200 pages, 9x6 inches
April 2003  softcover
ISBN 1-58949-026-6


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This volume contains full solutions of all 100 exercises that are given in the first volume of this four volumes series:
vol.1 Quantum Mechanics - a self-contained course (Nov 2001)

The other two volumes of the series are:
vol.2 Quantum Field Theory - a self-contained course (Fall 2002)
vol.4 Exercises in Quantum Field Theory - a self-contained book of questions and answers (Fall, 2003)

undergraduate students, graduate students, teachers, researchers interested in modern physics


Transition from Classical to Quantum Mechanics
                        Axioms of  Linear Vector Spaces
                        Orthonormal Basis of a Hilbert Space
                        Linear Operators on a Hilbert Space
                        Spaces of Functions
                        Representations of Delta Funtion
                        Schur's Lemma
                        Classical Poisson Bracket
                        Time-Dependent Schrödinger Equation
                        Bell's Theorem with Photons

2          Three-Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator
                        Recurrence Relation for Hermite Polynomial
                        One Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator
                        Mean and Uncertainty
                        Classically Forbidden Region
                        Thomas-Reiche-Kuhn Sum Rule
                        Half Oscillator
                        Number Operator
                        Differential Operator
                        High-Tc Cuprate
                        Anisotropic Harmonic Oscillator

3          Orbital Angular Momentum
                        Two Components of Angular Momentum
                        Momentum and Angular Momentum
                        Position and Angular Momentum
                        Mean Values of Angular Momenta
                        Commutation of Angular Momentum and Central Potential
                        Measurement Results
                        Possible Results and Probabilities
                        Uncertainty Principle
                        Matrix Representations
                        Four Euclidean Dimensions

4          Central Potential
                        Spherical Bessel and Neumann Functions
                        Function of Bound State Energy
                        Infinite Square Well
                        P Wave Bound State
                        Two Step Square Well Potential
                        No More Than One Bound State
                        Vibrational and Rotational States
                        Cylindrical Potential
                        Relative Probabilities
                        Hidden Symmetry of Isotropic Harmonic Oscillator

5          Hydrogen Atom and Charmed Quark
Laguerre Polynomials
                        Complete Set?
                        Nonvanishing Matrix Elements
                        Kramers'  Relation
                        Coulomb and Oscillator Potentials
                        Alkali Atoms
                        Runge-Lenz vector

6          Spin and Addition of Angular Momenta
Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients
                        Pauli Matrices
                        Manipulations with Pauli Matrices
                        Fermion Operators
                        Two Deuterons
                        Particle of Spin One
                        Spin of a Neutron
                        Bell's Theorem with Neutrons
Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger State

7          Approximate Methods
                        First-Order Perturbation with Spins                  
                        Second-Order Perturbation with Spins
                        Zeeman and Stark Effects
                        Coulomb Potential and  3D Oscillator
                        Two Dimensional Oscillator
                        Is There Always a Bound State?
                        Ground States for Different Angular Momenta
                        Screened Coulomb Potential
                        Stark Effect to Second Order
                        Anharmonic Oscillator

8          Scattering Theory
                        Legendre Polynomials              
                        Hard Core Potential
                        Optical Theorem
                        Generalized Optical Theorem
                        Born Approximation
                        Yukawa in Born Approximation
                        Two Different Spin Half Particles
                        Perturbation Theory for Scattering
                        Solitonic Potential
                        Crichton Ambiguity

9          Atomic Physics
                        Terms and Levels
                        Probability Density in H2(+) Molecular Ion                   
                        Ionization Energies for Helium
                        S Terms of Helium
                        Crystal Lattice
                        Carbon Dioxide
                        Six Identical Atoms

                        Completeness of Eigenfunctions
                        Trace of Matrix
                        Projection Operator I
                        Projection Operator II
                        Symmetrizing Operator
                        Complete Orthonormal Set of Eigenvectors
Matrix Commutators I
                        Matrix Commutators II
                        Matrix Commutators III
                        Matrix Commutators IV