 July 2003  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Infinitely entangled states (pp281-306)
        M. Keyl, D. Schlingemann, and R.F. Werner
Non-empty quantum dot as a spin-entangler (pp307-316)
        C.-L. Chou
Shor's discrete logarithm quantum algorithm for elliptic curves (pp317-344)
        J. Proos and Ch. Zalka
Tight Bell inequality for d-outcome measurements correlations (pp345-358)
        Ll. Masanes 
Universal compression of ergodic quantum sources (pp359-375)
        A. Kaltchenko and E.-H. Yang

 Vol.3 No.3 May 2003  ABSTRACTS DOI:

A matrix realignment method for recognizing entanglement (pp193-202)
        K. Chen and L.-A. Wu
Local distinguishability of quantum states and the distillation of entanglement (pp203-210)
        P.-X. Chen and C.-Z. Li
Entanglement transformations of pure Gaussian states (pp211-223)
        Geza Giedke, Jens Eisert, J. Ignacio Cirac, and Martin B. Plenio
Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen correlation seen from moving observers (pp224-228)
        Hiroaki Terashima and Masahito Ueda 
L-S decomposition for 2x2 density matrix by using Wootters's basis (pp229-248)
        S.J. Akhtarshenas and M.A. Jafarizadeh 
Necessary conditions for efficient simulation of Hamiltonians using local unitary operations (pp249-257)
        Hao Chen
3-Local Hamiltonian is QMA-complete (pp258-264)
        Julia Kempe and Oded Regev
Information theoretic aspects in ponderomotive systems (pp265-279)
        S. Giannini, S. Mancini and P. Tombesi
Web-corner update (6) (pp280-280)
        Peter Kok

 Vol.3 No.2 March 2003  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Asymptotic entanglement capacity of the Ising and anisotropic Heisenberg interactions (pp97-105)
        A.M. Childs, D.W. Leung, F. Verstrarte, and G. Vidal
Entanglement and nonlocality for a mixture of a pair-coherent state (pp106-114)
        S. Mancini and P. Tombesi
Generation and degree of entanglement in a relativistic formulation (pp115-120)
        J. Pachos and E. Solano
An analysis of reading out the state of a charge quantum bit (pp121-138)
        H-S. Goan 
Optimal realizations of controlled unitary gates (pp139-156)
        G. Song and A. Klappenecker 
Bell inequality for quNits with binary measurements (pp157-164)
        H. Bechmann-Pasquinucci and N. Gisin
Quantum lower bound for recursive Fourier sampling (pp165-174)
        S. Aaronson
Circuit for Shor's algorithm using 2n+3 qubits (pp175-185)
        S. Beauregard 
Maximal p-norms of entanglement breaking channels (pp186-190)
        C. King

Book Review:
On "Statistical Structure of Quantum Theory" by A.S. Holevo (pp191-192)
        C. Fuchs

 Vol.3 No.1 Jan 2003 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Between entropy and subentropy (pp001-014)
        S.R. Nichols and W.K. Wootters
Simulation of quantum dynamics with quantum optical systems (pp015-037)
        E. Jan? G. Vidal, W. Dür, P. Zoller, and J. Ignacio Cirac
Dynamics of distillability (pp038-047)
        W. Wu, W. Wang, and X. X. Yi
On the problem of authentication in a quantum protocol to detect traffic analysis (pp048-054)
        J. Muller-Quade and R. Steinwandt
On the structure of a reversible entanglement generating set  for tripartite states (pp055-063)
        A. Acin, G. Vidal, and J. Ignacio Cirac
Local vs. joint measurements for the entanglement of assistance (pp064-083)
        T. Laustsen, F. Verstraete, and S. J. van Enk
Both Toffoli and Controlled-NOT need little help to universal quantum computing (pp084-092)
        Y-Y Shi

Book Review:
On "An Introduction to Quantum Computing Algorithms" by A.O. Pittenger,  "Quantum Computing" by M. Hirvensalo, and "Classical and Quantum Computation" by A. Yu. Kitaev, A. Shen, and M.N. Vyalyi (pp093-096)
        R. de Wolf

Vol.2 Special Dec. 2002  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Editorial (pp517-518)
        R. Cleve

Review and Research Articles: 
Simple construction of quantum universal variable-length source coding (pp519-529)
        M. Hayashi and K. Matsumoto  
Entangled graphs (pp530-539)
        M. Plesch and V. Buzek  

Multipartite entanglement and hyperdeterminants (pp540-555)
        A. Miyake and M. Wadati 
A simulated photon-number detector in quantum information processing (pp556-559)
        K. Nemoto and S. Braunstein 
Optimal holonomic quantum gates  (pp560-577)

        A.O. Niskanen, M. Nakahara, and M.M. Salomaa
Limit theorems and absorption problems for quantum radom walks in one dimension (pp578-595)

        N. Konno

QIC Webcorner:
Update (pp596-598)
        P. Kok
Authors Index of Vol.1  (pp599-599)
Authors Index of Vol.2 (pp600-600)

 Vol.2 No.6 Oct. 2002  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Creating high-dimensional time-bin entanglement using mode-locked lasers (pp425-433)
        H. de Riedmatten, I. Marcikic, H. Zbinden, and N. Gisin
A practical trojan horse for Bell-inequality-based quantum cryptography (pp434-442)
        J. Larsson

Computational model underlying the one-way quantum computer (pp443-486)
       R. Raussendorf and H. Briegel
Lorentz invariance of entanglement   (pp487-512)
       P.M. Alsing and G. Milburn
The density matrix for mixed state qubits and hyperbolic geometry (pp513-514)
       A.A. Ungar

Book Review:
On "A First Course in Information Theory" by
Raymond W. Yeung  (pp515-516)
        Andreas Winter

 Vol.2 No.5 August 2002  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Geometry and product states (pp333-347)
        R.B. Lockhart, M.J. Steiner, and K. Gerlach  
Purification of two-qubit mixed states (pp348-354)
        E. Jan\'e
The quantum monty hall problem (pp355-366)
        G.M. D'Ariano, R.D. Gill, M. Keyl, B. Kummerer, H. Maassen, and R.F. Werner
Teleportation and dense coding via a multiparticle quantum channel of the GHZ-class  (pp367-378)
        V.N. Gorbachev, A.I. Zhiliba A.I. Trubilko, and A.A. Rodichkina
On quantum one-way permutations (pp379-398)
        E. Kashefi, H. Nishimura, and V. Vedral
Speed-up and entanglement in quantum Searching (pp399-409)
        S.L. Braunstein and A.K. Pati

Book Review:
On "A New Kind of Science" by Stephen Wolfram  (pp410-423)
        S. Aaronson
Erratum (p424)

 Vol.2 No.4 June 2002  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Transport of quantum states and separation of ions in a dual RF ion trap (pp257-271)
        M.A. Rowe, A. Ben-Kish, B. DeMarco, D. Leibfried, V. Meyer, J. Beall, Joe Britton, J. Hughes, W.M. Itano, B. Jelenkovic, C. Langer, T. Rosenband, and D.J. Wineland
Quantum statistical properties in a single trapped ion interacting with a laser fields (pp272-284)  withdrawn see Editorial Notes: of Vol.3 No.5 (2003)
        M. Abdel-Aty, S. Furuichi, and S. Nakamura
 Time--optimal Hamiltonian simulation and gate synthesis using homogeneous local unitaries (pp285-296)
        Ll. Masanes, G. Vidal, and J.I. Latorre
Quantum computer architecture for fast entropy extraction (pp297-306)
        A.M. Steane
Stabilizer codes can be realized as graph codes (pp307-323)
        D Schlingemann
ROM-based computation: quantum versus classical (pp324-332)
        B.C. Travaglione, M.A. Nielsen, H.M. Wiseman, and A. Ambainis

Vol.2 No.3 April 2002  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Finding cliques by quantum adiabatic evolution (pp181-191)
        A.M. Childs, E. Farhi, J. Goldstone, and S. Gutmann
Quantum algorithm for measuring the eigenvalues of UÄU-1 for a black-box unitary transformation U (pp192-197)
        Dominik Janzing and Thomas Beth
Quantum algorithm for measuring the energy of n qubits with unknown pair-interactions (pp198-207)
        Dominik Janzing
Purification of entangled coherent states (pp208-221)
        H. Jeong and M.S. Kim
Numerical analysis of entanglement properties of density matrices in C2ÄC2 systems (pp222-239)
        R.V. Ramos and A. Karlsson
Equivalence classes of non-local unitary operations (pp240-254)
        W. Duer and J. Ignacio Cirac

QIC Webcorner:
Update  (pp255-256)
        P. Kok

Vol.2 No.2 Feb. 2002  ABSTRACTS DOI:

Superposition, entanglement and quantum computation (pp097-116)
        T.M. Forcer, A.J.G. Hey, D.A. Ross, and P.G.R. Smith
Simulating arbitrary pair-interactions by a given Hamiltonian:
graph-theoretical bounds on the time-complexity
        Pawel Wocjan, Dominik Janzing, and Thomas Beth
Universal simulation of Hamiltonians using a finite set of control operations  (pp133-150)
        Pawel Wocjan, M. Rotteler, Dominik Janzing, and Thomas Beth
The quantum state of a laser field  (pp151-165)
        S.J. van Enk and C.A. Fuchs

NMR quantum information processing and entanglement (pp166-176)
        Raymond Laflamme, D. Cory, C. Negrevergne, and L. Viola

Book Review:
On "Introduction to Quantum Computation and Information"
edited by Hoi-Kwong Lo, Sandu Popescu, and Tim Spiller
        D. Gottesman

QIC Webcorner:
Update (pp179-180)
        P. Kok

Vol.2 No.1 Dec. 2001  ABSTRACTS DOI:

On the classical character of control fields in quantum information processing
        S.J. van Enk and H.J. Kimble
Quantum vernam cipher (pp14-34)
        D. W. Leung
Counting, fanout and the complexity of quantum ACC  (pp35-65)
        F. Green, S. Homer, C. Moore, and C. Pollett
Optimization of coherent attacks in generalizations of the BB84 quantum bit commitment protocol  (pp66-96)
        Robert W. Spekkens and Terry Rudolph

Vol.1 Special Dec. 2001 ABSTRACTS DOI:
Implementation of Quantum Computation

Editorial  (ppi-ii)
        Robert Clark

Dogma and heresy in quantum computing  (pp1-6)
        David P. DiVincenzo

Quantum networks based on cavity QED (pp7-12)
        Hideo Mabuchi, M. Armen, B. Lev, Marko Loncar, Jelena Vuckovic, H.J. Kimble,  John Preskill, M. Roukes, A. Scherer, and Steven J. van Enk
Efficient linear optics quantum computation (pp13-19)
        Gerard .J. Milburn, Timothy Ralph, Andrew G. White, Emanuel Knill, and Raymond Laflamme
Quantum control and information processing in optical lattices (pp20-32)
        Poul S. Jessen, David L. Haycock, Gerd Klose, G.A. Smith, Ivan H. Deutsch, and Gavin K. Brennen
Encoded universality from a single physical interaction (pp33-55)
        Julia Kempe, David Bacon, David P. DiVincenzo, and K. Brigitta Whaley
Solid-state crystal lattice NMR quantum computation (pp56-81)
        Thaddeus D. Ladd, Yoshihisa Yamamoto, J.R. Goldman, and Fumiko Yamaguchi
Construction of a silicon-based solid state quantum computer  (pp82-95)
        Andrew S. Dzurak, M.Y. Simmons, A.R. Hamilton, Robert G. Clark, Rolf Brenner, T.M. Buehler, N.J. Curson, E. Gauja, R.P. McKinnon, L.D. Macks, M. Mitic, Jeremy L. O'brien, L. Oberbeck, D.J. Reilly, S.R. Schofield, and F.E. Stanley
Quantum computation using electrons trapped by surface acoustic waves (pp96-101)
        Crispin H.W. Barnes, J.M. Shilton, and A.M. Robinson
Quantum computing with electrons floating on liquid helium  (pp102-107)
        Mark I. Dykman and P.M. Platzman
Fabrication of the structure for qubits using electrons on liquid helium (pp108-112)
        John Goodkind and S. Pilla
Recent results in trapped-ion quantum computing at NIST   (pp113-123)
David Kielpinski, A. Ben-Kish, Joe Britton, V. Meyer, M.A. Rowe, W.M. Itano,   David .J. Wineland, Charles Sackett, and Christopher Monroe
Qubit utilizing charge-number state in super conducting nanostructure  (pp124-128)
        J.S. Tsai, Y. Nakamura, and YU. Pashkin
Fabricating an all-epitaxial silicon quantum computer (pp129-133)
        J.R. Tucker and T.-C. Shen 
NMR quantum computing - lessons for the future (pp134-142)
        Lieven Vandersypen and Isaac Chuang
Universal quantum gates for single cooper pair box based quantum  computing  (pp143-150)
        P. Echternach, C.P. Williams, S.C. Dultz, S. Braunstein, and J.P. Dowling

Vol.1 No.3 Oct. 2001 ABSTRACTS DOI:

Bell inequalities and entanglement (pp1-25)
        Reinhard F. Werner & Michael M. Wolf

Decomposing finite Abelian groups (pp26-32)
        Kevin Cheung & Michele Mosca

Optimal two-particle entanglement by universal quantum processes (pp33-51)
        Gernot Alber, Also Delgado, and Igor Jex
Optimal quantum measurements for spin-1 and spin-3/2 particles  (pp52-61)
        P.K. Aravind

On using quantum protocols to detect traffic analysis (pp62-69)
        Rainer Steinwandt, Dominik Janzing, and Thomas Beth
Classical capacity of a noiseless quantum channel assisted by noisy entanglement  (pp70-78)
        Michal Horodecki, Pawel Horodecki, Ryszard Horodecki, Debbie Leung, and Barbara Terhal
Distillability criterion for all bipartite Gaussian states (pp79-86)
        Geza Giedke, Lu-Ming Duan,
J. Ignacio Cirac, and Peter Zoller

Long-distance quantum communication just around the corner?   (pp87-88)
        Peter Kok, Hwang Lee, Nicholas Cerf, and Jonathan Dowling

Book review:
on "The Physics of Quantum Information: Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Teleportation, Quantum Computation" (edited by D Bouwmeester, A Ekert & A Zeilinger)  (pp89-90)
        Gerard Milburn

update (pp91-92)
        Peter Kok

Vol.1 No.2 Aug. 2001 Sample Issue 2  DOI:

        David Wineland, J. Ignacio Cirac, and Richard Jozsa
Photonic entanglement for fundamental tests and quantum communication (pp3-56)
        Wolfgang Tittel & Gregor Weihs

Quantum information experiments with trapped ions: status and prospects (pp57-80)
        Charles Sackett
Proof of unconditional security of six-state quantum key distribution scheme (pp81-94)
        Hoi-Kwong Lo
Book review on "Quantum Computation and Quantum Information (M Nielsen/I Chuang)"  (pp95-96)
        David DiVincenzo

Vol.1 No.1 June 2001 Sample Issue 1  DOI:

        Hoi-Kwong Lo
Entanglement measures (pp3-26)
        Michal Horodecki

Entanglement of formation and concurrence (pp27-44)
        William K. Wootters
Distillation and bound entanglement  (pp45-75)
        Pawel Horodecki and Ryszard Horodecki
Majorization and the interconversion of bipartite states (pp76-93)
        Michael Nielsen and Guifre Vidal

Webcorner (pp94-96)
        Peter Kok