480 pages, 9x6 inches
November, 2003Hardcover
ISBN 1-58949-040-1


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This book reflects the broad ranges and high quality of Eighth International Conference on Squeezed States and Uncertainty Relations took place in Puebla, Mexico, from June 9th to 13th, 2003. It consists of more than sixty contributions presented at the meeting, covering most cutting-edge developments in both experimental and theoretical aspects. The topics include the generation and characterization of quantum states of matter and light, phase space and group representations in quantum physics, quantum transforms in signal analysis and quantum physics, quantum interference and entanglement, quantum light and mesoscopic systems, foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum optics, trapped atoms and degenerate gases, quantum chaos and quantum control, quantum information and communications, quantum computing, and others.


G.S. Agarwal

M. Arndt

Nguyen Ba An

K. Banaszek 

M. Barret 

W. Bowen 

A. Bramati 

E. Brambilla 

V. Buzek 

H. Carmichael 

A.S. Chirkin 

G.M. D'Ariano 

L. Davidovich 

F. de Martini

A. Ekert

D.J. Fernández

M. Fernández Guasti

G. Giedke 

R.J. Glauber

Z. Hradil Palacky

S. Huelga

J. Janszky 

I. Jex 

M.S. Kim

Y.S. Kim 

J.R. Klauder

A. Klimov 

A.F. Kracklauer

P. Kramer

T. Kramer

P. Kumar

G. Kurizki

B. Lamine 

W. Lange

G. Leuchs 

A. Lvovsky 

S. Mancini

V.I. Man’ko

M.A. Man’ko 

O. Man’ko

J. Martínez-Linares

A. Messina

S. Mizrahi 

G. Morigi

M. Moshinski 

R. Muñoz-Tapia

A. Muthukrishnan 

A. Napoli

M.C. Nemes 

P.A. Nussenzveig 

L. Orozco 

M. Orszag 

J.P. Paz 

M. Planat

T.B. Pittman

A. Porzio 

H. Rosu 

L.L. Sánchez-Soto 

M.F. Sacchi

S. Scheel 

W.P. Schleich 

B. Segev

T. Seligman

A.V. Sergienko 

A.I. Solomon

R. Tanas 

P. Tombesi 

A. Vidiella-Barranco 

D. Vitali

W. Vogel 

A. Vourdas 

S. Wallentowitz

D.-G. Welsch

H.M. Wiseman 

H.P. Yuen

Indian National Science Academy, India

Universitaet Wien, Austria

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Oxford University, UK

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The Australian National University, Australia

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Universita di Milano, Italy

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