1088 pages, 10x7 inches
Aug 2002 Hardcover
ISBN 1-58949-028-2


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This volume includes the contributions to the Seventeenth International Workshop on Rare-earth Magnets and Their Applications (August 18-22, 2002, Newark, Delaware, USA). The objective is to bring together scientists and engineers of industry, government, universities, and research institutes from different backgrounds to review their current understanding of rare earth magnets and their applications, and to exchange ideas and information. The Workshop will concentrate on the practical aspects of fabrication, processing, and application of rare earth magnets, as well as on the fundamental aspects of rare earth transition metal alloys and their magnetic hysteresis behavior.


I. Materials / Fabrication / Processing
1. Raw Materials, Resources and Processing
2. Economic Concepts
3. Magnetic Materials (including new)
4. Nanocrystalline RE-TM Magnets
5. Rare Earth Substituted Ferrites
6. Processing of RE Magnets
7. Bonded Magnets
8. Corrosion Protection
9. Aging Effects
10. Rare-Earth Magnetic Films
11. Magnetostrictive Materials/Devices
12. Instrumentation, Standards, Test Methods
II. Fundamental / Scientific Issues
13. Intrinsic Properties of Rare Earth Magnets
14. R&D of RE-TM Alloys
15. New Alloys and Compounds
16. Thermal and Time Effects
17. Microstructure of Domains
18. Coercivity/Micromagnetic Modeling

III. Applications
19. Application of RE Magnets
20. Electro-Magnetomechanical Devices, Sensors Applications
21. Device and Systems Engineering
22. Magnetic Circuit Design
23. Magnetic Circuit Design and F.E.A.
24. Automotive Applications: Motors and Sensors
25. Office Automation (and Computer)
26. Factory Automation: Motors and Sensors
27. Motors for Appliances and White Goods
28. Other Applications (Medical, Aerospace)