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Automated Reasoning with Otter
J A Kalman, foreword by L Wos (March 2001)
Basic Analysis
K Kuttler (Nov. 2001)
Computational Methods for Applied Science and Engineering: an Interactive Approach
M Anocona (Jan. 2003)
Differential Equations: An Operational Approach
H M Moya-Cessa & F Soto-Eguibar (June 2011)
Exercises in Quantum Mechanics
   - A self-contained book of questions and answers
D Atkinson and M N Hounkonnou (April 2003)
Exercises in Quantum Field Theory
   - A self-contained book of questions and answers
D Atkinson and P W Johnson (Jan. 2004)
Introduction to General Relativity
G 't Hooft (Jan. 2001)
Introduction to Quantum Neural Technologies
A A E zhov & G P Berman (Nov. 2003)
Introduction to Quantum Optics
H M Moya-Cessa & F Soto-Eguibar (Oct. 2011)
Linear Algebra
R Baker (March 2001)
Methods of Mathematical Physics
LIU L and Wang Z (Dec. 2004)
Exercises in Mathematical Physics
LIU L and Wang Z (April. 2006)
Organic and Biological Chemistry
T Patrick (Feb. 2001)
Physics in Spacetime - an Introduction to Special Relativity
Benjamin Schumacher (Feb. 2005)
Quantum Mechanics - a Self-Contained Course
D Atkinson and M N Hounkonnou (Nov 2001)
Quantum Field Theory - a Self-Contained Course
D Atkinson and P W Johnson (Oct. 2002)
Relativity for the Mind: An Intorduction for Scientists
P W Johnson (Jan. 2007)
Statistical Mechanics
T Tsang (Aug 2002)

Lecture Notes

Advanced Quantum Mechanics
  G J Ni & S Q Chen (April 2003)
Introduction to Computational Methods in Many Body Physics 
  ed. M Bonitz (Jan 2006)
Introduction to Quantum Neural Technologies
  A Ezhov & G Berman (Nov. 2003)
Introduction to Magnetism
  E Chudnovsky and J Tejada (April 2006)
Oracle Form Development for Database Applications
  D Taniar and S Y Lim (Jan. 2007)
Problem Solutions to Lectures on Magnetism
  E Chudnovsky, J Tejada, C Calero, and F Macia (Feb. 2007)
Lectures on Magnetism
  A Das (Aug. 2004)

Reference Books

Current Perspectives in High Energy Physics
ed D Ghoshal (Jan. 2005)
Has the Last Word been Said on Classical Electrodynamics?
    - Classical Electrodynamics: New Horizons
ed A Chubykalo, V Onoochin, A Espinoza, and R Smirnov-Rueda (Feb. 2004)
A Heretic in American Journalism Education and Research:
    Malcolm S. MacLean, Jr., Revisited
ed L Manca & G W Pieper (Jan. 2001)
The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
W E Lamb, Jr., ed J Mehra (Oct. 2001)
Automated Reasoning and the Discovery of Missing and Elegant Proofs
L Wos (Dec. 2003)
Modern Electrodynamics and Coupled-Mode Theory:
    Application to Guided-Wave Optics
A A Barybin & V A Dmitriev (July 2002)
Physics in Noncommutative World, I: Field Theories
ed. M Li & Yong-Shi Wu (Aug 2002)
Perturbation Theory for Solid-State Quantum Computation with Many Quantum Bits
G P Berman & D I Kamenev, & V I Tsifrinovich (March 2005)
Quantum Chaos: A Harmonic Oscillator in Monochromatic Wave
G P Berman & D I Kamenev (Feb. 2001)
Quantum Information, Statistics, Probability
O. Hirota (Sept. 2004)
Some Topics of Modern Optics
R. Rodriguez-Vera and F Mendoza-Santoyo (July 2008)
Superluminal Phenomena in Modern Perspectives:
    Faster than light signals - myth or reality?
S C Tiwari (July 2003)
World Wide Web Technologies in China: Research, Develop and Application
ed. Z-Z Shi and W Song (Dec 2002)