256 pages, 9x6 inches
Jan 2004 softcover
ISBN 1-58949-031-2


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This volume contains full solutions of all 100 exercises that are given in the second volume of this four volumes series:
vol.2 Quantum Field Theory - a self-contained course (Jan, 2003)

The other two volumes of the series are:
vol.1 Quantum Mechanics - a self-contained course (Nov. 2001)
vol.3 Exercises in Quantum Mechanics - a self-contained book of questions and answers (April, 2003)

undergraduate students, graduate students, teachers, researchers interested in modern physics.


1.         Relativity and Quantization
                        Covariant Vector
                        Contravariant Tensors
                        Return Trip Invariance of Light Speed
                        Fifth Dirac Matrix
                        Self-Adjoint Extension of Momentum Operator
                        Majorana Representation of Dirac Matrices
                        Chiral Representation of Dirac Matrices
                        Orbital and Spin Operators
                        Transition to Field Formalism
                        Time in Quantum Mechanics

2          Charged Particle in Electromagnetic Field
                        Existence of Potentials
                        Lorentz Force
                        Minmal Coupling
                        Anomalous Coupling
                        Spin-Orbit Coupling
                        Einstein Correction
                        Hyperfine Interaction
                        Lorentz Invariants for Electromagnetic Field
                        Positronium Energy Levels

3          Dirac Hydrogen Atom
                         Dirac Spinors
                         Scalar, Vector and Tensor Currents
                         Gordon Identity
                         Uniform Magnetic Field
                         Fierz Transformation
                         Foldy-Wouthuysen Transformation
                         Dirac Coulomb Wave Functions
                         Dirac Square Well Potential
Klein-Gordon Hydrogen Atom
Dirac Harmonic Oscillator

4          Quantum Field Theory
                         Commutation Relations for Scalar Field
                         Feynman Propagator for Scalar Field
                         Charged Scalar Field
                         Vector Field in General Covariant Gauge
                         Becchi-Rouet-Stora Method

                         Anicommutation Rules for Spinor Field
                         Hamiltonian for Scalar, Electromagnetic and Spinor Fields
                        Dirac Hamiltonian
                        Alternative Dirac Hamiltonian
                        Bell's Theorem and Polarized Photons

5          Group Theory and the Noether Theorem
                        Equivalent Representations of SO(3)
                        Direct Product Representations of SO(3)
                        Composition of Two Rotations
                        Polar Decomposition Theorem
                        Composition of General Boosts
                        Direct Product Lorentz Transformation
Pauli-Lubanski Vector
                        Spinor Noether Current

                        Energy, Momentum and Spin of Photon
                        P, C and T Transformations

6          Scattering Theory and Feynman Graphs
                        Time-Ordered Product
                        Evolution Operator
                        Vanishing Matrix Element
                         LSZ Reduction
                         Two Scalar Quantum Fields
                         Scalar Fock Space
                         Two Body Cross Section
                         Scalar Commutator and Feynman Propagator
                         Källen-Lehmann Representation
                         Wick’s Theorem

7          Quantum Electrodynamics
                        Free Photon Field Operator
                        Feynman Gauge Propagator for Electromagnetic Field
                        Free Field Dirac Operator
                        Spinor Field Propagator
                        Gauge Invariance
                        Gupta-Bleuler Condition
                        Furry’s Theorem
                        Positron-Muon Scattering  

                        Bhabha scattering                        
Lifetime of Positronium

8          Dimensional Regularization
                        Gamma Function
                        Vector and Tensor Fields
                        Feynman Formulae
                        Electron Self-Energy
                        Regularization Procedures
                        Pinch and End-Point Singularities
                        Cutkosky Rule
                        Photon-Photon Scattering
                        Vertex Function and Form Factors
                        Dimensional Regularization and Distribution Theory

9          Dyson-Schwinger Equations
                        QED Euler-Lagrange Equations
                        Derivative of Time-Ordered Product
                        Electron Propagator Equations
                        Electron Propagator in n Dimensions
                        Bifurcation Equation
                        Salam-Delbourgo Method
                        Infrared and Ultraviolet Regularization in QED(4)
                        Strong Coupling QED(4)
                        QED(3) Chiral Symmetry Breaking
                        QCD and Asymptotic Freedom

                        Electroweak Interactions
                        Non-Abelian Gauge Transformation
                        Gauge Invariance of  Gauge Boson Lagrangian
                        Higgs Lagrangian
                        Leptonic Lagrangian
                        Interaction Lagrangian
                        Gauge Boson Lagrangian with Physical Fields
                        Adjoint Isospinor
                        Massive Neutrino
                        Strangeness Changing Neutral Current
                        Left-Right Symmetric Electroweak Theory