May 2001
ISBN 1-58949-020-7


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As one preliminary effort towards the development of future generations of powerful yet cost-efficient colliders, a six-month study of muon collider technology and physics is run from October 2000 to April 2001. The study's tasks are organized under five working groups in the areas of : physics and detectors, cooling, acceleration, the collider ring, and miscellaneous topics. This publication on CD-ROM reflects the results of the study with a concise write-up and more detailed and specialized write-ups on the subfields associated with each of the four topical working groups, along with individual contributions. All these make the proceedings on CD-ROM a very useful reference to students, physicists, engineers in high energy physics and accelerator physics.


students, physicists, engineers in high energy physics and accelerator physics

V. Barger & T. Han: Strongly interacting electroweak sector at a muon collider
M.S. Berger: Multi-Tev muon collider physics
I. Bogdanov, S. Kozub, V. Pleskach, P. Shcherbakov, V. Sytnik, L. Thachenko & V. Zubko: Magnetic systems for four channels of neutrino factory
A. Caldwell: Conceptual design for a frictional cooling scheme
A.K. Ciftci, R. Ciftci & S. Sultansoy: A search for the fourth SM family fermions at mu^+mu^- colliders
R.C. Fernow: ICOOL -- a tool for muon collider simulations
R.C. Fernow & D. Neuffer: Front end cooling for a first mu^+-mu^- collider
R. Galea: Overview of physics at a muon collider
A. Hassanein: Preliminary analysis of target shock response to beam deposition
B.J. King, N. Simos & R.V. Weggel: A rotating metal band target for pion production at muon colliders
K. Oide: A preliminary design of a mu^+mu^- collider ring
Z. Parsa: Physics at high luminosity mu^(+/-) colliders and a facility overview
P. Raimondi & F. Zimmermann: Performance of a compact final-focus system for a 30-TeV muon collider
F.F. Tikhonin: Distinguished features of muon colliders physics potential