Methods of
Mathematical Physics

LIU Lianshou and WANG Zhengqing
416 pages 9x6 inches
December 2004 Hardcover
ISBN 1-58949-045-2


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This book covers the fundamental methodologies in mathematical physics, including the theory of functions of complex variable, the derivation of mathematical physics equations and the methods for solving them, and the properties of some special functions. Besides the common and classical methods, updating ideas are also introduced, e.g., the saddle point and asymptotic representation, the generalized function, and the single soliton solution of nonlinear equations. This book is not only necessary for the college students majoring in physics to learn the electrodynamics and quantum mechanics, but also indispensable for most students majoring in science and technology to further their studies.

This book will be accompanied by an Exercises and solutions book, Exercises in Mathematical Physics, by the same authors, published in April 2006.


Ch.1  Fundamental theory of function of a complex variable
Ch.2  Taylor series of complex function and saddle point
Ch.3  Analytic continuation and isolated singular point
Ch.4  Cauchy's residue theorem and its applications
Ch.5  Derivation of mathematical physics equation and determination of solution
Ch.6  Method of separating variables
Ch.7  Linear ordinary differential equations of second order
Ch.8  Spherical function
Ch.9  Cylindrical function
Ch.10 Integral-transform method
Ch.11 Green's function method
Ch.12 Some special methods
Ch.13 Variation method
Appendix A Asymptotic representation of function
Appendix B General discussion on linear ordinary differential equation of the second order

Liu Lianshou, a professor at Institute of Particle Physics Huazhong Normal University, is a famous theoretical and particle physicist and also an honorable member of the director-board of Chinese High Energy Physics Society. He has made important contributions to the theory of multiparticle production in high energy collisions. He has 50 years experience of teaching physics and mathematics in universities. He has published a few textbooks including Theoretical Physics, Tensor and its Application in Physics, and Particle Physics

Wang Zhengqing, a professor at Physics Department of Yangtze University, graduated from Peking University in 1956. He taught the course Methods of Mathematical Physics at Peking University for about 10 years. He has published a translation of book Problems in Quantum Mechanics.