464 pages, 9x6 inches
Oct 2001 Hardcover
ISBN 1-58949-014-2


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This volume of proceedings brings together some newest developments in four major areas of high energy physics as follow:
1) Phenomenology of Particle Physics, including articles CP violation in SUSY models by A. Masiero, The SUSY soft breaking lagrangian: where theory and experiment meet by G. Kane etc..
2) Formal Theories in High Energy Physics, including articles SM on the branes by D. Bailin, The progress in M-theory by M. Duff , Domain wall worlds by M. Cvetic etc. 
3) Cosmological Application of Particle Physics, including articles On dark matters by C. Munoz,  On inflation by G. Lazarides, On magnetic monopole by Q. Shafi etc. 
4) Experimental Searches, such as on Tevetron, Chorus, HERA, MINOS etc.
It will be very useful for the researchers and graduate students who are working and studying in the areas of high energy physics. 


students, professors, researchers in theoretical and/or experimental high energy physics.