Quantum Information and Computation

Collection of QIC Book Reviews

If you have any recommendation for possible QIC book reviews in the areas of quantum information processing and quantum computation, if you have any comments on QIC Book Reviews, please contact Dr Gerard J. Milburn, the QIC book review editor, at milburn@physics.uq.edu.au, or contact the QIC Editorial at qic@rintonpress.com

On Geometry of quantum states: an introduction to quantum entanglement (by I. Bengtsson and K. Zyczkowski) (Vol.8 No8&9, November 2008) PS  PDF
G. Milburn
On An introduction to quantum computing, by P. Kaye, R. Laflamme and M. Mosca (Vol.7 No.8, November 2007) PS PDF
          G.J. Milburn
On Protecting information: from classical error correction to quantum cryptography, by S. Loepp and W. Wootters  (Vol.7 No.5&6, July 2007PS  PDF
          G.J. Milburn
On Principles of Quantum Computation and Information Volume 1: Basic Concepts (Vol.5 No.2, March 2005)   PS  PDF
         D. Bacon
On A Shortcut Through Time, by G. Johnson, and The Quest For The Quantum Computer, by J. Brown (Vol.3 No.5, Sept 2003)   PS   PDF
        N.D. Mermin

On Statistical Structure of Quantum Theory, by A.S. Holevo (Vol.3 No.2, March 2003)   PS   PDF
        C. Fuchs
On An Introduction to Quantum Computing Algorithms, by A.O. Pittenger,  Quantum Computing, by M. Hirvensalo, and Classical and Quantum Computation, by A. Yu. Kitaev, A. Shen, and M.N. Vyalyi (Vol.3 No.1, Jan 2003)  PS   PDF
        R. de Wolf
On A First Course in Information Theory, by R.W. Yeung (Vol.2 No.6, Nov 2002)  PS   PDF
        A. Winter
On A New Kind of Science, by S. Wolfram  (Vol.2 No.5, Aug 2002)  PS   PDF
        S. Aaronson
On Introduction to Quantum Computation and Information, eds: H-K Lo, S. Popescu, and T. Spiller (Vol.2 No.2, March 2002)  PS   PDF
        D. Gottesman
On The Physics of Quantum Information: Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Teleportation, Quantum Computation, eds: D. Bouwmeester, A. Ekert and A. Zeilinger (Vol.1 No.3, Nov 2001)  PS   PDF
        G. Milburn
On Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, by M. Nielsen and I. Chuang (Vol.1 No.2, Sept 2001)  PS   PDF
        D. DiVincenzo

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