210 pages, 9x6 inches
Oct 2001 Hardcover
ISBN 1-58949-022-3


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This book is the first in a series of four volumes devoted to quantum mechanics and to quantum field theory. It is self-contained, and the only prerequisites are a knowledge of integral calculus and partial differential equations, as well as Newton's mechanics of point masses. New subjects are developed in requisite detail at the various points where they are required. The mathematics is at the same time explicit but kept in check, so that the reader does not get bogged down in annoying generalizations that might distract him or her from the physics. Each chapter is complemented by ten problems, and the student is strongly advised to try them all by himself or herself before looking at our full solutions in the third volume.

undergraduate students, graduate students, teachers, researchers interested in modern physics.

The other three volumes of the series are:
vol.2 Quantum Field Theory - a self-contained course (Nov. 2001)
vol.3 Exercises in Quantum Mechanics - a self-contained book of questions and answers (Spring, 2003)
vol.4 Exercises in Quantum Field Theory - a self-contained book of questions and answers (Fall, 2003)



1. Transition from Classical to Quantum Mechanics
       Canonical Transformation
       Hilbert Space
       Dirac's Transition to Quantum Mechanics
       Dirac Delta Function
       Schrödinger Equation
2. Three-Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator
3. Orbital Angular Momentum
. Central Potential
5. Hydrogen Atom
6. Spin and Addition of Angular Momenta
7. Perturbation Theory and Variational Principle
8. Scattering Theory
9. Atomic Physics
APPENDIX.  Completeness of Eigenfunctions


  received his Ph.D., under Hamilton, from Cambridge University in 1964, and has been a professor of theoretical physics at U of Groningen since 1972. He worked as a visiting scientist at CERN, UC Berkeley, Rome University, Bonn University, Imperial College, Tata Inst., University of Canberra, Yukawa Inst, etc. Dr. Atkinson is well known partly for his excellent and solid research works on the strong interaction S-matrix theory, the mathematical and numerical study of phase-shift analysis, the Dyson Schwinger equations, both in QED and QCD, and the quark propagator equations and chiral symmetry breaking. He has published over 100 research papers in the well-known journals. His recent interest is in the problem of interpretation in probability theory and quantum mechanics. Prof. Atkinson has been teaching quantum mechanics and quantum field theory for many years.
Mahouton Norbert HOUNKONNOU received his Ph.D. from the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium) in 1992. He has been professor of mathematical physics at the Institut de Mathématiques et de Sciences Physiques and at the Faculty of Sciences of the Université Nationale du Bénin since 1996. He has worked at  Orsay, Pennsylvania State, Montréal, Louvain, Université de Lomé, etc. Dr. Hounkonnou has published over 40 research papers on n-body problems in non-relativistic quantum mechanics, on scattering theory in non-relativistic and relativistic quantum mechanics using the von Neumann theory of self-adjoint extensions of symmetric linear operators, and on classical and semi-classical orthogonal polynomials. He has taught quantum mechanics and quantum field theory since 1994.