Controlling Seismic Hazard
Sustainable Development of Deep Mines
Seventh International Symposium on Rockburst
and Seismicity in Mines Proceedings
ed. Chun'An Tang

1634 pages, 11.5x8.5 inches
August 2009 Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-58949-058-1
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The 7th International Symposium on Rockburst and Seismicity in Mines (RaSiM7) was held in Dalian, China, 21-23 August 2009. Past symposia have been held in South Africa in 1982; Minneapolis, USA in 1988; Kingston, Canada in 1993; Krakow, Poland in 1997; South Africa again in 2001; Perth, Australia in 2005. The event has long been an opportunity for researchers and industry professionals to meet and present the latest technical findings, and share ideas and experiences on one of the most complex technical problems facing mining and other rock engineering around the world.
The theme of RaSiM7 is “Controlling Seismic  Hazard and Sustainable Development of Deep Mines”, and the symposium program was developed to not just address the critical questions regarding mining-induced seismicity and rockburst, but also the related problems met in other civil engineering. Papers in the two volumes have been grouped in three parts: understanding seismic hazard, managing seismic hazard and dynamic behavior in civil engineering, with the third part particularly emphasized in coal outburst and water inrush in coal mining.

Readership: Engineers, Researchers and other Professionals in the areas of Rock Mechanics, Rock Engineering, especially in Coal Outburst and Water Inrush in Coal Mining.

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