Problem Solutions
 to Lectures on Magnetism
 by Chudnovsky and Tejada

Eugene Chudnovsky, Javier Tejada
Carlos Calero, and Ferran Macià

150 pages, 9x6 inches
Feb 2007 Soft Cover
ISBN 1-58949-056-8


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This is a supplement to the textbook “Lectures on Magnetism with 128 Problems” by Tejada and Chudnovsky (Rinton Press – 2006), which contains solutions to the problems. In most cases, in order to understand the problem, the reader must consult the original textbook. The latter is designed as a compact one-semester course that covers basic topics in magnetism at the graduate and upper-level undergraduate level. The textbook and the problems provide the background needed for specialization and research in magnetism.

Lectures on Magnetism with 128 problems is published in a separate book (ISBN 158949-035-5).


 1.      Magnetism at the Nanoscale
          1.1   Angular momentum and spin
          1.2   Magnetism of atoms
          1.3   Hydrogen molecule
          1.4   Exchange interaction and magnetic anisotropy
          1.5   Superparamagnetism
          1.6   Quantum mechanics of a large spin
          1.7   Quantum magnetization curve
          1.8   Spin-lattice relaxation of rigid atomic clusters

2.      Magnetism at the Microscopic Scale
          2.1   One-dimensional Heisenberg model
.2   Two-dimensional XY model

          2.3   Three-dimensional Heisenberg ferromagnet
          2.4   Three-dimensional antiferromagnet
          2.5   Magnetism of the electron gas
          2.6   Stoner model
          2.7   Spin excitations in Stoner model
          2.8   RKKY interaction

3.      Magnetism at the Mesoscopic Scale
          3.1   Field models of magnetization
          3.2   Exchange model in two dimensions
          3.3   Magnetic domains and domain walls
          3.4   Random anisotropy model of amorphous magnet
          3.5   Landau-Lifshitz equation
          3.6   Spin waves
          3.7   Magnetic resonance 
          3.8   Magnetic instantons

Eugene Chudnovsky is a Distinguished Professor of Physics at the City University of New York. He was educated in Russia and spent one year at Tufts University before coming to New York in 1988. Dr. Chudnovsky is best known for his theory of amorphous magnets and his theory of quantum tunneling of the magnetic moment. He has published over 150 research papers and has given numerous invited and plenary talks at scientific meetings.

Dr. Javier Tejada is a Professor of Condensed Matter Physics and the head of the UBXLAB at the University of Barcelona where he directs experimental research in the field of nanomagnetism.  He has published over 250 research papers and holds 12 international patents. Dr. Tejada is best known for his experimental work on spin tunneling and molecular magnetism. He has co-authored a book with E. Chudnovsky on “Quantum Tunneling of the Magnetic Moment” (Cambridge University Press, 1998).

Carlos Calero is a Ph.D. student at the City University of New York. Ferran Macià is a Ph.D. student at the University of Barcelona.

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