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Vol.17 No.3&4 June 2018 ABSTRACT DOI:

Web Engineering Technologies in the Era of BigData

Editorial (pp181-182)
Francisco José Domínguez-Mayo, Julián Alberto García-García,
Laura García-Borgoñón
Challenges for the Adoption of Model-Driven Web Engineering Approaches in Industry
Esteban Robles Luna, Juan Miguel Sánchez-Begines, Jose Matías Rivero,
Leticia Morales-Trujillo, Jose G. Enríquez, and Gustavo Rossi
MARIA: A Process to Model Entity Reconciliation Problems
J.G. Enríquez, M. Olivero, A. Jimenez-Ramirez, M.J. Escalona, and M. Mejías
An Approach for Guesstimating the Deployment Cost in Cloud Infrastructures at Design Phase in Web Engineering
J.C. Preciado, R. Rodríguez-Echeverría, J.M. Conejero, F. Sánchez-Figueroa
and A.E. Prieto

Other Research Articles

 OntoNavShop: An Ontology-Based Approach for Web-Shop Navigation (pp241-269)
Philip Ruijgrok, Flavius Frasincar, Damir Vandic, and Frederik Hogenboom

Hidden Webpages Detection Using Distributed Learning Automata (pp270-283)
Manish Kumar and Rajesh Bhatia
Implementation and Evaluation of a Resource-based Learning Recommender based on
Learning Style and Web Page Features (pp284-304)
Mohammad Tahmasebi, Faranak F. Ghazvini, and Mahdi Esmaeili

Vol.17 No.1&2 March 2018 ABSTRACT DOI:

Research Articles

A Framework for Product Description Classification in E-commerce (pp001-027)
Damir Vandic, Flavius Frasincar, and Uzay Kaymak
Text-Mining and Pattern-Matching based Prediction Models for Detecting Vulnerable Files in Web Applications
Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Mahesh Chandra Govil, and Girdhari Singh
A Quantitative Analysis of the Use of Microdata for Semantic Annotations on Educational Resources (pp045-072)
Rosa Del Carmen Mavarrete Rueda and Sergio Lujan
Semantic Emotion-Topic Model Based Social Emotion Mining (pp073-092)
Ruirong Xue, Xiangfeng Luo, Qichen Ma, and Shengwei Gu
Unsupervised Keyword Extraction from Microblog Posts via Hashtags
Lin Li, Jinghang Liu, Yueqing Sun, Guangdong Xu, Jingling Yuan and Luo Zhong
A Graph Based Technique of Process Partitioning
Gang Xue, Jing Liu, Liwen Wu, and Shaowen Yao

Vol.16 No.7&8 Dec 2017 ABSTRACT DOI:

Research Articles

A Taxonomy of Web Effort Predictors (pp541-570)
Ricardo Britto, Muhammad Usman and Emilia Mendes
An SMIL-Timesheets based temporal behavior model for the visual development of Web user interfaces
M. Linaje, J.C. Preciado, and R. Rodriguez-Echeverria
Service Recommendation Based on Separated Time-aware Collaborative Poisson Factorization
Shuhui Chen, Yushun Fan, Wei Tan, Jia Zhang, Bing Bai, and Zhenfeng Gao
A Metric Based Automatic Selection of Ontology Matchers Using Bootstrapped Patterns (pp619-652)
B. Sathiya, Geetha T V, and Vijayan Sugumaran
Discover Semantic Topics in Patents within a Specific Domain
Wen Ma, Xiangfeng Luo, Junyu Xuan, and Ruirong Xue
A Hybrid Approach for Automatic Mashup Tag Recommendation (pp676-692)
Min Shi, Jianxun Liu, and Dong Zhou

Vol.16 No.5&6 Sept 2017 ABSTRACT DOI:

Engineering the Web in the Big Data Era

Editorial (pp361-362)
Philipp Cimiano, Flavius Frasincar, and Daniel Schwabe
Relaxation of Keyword Pattern Graphs on RDF Data
Ananya Dass, Cem Aksoy, Aggeliki Dimitriou, and Dimitri Theodoratos
Getting the Query Right for Crisis Informatics Design Issues for Web-Based Analysis Environments
Mario Barrenechea, Sahar Jambi, Ahmet A. Aydin, Mazin Hakeem,
and Ken M. Anderson
Architecting Liquid Software
Andrea Gallidabino, Cesare Pautasso, Tommi Mikkonen, Kari Systa,
Jari-Pekka Voutilainen, and Antoro Taivalsaari
A Semantic Framework for Sequential Decision Making
Patrick Philipp, Maria Maleshkova, Achim Rettinger, and Darko Katic

Other Research Articles

Identifying the Influential Bloggers: A modular approach based on Sentiment Analysis (pp505-523)
Umar Ishfaq, Hikmat Ullah Khan, and Khalid Iqbal
Web Access Mining through Dynamic Decision Trees with Markovian Features
Arpad Gellert

Vol.16 No.3&4 June 2017 ABSTRACT DOI:

New Advances in Adaptability and Rapid Evolution of Technology in the Development of Web Information Systems

Editorial (pp181-182)
Francisco J. Domínguez-Mayo, Julián A. García-García, and Laura García Borgoñón
Towards Fast Metamodel Evolution in LIQUIDML
Esteban Robles Luna, Gustavo Rossi, José Matías Rivero,

Francisco J. Domínguez-Mayo, Julián A. García-García, and María J. Escalona
Applying a Model-Based Methodology to Develop Web-Based Systems of Systems (pp212-227)
M.A. Barcelona, Laura García Borgoñón, G. López-Nicolás, I. Ramos,

and María J. Escalona
Identifying Functional Requirements Inconsistencies in Multi-Terms Projects Framed into a Model-Based Methodolog
Julián A. García-García, M. Urbieta, María J. Escalona, Gustavo Rossi,

and J.G. Enríquez

Other Research Articles

 An Approach of Web Service Organization Using Bayesian Network Learning (pp252-276)
J.X. Liu and Z.H. Xia

A Complete Privacy Preservation System for Data Mining Using Function Approximation
V. Rajalakshmi, M. Lakshmi, and V. Maria Anu
Prediction of Defect Density for Open Source Software using Repository Metrics
Dinesh Verma and Shishir Kumar
Load-Time Reduction Techniques for Device-Agnostic Web Sites (pp311-346)
Eivind Mjelde and Andreas L. Opdahl

Vol.16 No.1&2 March 2017 ABSTRACT DOI:

Research Articles

A Model-based Approach for Describing Offline Navigation of Web Applications (pp001-038)
Felix Albertos-Marco, Victor M.R. Penichet, Jose Gallud, and Marco Winckler
Association Link Network Based Semantic Coherence Measurement for Short Texts of Web Events
Weidong Liu, Xiangfeng Luo, Junyu Xuan, Dandab Jiang, and Zheng Xu
On the Value of Purpose-Orientation and Focus on Locals in Recommending Leisure Activities
Beathice Valeri, Fabio Casati, and Florian Daniel
An approach for building Mobile Web Applications through Web Augmentation
Gabriela A. Bosetti, Sergio Firmenich, Silvia E. Gordillo and Gustavo Rossi
Constraint-based Context Modeling and Management for Personalized Mobile Systems
Javad Berri
An Automated Web Page Classifier and an Algorithm for the Extraction of Navigational Pattern from the Web Data
Abdul R.W. Sait and T. Meryyappan
Verifying Soundness of Geodata Web Service Composition Based on Petri Nets
N. Xu, S-P Peng, and Z-G Wang
Mixed-Opinion Classification of Web Forum Posts using Lexical and Non-Lexical Features
Hikmat Ullah Khan

Vol.15 No.5&6 Nov 2016 ABSTRACT DOI:

Research Articles

Ontology-Assisted Discovery of Hierarchical Topic Clusters on the Social Web (pp361-396)
Kristian Slabbekoorn, Tomoya Noro, and Takehiro Tokuda
Studying the Performance of QoS Specific Web Service Recommendation System Using Virtural Regions (pp397-411)
Kalpana R, Saruladha K, and Jayabharathy J
Web Application Editor: A User-Experience Design Framework for Knowledge-Intensive Organizations
Roberto Paiano, Adriana Caione, Anna L. Guido, Angelo Martella,
and Andrea Pandurino
Quality Views and Stragegy Patterns for Evaluation and Improving Quality: Usability and User Experience Case
Pablo Becker, Belen Rivera, and Luis Olsina
Total Privacy Preservation and Search Quality Improvement in Personalized Web Search
Leema Mathew, Arun Elias, and Chinnu Ravi
System Modeling and Evaluation on Factors Influencing Power and Performance Management of Cloud Load Balancing Algorithms
S Suresh and S Sakthivel
Exploring Web Services from a Network Perspective Using Multi-Level Views
Mingdong Tang, Fenfang Xie, Buqing Cao, Saixia Lyu, Jianxun Liu
Detecting and Containing Malicious Services in an Intercloud Environment
Lohit Kopoor, Seema Bawa, and Ankur Gupta

Vol.15 No.3&4 July 2016 ABSTRACT DOI:

Research Articles

Enhancing Keyword Suggestion of Web Search by Leveraging Microblog Data (pp181-202)
Lin Li, Lu Qi, Fang Deng, Shengwu Xiong, and Jingling Yuan
Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Web Services QoS Prediction via Yao’s Garbled Circuits and Homomorphic Encryption
Lu Li, An Liu, Qing Li, Liusheng Huang, Wei Yang, and Guanfeng Liu
Outbreak Power Measurement for Evolution Course of Web Events
Xingzhi Wang, Xiangfeng Luo, Hui Zhang, and Huimin Liu
Searching for Relevant Tweets Based on Topic-Related User Activities
Tomoya Noro and Takehiro Tokuda
A Description-Based Hybrid Composition Method of Mashup Applications for Mobile Devices (pp277-309)
Korawit Prutsachainimmit and Takehiro Tokuda
A Semantic Approach for Dynamically Determining Complex Composed Service Behaviour
Carla Vairetti, Rosa Alarcon, and Jesus Bellido
Multimedia Data Retrieving based on SOA Architecture
Sid Ahmed Djallal Midouni, Youssef Amghar & Azeddine Chikh

Vol.15 No.1&2 March 2016 ABSTRACT DOI:

Research Articles

Deriving Fault Trigger Metric for Web based Systems (pp001-028)
Sangeeta Sabharwal, Ritu Sibal, and Chayanika Sharma
(K, P)-Shortest Path Algorithm in the Cloud Maintaining Neighborhood Privacy
Shyue-Liang Wang Jia-Wei Chen I-Hsien Ting, and Tzung-Pei Hong
XANUI: a Textural Platform-Indepedent Model for Rich User Interfaces
Jesus M. Hermida, Santiago Melia, and Antonio Arias
A Lexical Approach for Taxonomy Mapping
Lennart Nederstigt, Damir Vandic, and Flavius Frasincar
Semantic Similarity Based Context-Aware Web Service Discovery Using NLP Techniques (pp110-139)
Sowmya Kamath S and Ananthanarayana V.S.

Survey Article

A Survey of RESTful Transaction Models: One Model Does not Fit All (pp140-169)
Nandana Mihindukulasooriya, Raul Garcia-Castro, Miguel Esteban-Gutierrez, and Asuncion Gomez-Perez

Vol.14 No.5&6 November 1, 2015       ABSTRACT

Engineering the Web for Users, Developers and the Crowd

Editorial (pp361-362)
Sven Casteleyn, Gustavo Rossi, and Marco Winckler
Patterns in Eyetracking Scanpaths and the Affecting Factors
Sukru Eraslan and Yeliz Yesilada
From TMR to Turtle: Predicting Result Relevance from Mouse Cursor Interactions in Web Search
Maximilian Speicher, Sebastian Nuck, Lars Wesemann, Andreas Both, and Martin Gaedke 
Identifying Web Performance Degradations through Synthetic and Real-User Monitoring
Jurgen Cito, Devan Gotowka, Philipp Leitner, Ryan Pelette, Dritan Suljoti,
and Schahram Dustdar
Designing Complex Crowdsourcing Applications Covering Multiple Platforms and Tasks
Alessandro Bozzon, Marco Brambilla, Stefano Ceri, Andrea Mauri,
and Riccardo Volonterio

 Other Research Articles

Web Browsing Automation for Applications Quality Control (pp474-502)
Boni Garcia and Juan Carlos Duenas
Modified PageRank for Concept Based Search
G. Pavai. E. Umamaheswari, and T.V. Geetha 
Bayesian Based Type Discrimination of Web Events
Qichen Ma, Xiangfeng Luo, Junyu Xuan, and Huimin Liu

Vol.14 No.3&4 July 1, 2015       ABSTRACT

Review Article:

Organizing Information in Medical Blogs Using a Hybrid Taxonomy-Folksonomy Approach (pp181-195)
Yamen Batch and Maryati Mohd. Yusof

Research Articles:

Machine Learning in Efficient and Effective Web Service Discovery (pp196-214)
Kailash Chander Bhardwaj and R.K. Sharma
An Online System for Notification of Changes to Blogging Space to Achieve Information Domination
Mehdi Naghavi and Mohsen Sharifi
A Novel Twig-Join Swift Using SST-Based Representation for Efficient Retrieval of Internet XML
Yi-Wei Kung, Hsu-Kuang Chang, and Chung-Nan Lee
Assisting developers to build high-quality code-first Web Service APIs
Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Cristian Mateos, and Alejandro Zunino
Comparison of Hybrid Approaches with Traditional Algorithms for Improving Scaleability
Suriya Sundaramoorthy, S.P. Shantharajah, and Suresh Kannan Sundaramoorthy
A Novel Ontology Evolution Methodology
Ali Rahnama and Ahmad Abdollazadeh Barforoush
Semantic-based Clustering of Web Services
Leonardo de Jesus Silva, Daniela Barreiro Claro, and Denivaldo Lopes
Credential Purpose-based Access Control for Personal Data Protection
Norjihan Abdul Ghani, Harihodin Selamat, and Zailani Mohamed Sidek

Vol.14 No.1&2 March 1, 2015       ABSTRACT

Web Technologies

Editorial (pp001-002)
Angelo Di Iorio, David Rossi, and Stefano Zacchiroli
Surfing the Web Using Browser Interface Facilities: A Performance Evaluation Approach (
Raúl Peña-Ortiz, José Antonio Gil, Julio Sahuquillo, and Ana Pont
Exploiting Emoticons in Polarity Classification of Text
Alexander Hogenboom, Danella Bal, Flavius Frasincar, Malissa Bal, Franciska de Jong,
and Uzay Kaymak
Keyboard Navigation Mechanisms in Widgets: an Investigation on ARIA's Implementations
Willian M. Watanabe, Rafael Jose Geraldo, and Renata Pontin de Mattos Fortes

Other Research Articles

Multilevel Analysis for Agent-Based Service Composition (pp063-079)
Arif Bramantoro, Ahlem B. Hassine, Shigeo Matsubara, and Toru Ishida
Type-Ahead Exploratory Search through Typo and Word Order Tolerant Autocompletion
Pavlos Fafalios and Yannis Tzitzikas
An Interactive Web Based Toolkit For Multi Focus Image Fusion
Veysel Aslantas, Rifat Kurban, Ahmet Nusret Toprak, and Emre Bendes
Prevention of Fault Propagation in Web Service: a Complex Network Approach
Ying Liu, Shu Mao, Mingwei Zhang, Guoqi Liu, Zhiliang Zhu, and Jingde Cheng
Analyzing Topological Characteristics of The Korean Blogosphere
Jiwoon Ha, Duck-Ho Bae, Minsoo Ryu, Sang-Wook Kim, Seok-Chul Baek,
Byeong-Soo Jeong, and Jinsoo Cho

Vol.13 No.5&6 November 1, 2014       ABSTRACT

Research Articles:

Towards Automatic Construction of Skyline Composite Services (pp361-377)
Shiting Wen, Qing Li, Liwen He, An Liu, Jianwen Tao, and Longjin Lv
Gathering Web Pages of Entities with High Precision
Byung-Wo On, Muhammad Omar, Gyu Sang Choi, and Junbeom Kwon
Finding News-Topic Oriented Influential Twitter Users Based on Topic Related Hashtag Community Detection
Feng Xiao, Tomoya Noro, and Takehiro Tokuda
An Optimal Constraint Based Web Service Composition Using Intelligent Backtracking
M. Suresh Kumar and P. Varalakshmi
Learning-Based Web Service Composition in Uncertain Environment
Lei Yu, Zhili Wang, Luo-Ming Meng, Xuesong Qiu, and Jian-Tao Zhou
The Roles of Decision Making and Empowerment in Jordanian Web-Based Development Organisations
Thamer Al-Rousan, Ayad Al-Zobaydi, and Osama Al-Haj Hassan
Web Event State Prediction Model: Combining Prior Knowledge with Real Time Data (pp483-506)
Xiangfeng Luo, Junyu Xuan, and Huimin Liu
Web Page Prediction Enhanced with Confidence Mechanism (pp507-524)
Arpad Gellert and Adrian Florea
The Modified Concept based Focused Crawling using Ontology
S. Thenmalar and T.V. Geetha

Vol.13 No.3&4 July 1, 2014       ABSTRACT

Component-Based, Client-Oriented Web Engineering:
 Issues, Advancements and Opportunities

Editorial (pp181-182)
Florian Daniel, Peter Dolog, and Qing Li
Component-based Web Engineering using Shared Components and Connectors
Stefania Leone, Alexandre de Spindler, Moira C. Norrie, and Dennis McLeod
DireWolf Framework for Widget-based Distributed User Interfaces
Dejan Kovachev, Dominik Renzel, Petru Nicolaescu, Istvan Koren, and Ralf Klamma
Efficient Development of Progressively Enhanced Web Applications by
  Sharing Presentation and Business Logic Between Server and Client (pp223-242)
Markus Ast, Stefan Wild, and Martin Gaedke
Model-Based Rich Internet Applications Crawling: "Menu" and "Probability" Models
Suryakant Choudhary, Emre Dincturk, Seyed Mirtaheri, Ggregor v. Bochmann,
Guy-Vincent Jourdan, and Iosif Viorel Onut

Other Research Articles

An Improved Ant Colony Algorithm for Effective Mining of Frequent Items (pp263-276)
Suriya Sundaramoorthy and S.P. Shantharajah
Improving Search and Exploration in Tag Spaces Using Automated Tag Clustering
Joni Radelaar, Aart-Jan Boor, Damir Vandic, Jan-Willem van Dam, and Flavius Fasincar
A Conceptual Cohesion Metric for Service Oriented Systems
Ali Kazemi, Ali Rostampour, Hassan Haghighi, and Sahel Abbasi
Webpage Clustering – Taking the Zero Step: a Case Study of an Iranian Website
Abbas Keramati and Ruholla Jafari-Marandi

Vol.13 No.1&2 March 1, 2014       ABSTRACT

Research Articles:

Enhanced LBS Discovery in a Decentralized Registry Based Web Services Environment (pp001-023)
        Melwyn D’Souza and V.S. Ananthanarayana
Query Intent Detection Based on Query Log Mining
        Juan Zamora, Marcelo Mendoza, and Hector Allende
Processing Mutliple Requests to Construct Skyline Composite Services
        Shiting Wen, Qing Li, Chaoguang Tang, An Liu, Liusheng Huang, and Yangguang Liu
Web Application for an Adaptive Multi-Agent e-Learning System: a Continuous Improvement of e-Content
        Salah Hammami and Hassan Mathkour
C1: an Automated Online Eduication Management System Based on an Object-Oriented Approach (pp087-096)
S.C. Ng, T.S. Lee, C.K. Wong, and F.Y. Lee
A Fast Approach to Querying Multiple Ontology Versions Based on Concept Lattice
Yaqing Liu, Rong Chen, Yingjie Song, and Wu Deng
Empirical Study of Load Time Factor in Search Engine Ranking
        Jakub Marszałkowski, Jedrzej M. Marszałkowski and Mackej Drozdowski
Towards a Homogeneous Characterization of the Model-Driven Web Development Methodologies
F.J. Domínguez-Mayo, M.J. Escalona, M. Mejías, M. Ross and G. Staples
ACOTA: A Multilingual and Semi-Automatic Collaborative Tagging Web-based Approach
Cesar Luis Alvargonzález, Jose Maria Álvarez Rodríguez, Jose Emilio Labra Gay,
and Patrcia Ordoñez de Pablos

Vol.12 No.5 October 1, 2013       ABSTRACT
Semantic Web and Social Networks for E-learning

Editorial (pp361-362)
Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos and Miltiadis D. Lytras

Research Articles:

A Structural Approach to Extracting Chinese Position Relations from Web Pages (pp363-382)
Peiquan Jin, Jia Yang, Jie Zhao, and Yanhong Liu

Using Hybrid Semantic Information Filtering Approach in CoPEs
Lamia Berkani, Azeddine Chikh, and Omar Nouali
SemGsearch: An Approach to Semantically Retrieve Geospatial Objects from Different Geographic Servers
Julio Vizcarra, Miguel Torres, Rolando Quintero, and Marco Moreno-Ibarra
A Framework for Detecting and Removing Knowledge Overlaps in a Collaborative Environment
Maria Vargas-Vera and Miklos Nagy, and Patricia Ordonez de Pablos
Semantic Web for Supporting Personal Work and Learning Environment Creation
Giuseppina Rita Mangione, Francesco Orciuoli, Pierluigi Ritrovato, and Saverio Salerno

Vol.12 No.3&4 July 1, 2013       ABSTRACT

Research Articles:

Supporting Accessibility in Web Engineering Methods: A Methodological Approach (pp181-202)
Lourdes Moreno, Francisco Valverde, Paloma Martínez and Oscar Pastor

Topical Crawling on the Web through Local Site-Searches
Yaling Liu and Arvin Agah
A Conceptual Graph Based Approach for Mappings among Multiple Fuzzy Ontologies
Lingyu Zhang, Yi Yan, and Z. M. Ma
A Model for Analysing DataPportal Performance: The Biodiversity Case
Pedro L.P. Corrêa, Pablo Salvanha, Antonio M. Saraiva, Paulo Scarpelini Neto, Carlos R. Valêncio and Rogeria C.G. de Souza
A Hybrid Approach Using PSO and K-Means for Semantic Clustering of Web Documents
J. Avanija and K. Ramar
Slash-Based Relevance Propagation Model for Topic Distillation
Mohammad A. Golshani, Ali M. ZarehBidoki, and Vali Derhami
A Secure Proxy-Based Cross-Domain Communication for Web Mashup
Shun-Wen Hsiao, Yeali S. Sun, and Meng Chang Chen
AlexandRIA: A Visual Tool for Generating Multi-device Rich Internet Applications
Luis O. Colombo-Mendoza, Giner Alor-Hernández, Alejandro Rodríguez-González,  and Ricardo Colomo-Palacios

Book Review:

On Harnessing Green IT – Principles and Practices (eds: San Murugesan & G.R. Ganadharan)  (pp360-380)
Bebo White

Vol.12 No.1&2 February 1, 2013       ABSTRACT


A Survey and Analysis of Current CAPTCHA Approaches (pp001-040)
Narges Roshanbin and James Miller
A Survey of Faceted Search
Bifan Wei, Jun Liu, Qinghua Zheng, Wei Zhang, Xiaoyu Fu, and Boqin Fen

Research Articles:

Personalizing Search Using Socially Enhanced Interest Model Built from the Stream of User’s Activity (pp065-092)
Tomas Kramar, Michal Barla, and Maria Bielikova
A Description-Based Composition Method for Mobile and Tethered Mashup Applications
Prach Chaisatien and Takehiro Tokuda
An Approach for Web Service Discoverability Anti-Patterns Detection
Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Marco Crasso, and Alejandro Zunino
Scalable RDF Graph Querying Using Cloud Computing
Ren Li, Dan Yang, Haibo Hu, Juan Xie, and Li Fu

Vol.11 No.4 December 1, 2012       ABSTRACT


Ontology Learning: Revisited (pp0269-289)
Ahmad Abdollahzadeh Barforoush and Ali Rahnama

Research Articles: 

WebFDM: a Situational Method for the Development of Web Applications (pp290-316)
Adelaide Bianchini, Ascander Suarez, and Carlos A. Perez
The Design of E-Speranto – A Computer Language for Recording Multilingual Texts on the Web (pp317-336)
Grega Jakus, Jaka Sodnik, and Saso Tomazic
Reuse of JIT Compiled Code in JavaScript Engine
Sanghoon Jeon and Jaeyoung Choi
Popularity-Based Relevance Propagation
Ehsan Mousakazemi, Mehdi Agha Sarram, and Ali Mohammad Zareh Bidoki

Vol.11 No.3 September 1, 2012       ABSTRACT
Quality in New Generation Web Applications

Editorial (pp179-180)
Silvia Abrahão, Cristina Cachero, Cinzia Cappiello, and Maristella Matera

A Core Quality Model for Web Applications (pp181-208)
Roberto Polillo
Updating Quality Models for Evaluating New Generation Web Applications
Luis Olsina, Philip Lew, Alexander Dieser, and Belen Rivera
Quality-driven Extraction, Fusion and Matchmaking of Semantic Web API Descriptions
Luca Panziera, Marco Comerio, Matteo Palmonari, Flavio De Paoli, and Carlo Batini

Vol.11 No.2 June 1, 2012       ABSTRACT

Research Articles: 

A Non-monotonic Expressiveness Extension on the Semantic Web Rule Language (pp093-118)
Jose M. Alcaraz Calero, Andres Munoz, Gregorio Martinez, Juan A. Botia, and Antonio F. Gomez Skarmeta
A Caching Mechanism for QoS-aware Service Composition
Quanwang Wu, Qingsheng Zhu, and Peng Li
MAXLCA: A New Query Semantic Model for XML Keyword Search
Ning Gao, Zhu-Hong Deng, Jia-Jian Jiang, and Hang Yu
A Novel Approach for Service Performance Analysis and Forecast
Sid Kargupta and Sue Black

Book Review:

On Linked Data – Evolving the Web into a Global Data Space, Authored by Tom Heath and Christian Bizer (pp177-178)
Bebo White

Vol.11 No.1 March 1, 2012       ABSTRACT

Research Articles: 

A Framework for Interactively Helpful Web Forms (pp001-022)
Morten Bohoj, Niels Olof Bouvin, and Henrik Gammelmark
Domain Specific Language for the Generation of Learning Management Systems Modules
Carlos E. Montenegro-Marin, Juan M. Cueva-Lovelle, Oscar Sanjuan-Martinez and
 Vicente García-Diaz
A Feature-Opinion Extraction Approach to Opinion Mining
Bolanle A. Ojokoh and Olumide Kayode
Prediction Algorithms for Prefetching in the Current Web
Josep Domenech, Julio Sahuquillo, Jose A. Gil, and Ana Pont
Predictive Self-Healing of Web Services Using Health Score
Mohsen Sharifi, Somayeh Bakhtiari Ramezani, and Amin Amirlatifi

Vol.10 No.4 December 22, 2011       ABSTRACT

Research Articles: 

A Crowdsourced Approach for Concern-Sensitive Integration of Information across the Web (pp289-315)
Sergio Firmenich, Marco Winckler, Gustavo Rossi, and Silvia Gordillo
Using Web Quality Models and a Strategy for Purpose-Oriented Evaluations
Luis Olsina, Philip Lew, Alexander Dieser, and Belen Rivera
A Finite-State Machine Approach for Modeling and Analyzing RESTful Systems
Ivan Zuzak, Ivan Budiselic, and Goran Delac

Vol.10 No.3 September 15, 2011       ABSTRACT

Research Articles: 

Exception Handling in Pervasive Service Composition Using Normative Agents (pp175-196)
J. Octavio Gutierrez-Garcia and Felix F. Ramos-Corchado

A New End-User Composition Model to Empower Knowledge Workers to Develop Rich Internet Applications (pp197-233)
David Lizcano, Fernando Alonso, Javier Soriano, and Genoveva López

Migration Desktop Applications to the Internet: A Novel Virtualization Paradigm Based on Web Operating Systems (pp234-272)
Fabrizio Lamberti and Andrea Sanna

Vol.10 No.2 June 15, 2011       ABSTRACT

Research Articles: 

Enterprise Frameworks for Data Intensive Web Applications: an End-User Development Model Based Approach (pp087-108)
        Franca Garzotto
Model-Driven Web Development for Multiple Platforms (pp109-152)
        Ali Fatolahi, Stephane S. Some, and Timothy C. Lethbridge
Automatic maintenance of Web directories (pp153-173)
        Carlos Hurtado and Marcelo Mendoza

Book Review: 

On Handbook of Research on Web 2.0, 3.0 and X.0: Technologies, Business, and Soclial Applications, edited by San Murugesan (pp174-174)
        Bebo White

Vol.10 No.1 March 15, 2011       ABSTRACT

Research Articles: 

Using Traceability Links and Higher Order Transformations for Easing Regression Testing of Web Applications (pp001-020)
        Piero Fraternali and Massimo Tisi
Offline Web Browsing for Mobile Devices (pp021-047)
        Yung-Wei Kao, Tung-Heng Chow, and Shyan-Ming Yuan
A Novel Multi-Aspect Consitency Measurement for Ontologies (pp048-069)
        Zhao Lu, Zoltan Miklos, Liang He, Songmei Cai, and Junzhong Gu
State-of-the Art and trends in the Systematic Development of Rich Internet Applications (pp070-086)
        Giovanni Toffetti, Sara Comai, Juan C. Preciado, and Marino Linaje

Vol.9 No.4 December 1, 2010       ABSTRACT

Research Articles: 

Web Site Metadata (pp283-301)
        Erik Wilde and Anuradha Roy
An i*-based Approach for Modeling and Testing Web Requirements (pp302-326)
        Esteban Robles Luna, Irene Garrigos, Jose-Norberto Mazon, Juan Trujillo, and Gustavo Rossi
A QOS Enhanced Framework and Trust Model for Effective Web Services Selection (pp327-346)
Zhedan Pan and Jongmoon Baik
Visual Web Mining for Website Evaluation (pp347-368)
        Victor Pascual-Cid, Ricardo Baeza-Yates, and J. Carlos Dursteler

Vol.9 No.3 September 1, 2010       ABSTRACT
Web Architectures: Innovative Models and Technologies

Editorial (pp205-206)
        Davide Rossi, Fabio Vitali, and Martin Gaedke   

Research Articles: 

Partitioning Web Applications Between the Server and the Client (pp207-226)
        Janne Kuuskeri and Tommi Mikkonen
Server Push for Web Applications via Instant Messaging (pp227-242)
        Mikko Pohja
Toward Semantic Web Services as MVC Applications: from OWL-S via UML (pp243-265)
        Cassio Prazeres, Maria da Graca Pimentel, Ethan Munson, and Cesar Teixeira
A TS-Based 2PC for Web Services Using Rest Architectural Style (pp266-282)
        Luiz A. Hiane S. Maciel and Celso M. Hirata

Vol.9 No.2 June 1, 2010        ABSTRACT   

Research Articles:

Comparison of Common XML-Based Web User Interface Languages (pp095-115)
        Mikko Pohja
Schema-based Cache Validation to Improve Query Performance of Web Services (pp116-131)
        A. Raghunathan and K. Murugesan
Incorporating Usability Requirements In a Test/Model-Driven Web Engineering Approach (pp132-156)
        Esteban Robles Luna, Jose I. Panach, Julián Grigera, Gustavo Rossi, and Oscar Pastor
Engineering Concern-Sensitive Navigation Structures, Concepts, Tools and Examples (pp157-185)
        Sergio Firmenich, Gustavo Rossi, Matias Urbieta, Silvia Gordillo, Cecilia Challiol, Jocelyne Nanard, Marc Nanard, and Joao Araujo

Vol.9 No.1 March 1, 2010        ABSTRACT   

Research Articles:

Practical Elimination of External Interaction Vulnerabilities in Web Applications (pp001-024)
        James Mille and Toan Huynh
Investigating the Distributional Property of the Session Workload (pp025-047)
        James Mille and Toan Huynh
Augmenting a Web-Based Learning Environment through Blending Formative Assessment Services (pp048-065)
        I-Ching Chen, Dong-Her Shih, and Shuen-Cheng Hu
Empirically Assessing the Impact of DI on the Development of Web Service Applications (pp066-094)
        Marco Crasso, Cristian Mateos, Alejandro Zunino, and Marcelo Campo

Vol.8 No.4 December 1, 2009        ABSTRACT  
 Web Application Evolution

Editorial (pp285-286)
        Shihong Huang and Massimiliano Di Penta

Research Articles:
Performance Testing of Data Delivery Techniques for AJAX Applications (pp287-315)
        Engin Bozdag, Ali Mesbah, and Arie van Deursen
An Empirical Validation of a Web Fault Taxonomy and its Usage for Web Testing (pp316-345)
        Alessandro Marchetto, Filippo Ricca, and Paolo Tonella
An Investigation of Clustering Algorithms in the Comprehension of Legacy Web Applications (pp346-370)
        Andrea De Lucia, Michele Risi, Giuseppe Scanniello, and Genoveffa Tortora
Systematic Improvement of Web Applications Design (pp371-404)
        Alejandra Garrido, Gustavo Rossi, and Damiano Distante

Vol.8 No.3 September 1, 2009        ABSTRACT  

Research Articles:
A Survey of Cookie Technology Adoption Amongst Nations (pp211-244)
        Andrew F. Tappenden and James Miller
Ontology-Based Search for eGovernment Services Using Citizen Profile Information (pp245-267)
        Vassilios Peristeras, Sotirios K. Goudos, Nikolaos Loutas, and Konstantinos Tarabanis
An Automatic Web News Article Contents Extraction System Based on RSS Feeds (pp268-284)
        Hao Han, Tomoya Noro, and Takehiro Tokuda

Vol.8 No.2 June 1, 2009        ABSTRACT  

Research Articles:
WUM Approach to Detect Student's Collaborative Skills (pp093-112)
        Elena B. Duran and Analia Amandi
Ontology-Driven Personalized Query Refinement (pp113-153)
        Sofia Stamou, Lefteris Kozanidis, Paraskevi Tzekou, and Nikos Zotos
Measures and Techniques for Effort Estimation of Web Applications: an Empirical Study Based on a Single-Company Dataset (pp154-181)
        Sergio Di Martino, Filomena Ferrucci, Carmine Gravino, and Emilia Mendes
A Semantic Web Services-based Infrastructure for Ubiquitous Service Systems (pp182-210)
        Youngguk Ha, Cheonshu Park and Sangseung Kang

Vol.8 No.1 March 1, 2009        ABSTRACT  
 Design of Sophisticated Web-based Systems

Editorial (pp001-002)
        Luciano Baresi, Piero Fraternali, and Geert-Jan Houben

Research Articles:
Enriching Information Retrieval Results with Web Accessibility Measurement (pp003-024)
        Markel Vigo, Myriam Arrue, and Julio Abascal
Oblivious Integration of Volatile Functionality in Web Application Interfaces (pp025-047)
        Jeronimo Ginzburg, Daniano Distante, Gustavo Rossi, and Matias Urbieta
Fine-Grained Specification and Control of Data Flow in Web-Based User Interfaces (pp048-070)
        Matthias Book and Volker Gruhn
Finding Unexpected Navigation Behaviour in Clickstream Data for Website Design Improvement (pp071-092)
        I-Hsien Ting, Chris Kimble, and Daniel Kudenko

Vol.7 No.4 December 1, 2008        ABSTRACT
Web Usability and Accessibility

Editorial (pp257-257)
        Silvia Abrahao, Cristina Cachero, and Martistella Matera

Research Articles:
Web Application Evaluation and Refactoring: A Quality-Oriented Improvement Approach (pp258-280)
        Luis Olsina, Alejanra Garrido, Gustavo Rossi, Damiano Distante, and Gerado Canfora
An investigation of tool support for accessibility assessment throughout the development process of Web sites (pp281-298)
        Joseph Xiong and Marco Winckler
Quality and Potential for Adoption of Usability Evaluation Methods (pp299-317)
        Davide Bolchini and Franca Garzotto
An Intelligent Visual Dictionary for Italian Sign Language (pp318-338)
        Tania Di Mascio and Rosella Gennari

Vol.7 No.3 September 1, 2008        ABSTRACT
 Adaptation and Evolution in Web Systems Engineering

Editorial (pp177-178)
        Sven Casteleyn, Florian Daniel, and Peter Dolog

Research Articles:
Managing Runtime Adaptivity through Active Rules: the Bellerofonte Framework (pp179-199)
        Florian Daniel, Maristella Matera, and Giuseppe Pozzi
Supporting Different Patterns of Interaction through Context-Aware Data Management (pp200-219)
        Michael. Grossniklaus and Moira C. Norrie
A Migration Platform Based On Web Services For Migratory Web Applications (pp220-238)
        Fabio Paterno, Carmen Santoro, and Antonio Scorcia
Enriching model-based Web applications presentation (pp239-256)
        Juan C. Preciado, Marina Linaje, and Fernando Sanchez-Figueroa

Vol.7 No.2 June 1, 2008        ABSTRACT

Research Articles:
Reactivity-based Approaches To Improve Web System's QoS (pp093-132)
        Adriano C.M. Pereira, Leonardo A. Silva, Wagner Meira Jr., and Walter D.S. Filho
Obstacles Reveal the Needs of Mobile Internet Services (pp133-157)
        Munehiko Sasajima, Yoshinobu Kitamura, Takefumi Naganuma, Kunihiro Fujii, Shoji Kurakake, and Riichiro Mizoguchi
Semantic spam filtering from personalized ontologies (pp158-176)
        Victoria Eyharabide and Analia Amandi

Vol.7 No.1 March 1, 2008        ABSTRACT

Research Articles:
Ontology and Database Mapping: A Survey of Current Implementations  and Future Directions (pp001-024)
        Nikolaos Konstantinou, Dimitrios-Emmanuel Spanos, and Nikolas. Mitrou
Reasoning on the Semantic Web for Adaptive Hypermedia (pp025-041)
        Lydia Silva-Munoz, Karina Medina, Marcos Marsicano, Mario Bonjour, and Jose Palazzo
Boosting Computer Managed Instruction Functionalities Adoption in e-Learning Systems (pp042-069)
        Gennaro Costagliola, Filomena Ferrucci, and Vittorio Fuccella
A Situational Methodology for Addressing the Pragmatic Quality of Web Applications by Integration of Patterns (pp070-092)
        Pankaj Kamthan

Vol.6 No.4 December 15, 2007        ABSTRACT
Engineering the Semantic Web

Editorial (pp281-282)
        F. Frasincar and P. Thiran

Research Articles:
An Infrastructure for Semantic Web Portals (pp283-308)
        Y.-G. Lei, V. Lopze, E. Motta, and V. Uren
A Model-Driven Approach of Ontological Components for On-line Semantic Web Information Retrieval (pp309-336)
        H. Baazaoui Zghal, M. A. Aufaure and N. Ben Mustapha
VQL - the Query Language for Semantically Information Retrieval in the SemanticLIFE Digital Memory Framework (pp337-359)
        H.H. Hoang and A M. Tjoa
A Cluster-Based Approach to Web Adaptation in Context-Aware Applications (pp360-388)
        R. De Virgilio, R. Torlone, D. Valeriano, and D. Di Federico

Vol.6 No.3 September 1, 2007        ABSTRACT
Logging Traces of Web Activity

Editorial (pp193-195)
        A. Edmonds, K. Hawkey, B.J. Jansen, M. Kellar, and D. Turnbull

Research Articles:
Integrating Interaction Design and Log an Analysis: Bridging the Gap with UML, XML, and XMI (pp196-221)
        G. Muresan
Behavior-Based Web Page Evaluation (pp222-243)
        G. Velayathan and S.Yamada
Instrumenting the Dynamic Web (pp244-260)
        A. Edmonds, R.W. White, D. Morris, and S. M. Drucker
An Integrated Technique for Web Site Usage Semantic Analysis: the Organ System  (pp261-280)
        J. Garofalakis, T. Giannakoudi, and E. Sakkopoulos                      

Vol.6 No.2 June 1, 2007        ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp097-098)
        M. Gaedke     

Research Articles:
Towards a Systematic Approach for the Credibility of Human-Centric Web Applications (pp099-120)
        P. Kamthan  
Alternative Path Selection in Resilient Web Infrastructure Using Performances Dependencies (pp121-130)
        V. Zadorozhny and L. Raschid
A Web Services Based Architecture for Supporting Mobile Users in Large Enterprises (pp131-142)
        A. Coronato and G. de Pietro
Ontology Development for the Semantic Web: an HTML Form-Based Reverse Engineering Approach (pp143-164)
        S.M. Benslimane, D. Benslimane, M. Malki, Z. Maamar, P. Thiran, Y. Amghar,
        and N. Hacid 
Rapid Development of Knowledge-Based Conversational Recommender Applications with Advisor Suite (pp165-192)
        D. Jannach and G. Kreutler

Vol.6 No.1 March 1, 2007        ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp001-001)
        B. White   

Research Articles: 
Selecting Services for Web Applications: the Open Hypermedia Case (pp002-018)
        N. Karousos, M. Tzagarakis, and A. Tsakalidis
Engineering Web Applications Using Roles (pp019-048)
        G. Rossi, J. Nanard, M. Nanard, and N. Koch

Crawling the Infinite Web (pp049-072)
R. Baeza-Yates and C. Castillo
Industrial Acceptability of Web Design Methods: an Empirical Study (pp073-096)
        F. Garzotto and V. Perrone

Vol.5 No.4 December 1, 2006       ABSTRACT
Web Accessibility

Editorial (pp291-291)
        S. Harper, Y. Yesilada, and C. Goble   

Research Articles: 
Effectiveness, Productivity and Satisfaction of Persons with Sight and Motor Disabilities when Using Dynamic Text--Only Pages (pp292-312)
        G. Brajnik and D. Cancila
Web Composition with Accessibility in Mind (pp313-331)
        V.L. Centeno, C.D. Kloos, M. Gaedke, and M. Nussbaumer
Adaptation of Multimedia Resources Supported by Metadata (pp332-347)
        M. Libsie and H. Kosch
Accessibility Summarization & Simplification in a Template-based WEB Transcoder (pp348-366)
        B. Parmanto, A. Saptono, R. Ferrydiansyah, L.-J. Song, I.W. Sugiantara, and  S. Hackett
Using Context to Support Effective Use of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (pp367-386)
         D. Sloan, B. Kelly, H. Petrie, F. Hamilton, and L. Phipps  

Vol.5 No.3 September 1, 2006       ABSTRACT
Web Development Aspects

Editorial (pp201-202)
        S. Christodoulou   

Research Articles: 
A Discussion of the Role of User Trails in Web Applications (pp203-215)
        E. Gams and S. Reich  
An Engineering Perspective on Structural Computing: Developing Structure Services for the Web (pp216-245)
        M. Vaitis, M. Tzagarakis, and G. Gkotsis   
On Cultural Differences in Local Web Interfaces (pp246-264)
        O. De Troyer, A. Mushtaha, H. Stengers, M. Baetens, F. Boers, S. Casteleyn, and P. Plessers
Contemporary Web Service Discovery Mechanisms (pp265-290)
        J. Garofalakis, Y. Panagis, E. Sakkopoulos, and A. Tsakalidis

Vol.5 No.2 June 1, 2006       ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp091-092)
        D. Lowe   

Research Articles: 
A COSMIC-FFP Approach to Predict Web Application Development Effort (pp093-120)
        G. Costagliola, S. Di Martino, F. Ferrucci, C. Gravino, G. Tortora, and G. Vitiello
The WebSA Approach: Applying Model Driven Engineering to Web Applications (pp121-149)
        S. Meliá and J. Gómez
Identifying Cloned Navigational Patterns in Web Applications (pp150-174)
        A. De Lucia, R. Francese, G. Scanniello, and G. Tortora
HPG: the Hera Presentation Generator (pp175-200)
        F. Frasincar, G.J. Houben, and P. Barna

Vol.5 No.1 March 1, 2006       ABSTRACT
Web Technologies and Applications

Editorial (pp001-002)
        S. Comai, M. Matera and C. Cachero   

Research Articles: 
Reactivity on the Web: Paradigms and Applications of the Language XChange (pp003-024)
        F. Bry, M. Eckert, and P.-L. Patranjan
Supporting Web Applications development with a PLA (pp025-042)
        L. Balzerani, G. De Angelis, D. Di Ruscio, and A. Pierantonio 
Extending Web Engineering Models and Tools for Automatic Usability Validation (pp043-064)
        R. Atterer, A. Schmidt, and H. Hußmann  
Contracts for Cooperation between Web Service Programmers and HTML Designers (pp065-090)
        H. Bottger, A. Møller, and M. Schwartzbach

Vol.4 No.4 December 1, 2005       ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp281-282)
        G-J Houben   

Research Articles: 
Agile Web Engineering (AWE) Process: Perceptions within a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company (pp283-312)
        A. McDonald and R. Welland  
Impacts of Web Systems on their Domain (pp313-338)
        N. Yusop, D. Lowe, and D. Zowghi  
Server Enforced Program Safety for Web Applications (pp339-371)
        H. Detmold, K. Falkner, D.S. Munro, T. Olds, R. Morrison, and S. Norcross

Vol.4 No.3 September 1, 2005       ABSTRACT
Web Data Integration and Presentation

Editorial (pp187-188)
        F. Frasincar, M. Gaedke, and G-J Houben

Research Articles:
Heterogeneous Data Translation through XML Conversion (pp189-204)
        P. Papotti and R. Torlone
A Generic Framework for Extracting XML Data from Legacy Databases (pp205-223)
        Ph. Thiran, F. Estiévenart, J-L. Hainaut, and G-J. Houben
An Agent-oriented Approach to the Integration of Information Sources (pp224-243)
        M. Christoffel, G. Wojke, S. Werner, R. Rezek, and S. Xu
OntoWeaver: an Ontology-based Approach to the Design of Data-intensive Web Sites (pp244-262)
        Y.-G. Lei, E. Motta,  and J. Domingue
Sharing Learner Information through a Web Services-based Learning Architecture (pp263-278)
        D. Musa  and J. Palazzo  
Book Reviews:
On Web Engineering: Principles and Techniques? ed. by Woojong Suh (pp279-280)
      B. White

Vol.4 No.2 June 3, 2005       ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp101-101)
        D Schwabe       

Research Articles:
Automated Web Evaluation by Guideline Review (pp102-117)
        J.  Vanderdonckt and A. Beirekdar
Bridging MDA and OWL Ontologies (pp118-143)
        D. Gašević, D. Djurić, and V. Devedžić
Towards assuring quality attributes of client dynamic Web applications: Identifying and addressing the challenges (pp144-164)
        M. Sh. Aun, S. Yuen, and K. Agusa
The Static Absorbing Model for the Web (pp165-186)
        V. Plachouras, I. Ounis, and G. Amati

Vol.4 No.1 March 3, 2005       ABSTRACT
Web Applications

Editorial (pp001-002)
        N. Koch, P. Fraternali and M. Wirsing       

Research Articles:
A Comparison of Two Approaches for Automatic Construction of Web Applications (pp003-020)
        M. Taguchi, K. Jamroendararasame, K. Asami and T. Tokuda
Adding Client-Side Adaptation to the Conceptual Design of e-Learning Web Applications (pp021-037)
        S. Ceri, P. Dolog, M. Matera and W. Nejdl
Fundamentals of Exception Handling within Workflow-Based Web Applications (pp038-056)
        M. Brambilla and C. Tziviskou
Interplay of Content and Context (pp057-078)
        R. Belotti, C. Decurtins, M. Grossniklaus, M.C. Norrie and A. Palinginis
Accelerating Dynamic Web Content Delivery Using Keyword-based Fragment Detection (pp079-100)
        D. Brodie, A. Gupta and W-S Shi

Vol.3 No.3&4 December, 2004       ABSTRACT
Measuring Effectiveness of Web Searching

Introduction (pp169-170)
        A. Spink and C. Watters

I.  Web Search
Why Is Web Search So Hard... to Evaluate? (pp171-181)
        D.E. Rose
The Effect of Specialized Multimedia Collections on Web Searching (pp182-199)
        B.J. Jansen, A. Spink and J. Pedersen

II.  Measuring Effectiveness
Measuring the Identification Capability of Acronyms on the World Wide Web: a Comparative Study (pp200-215)
        A. Skrop and S. Dominich
Ranking Search Results by Web Quality Dimensions (pp216-235)
        J.C.C. Pun and F.H. Lochovsky
Cybergenre: Automatic Identification of Home Pages on the Web (pp236-251)
        M. Shepherd, C. Watters and A. Kennedy
Three Pillars for Congenial Web Searching – Continuous Evaluation for enhancing Web Search Effectiveness (pp252-280)
        M.Gnasa, M. Won and A.B. Cremers

III.  Visualization
Web-based Visualization Interface Testing: Similarity Judgments (pp281-296)
        S. Koshman
Toward Enabling Users to Visually Evaluate the Effectiveness of Different Search Methods (pp297-313)
        A. Spoerri

Vol.3 No.2 October, 2004       ABSTRACT

Editorial & In This Issue (pp075-076)
        M. Gaedke       

Research Articles:
e-Prototyping: Iterative Analysis of Web User Requirements (pp077-094)
        W-G Bleek, M. Jeenicke and R. Klischewski
Quantification of Authentication Mechanisms: a Usability Perspective (pp095-123)
        K. Renaud
Model-Driven Web Usage Analysis for the Evaluation of Web Application Quality (pp124-152)
        P. Fraternali, P.L. Lanzi, M. Matera and A. Maurino
On the Image Content of a Web Segment: Chile as a Case Study (pp153-168)
        A. Jaimes  J. Ruiz-del-Solar, R. Verschae, R. Baeza-Yates, C. Castillo, D. Yaksic, and E. Davis    

Vol.3 No.1 May, 2004       ABSTRACT

Editorial & In This Issue (pp001-002)
        Y. Deshpande       

Research Articles:
Function Clone Detection in Web Applications: A Semiautomated Approach (pp003-021)
        F. Calefato, F. Lanubile and T. Mallardo
Integration of Business Processes in Web Application Models (pp022-049)
        N. Koch, A. Kraus, C. Cachero and S. Meli?/span>
A Genre Perspective on OnlineNewspaper FrontPage Design (pp050-074)
        C. Ihlström and J. Lundberg

 Vol.2 No.4 October, 2004       ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp213-214)
        R Baeza-Yates      

Research Articles:
Discovering Search Engine Related Queries Using Association Rules (pp215-227)
        B.M. Fonseca, P.B. Golgher, E.S. de Moura, B. Possas and N. Ziviani
On The Evolution of Clusters of Near-Duplicate Web Pages (pp228-246)
        D. Fetterly, M. Manasse and M. Najork
Retrieving Similar Documents from the Web (pp247-261)
         A.R. Pereira Jr and N. Ziviani 
Ontology for Software Metrics and Indicators (pp262-281)
         L. Olsina and M. Martin
Designing Virtual Environments to Support Collaborative Work in Real Spaces  (pp282-294)
         L. Guerrero, C. Collazos, J. Pino, S. Ochoa and F. Aguilera 
Structuring Information on the Web from Below: The case of Educational Organizations in Chile (pp295-303)
         E. Krsulovic-Morales and C. Gutierrez

 Vol.2 No.3 February, 2004       ABSTRACT

In This Issue (pp129-130)
        B  White      

Research Articles:
Dynamic Service Matchmaking in Intelligent Web (pp131-147)
        Y-C Jiang, Z-Z Shi, H-J Zhang and M-K Dong
A Web Services Based Architecture for Digital Time Stamping (pp148-175)
         A. Cilardo, A. Mazzeo, L. Romano, G.P. Saggese and G. Cattaneo
A Preprocessing Framework and Approach for Web Applications (pp176-192)
         Z-G Zhang, J. Chen, and X-M Li 
Requirements Engineering for Web Applications -- A Comparative Study (pp193-212)
         M.J. Escalona and N. Koch

 Vol.2 No.1&2 September, 2003       ABSTRACT

In This Issue (pp001-002)
        D Schwabe      

Research Articles:
Engineering Semantic Web Information Systems in Hera (pp003-026)
        R. Vdovjak, F. Frasincar, G.J. Houben and P. Barna
A Progressive Access Approach for Web-based Information Systems (pp027-057)
        M. Villanova-Oliver, J. Gensel and H. Martin
A Component-based Approach for Adaptive, Dynamic Web Documents (pp058-073)
        Z. Fiala, M. Hinz, K. Meissner and F. Wehner
Link-Independent Navigation Support in Web-Based Adaptive Hypermedia (pp074-089)
        P. De Bra
Techniques and Metrics For Improving Website Structure (pp090-104)
        E. Christopoulou, J. Garofalakis, C. Makris, Y. Panagis,
        A. Psaras-Chatzigeorgiou, E. Sakkopoulos and A. Tsakalidis

The 2QCV3Q Quality Model for the Analysiy of Web site Requirements (pp105-127)
        L. Mich, M. Franch, and G. Cilione

 Vol.1 No.2 April, 2003      ABSTRACT

In This Issue (pp91-92)
      M. Gaedke

Research Articles:
Enhancing Hyperlink Structure for Improving Web Performance (pp093-127)
      J. Czyzowicz, E. Kranakis, D. Krizanc, A. Pelc, and M.V. Martin
An Enhanced Service Oriented Architecture for Developing Web-based Applications (pp128-146)
      D. Cotroneo, C. di FLora and S. Russo
An XML-Based Platform for E-Government Services Deployment (pp147-162)
      A. Ioannidis, M. Spanoudakis, G. Priggouris, S. Hadjiefthymiades, and L. Merakos
Specification and Design of Workflow-Driven Hypertexts (pp163-182)
      M. Brambilla, S. Ceri, S. Comai, P. Fraternali and I. Manolescu
Book Reviews:
On "Web Engineering: Managing Diversity nd Complexity of Web Application Development" ed by S. Murugesan and Y. Deshpande (pp183-184)
      B. White
Forthcoming Conferences on Web Engineering (pp185-186)

 Vol.1 No.1 October, 2002      ABSTRACT

Editorial (ppi-ii)
          Managing Editors

In This Issue (pp001-002)
          Y. Deshpande

Research Articles:
Web Engineering (pp003-017)
      Y. Deshpande, S. Murugesan, A. Ginige, S. Hansen, D. Schwabe, M. Gaedke, and B. White
A Proposed Curriculum for a Masters in Web Engineering (pp018-022)
      E. J. Whitehead
Client Needs and the Design Process in Web Projects (pp023-036)
      D. Lowe and J. Eklund
A Software Architecture for Structuring Complex Web Applications (pp037-060)
      M. D. Jacyntho, D. Schwabe, and G. Rossi
Towards a Reusable Repository for Web Metrics (pp061-073)
      L. Olsina, G. Lafuente, and O. Pastor
Characterizing E-business Workloads Using Fractal Methods (pp074-090)
          D. Menasc?/span>, B. Abrahão, D Barbar? V. Almeida, and F. Ribeiro