688 pages, 9x6 inches
Feb 2004 Hardcover
ISBN 1-58949-034-7


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Supergravity grand unified models or SUGRA models are currently the leading candidates for new physics beyond the Standard Model. This volume is a collection of papers presented at the conference "Twenty Years of SUGRA, Search for SUSY and Unification", held March 17-21, 2003 to celebrate the twentieth year since the invention of SUGRA models. The host of the conference was appropriately Northeastern University which was the birth place of supergravity grand unified models in 1982. Tne invention of SUGRA models was a watershed event in the development of supersymmetry phenomenology and their invention spurred an unprecedented activity in developments related to the search for supersymmetry, search for unification and research in exploring the connection between SUGRA and string theory. The predictions of SUGRA models and specifically its minimal version mSUGRA will be tested at the future collider experiments, i.e., at the Fermilab Tevatron and at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. Remarkably SUGRA, mSUGRA also predict just the right amount of dark matter consistent with the recent data from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) and also predict that such dark matter could be detected in the current and the future dark matter detectors. These issues were covered in depth at SUGRA20 and are the main theme of the collection of papers in this volume.

Students, researchers, and engineers in theoretical and experimental particle physics.


Ignatios Antoniadis (CERN, Geneva)
 Richard Arnowitt (Texas A & M)
Alexandro Bottino (Turin, Italy)
Ali Chamseddine (Lebanon)
Mirjam Cvetic (U Penn)
Michael Duff (Michigan)
Mary K Gaillard (Berkeley)
Alon Farragi (Oxford, UK)
Jonathan Feng (MIT)
Zurab Kakishadze (Sony Brook)
Konstantin Matchev (CERN, Geneva )
Paul Frampton (North Carolina)
Gordon Kane (Michigan)

Paul Langacker (U Penn)
Hitoshi Murayama (Berkeley)
Hans Peter Nilles (Bonn)
Nunos (Harvard)
Keith Olive (Minnesota)
A Pilaftsis (Manchester, UK)
Stuart Raby (Ohio)
Carlos Savoy (Saclay, France)
Xerxes Tata (Hawaii)
Mariano Quiros (Madrid, Spain)
Carlos Wagner (Argonne, U Chiago)
Bruno Zumino (Berkeley)