608 pages, 9x6 inches
Aug 2001 Hardcover
ISBN 1-58949-003-7


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The 5th Multinational Congress on Electron Microscopy brings together experts in electron microscopy from a few countries in Europe. The topics addressed here include

  • Architecture of the nucleus and nuclear import and export;

  • art, biomaterials, biosensors, environmental microscopy;

  • cell and cell components, cell death in biology and pathology;

  • chemical analysis and mapping, microscopy in human health;

  • microscopy of nanostructural materials;

  • microscopy of structural and functional materials;

  • energy-filtered electron microscopy;

  • instrumental development, investigations of thin films for sensor technology;

  • microbiology, microscopy of semiconducting materials;

  • parassitology, plant cell biology, remote microscopy;

  • strain analysis, structure biology;

  • structural determination and refining, viruses;

  • teleoperation and computer assisted operation;

  • nanotechnology, single molecule microscopy and manipulation.

This volume is an excellent up-to-date reference for a broad range of readers interested in research and/or application areas related to Electron Microscopy.