448 pages, 10x7 inches
Oct. 2001 Hardcover
ISBN 1-58949-015-0

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This volume is about newest developments in three subfields of theoretical high-energy physics: particle phenomenology, string theory and theoretical cosmology. At the start of a new millennium these fields show an unprecedented and exciting amount of mutual dependence and interaction. 

Students, researchers, and engineers in theoretical and experimental particle physics.


T. Appelquist (Yale)
N. Arkani-Hamed (Berkeley)
S. Barr (Delaware)
W. Buchmuller (DESY)
J. Cronin (Chicago)
M. Duff (Michigan)
J. Ellis (CERN)
S. Gubser (Caltech)
J. Gunion (UC-Davis)
G. 't Hooft (Utrecht)
S. Kachru (Stanford)
M. Kamionkowski (Caltech)
G.L. Kane (Michigan)
L. Kofman (CITA)
E.W. Kolb (Fermilab)
K. Lane (Boston University)

A. Lange (Caltech)
A. Linde (Stanford)
J. Lykken (Fermilab)
D. Morrison (Duke)
H. Murayama (Berkeley)
S. Perlmutter (Berkeley)
E.S. Phinney (Caltech)
P. Ramond (Gainesville)
L. Randall (MIT)
A. Sanda (Nagoya)
A. Sen (MRI, Allahabad)
E. Silverstein (SLAC)
D. Spergel (IAS)
M. Strassler (Pennsylvania)
B. Svoboda (LSU/LBL)
S.H.H. Tye (Cornell)
G. Veneziano (CERN)
A. Vilenkin (Tufts)