Computational Physics
Proceedings of the joint conference of ICCP6 and CCP2003
ed. X.-G. Zhao, S. Jiang and X.-J. Yu
416 pages, 10x7 inches
Jan 2005 Hardcover
ISBN 1-58949-052-5


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Computational Physics is well established as the third branch of physics, complementing experimental and theoretical physics. The purpose of the Joint Conference of ICCP6 and CCP2003, organized by IAPCM and held in Beijing, was to bring together computational researchers from academia, industry and government from all over the world, and to consolidate up-to-date theories and applications of computational physics.

This volume consists of the extended version of the accepted presentations at the conference, after further peer-reviews. The research areas covered in this volume include, but are not limited to, condensed matter physics, plasma physics, materials science, molecular dynamics, fluid dynamics, biophysics, computer architectures, network architectures, parallel computation and computational methods, etc.

Readership: Researchers and students in the areas of computational physics

Table of Contents

Overview of ICCP6-CCP2003

Part 1. Plenary Lectures

*Protein Folding as Studied in Generalized-ensemble Simulations of All-atom Protein Models
               Nelson A. ALVES, Vasyl ALEKSENKO, Wooseop KWAK, and Ulrich H.E. HANSMANN
*Stochasticity Defined Evolution in Dynamical Systems and Complex Networks
               Ping AO
*Large Scale Electronic Structure Calculations: Fracture and Surface Reconstruction of Silicon
               T. FUJIWARA, T. HOSHI, R. TAKAYAMA, and Y. IGUCHI
*A Dimension Split Method for the Linear and Nonlinear Shell Theory
               Kai-Tai LI and Ai-Xiang HUANG
*First-Principle Study and Design of Half-Metallic Ferromagnets Compatible with Semiconductors
               Bang-Gui LIU
*Phase Transitions in a Model of Cooperative Behavior in the Brain
               J. MARRO
*High Performance Computers – a Status Report
Aad J. van der STEEN
*Flat Histogram Monte Carlo for Low Temperature Simulations
              Lei-Han TANG
*Nonlinear Evolution of the Ablative Rayleigh-Taylor Instability
             Wen-Hua YE and Xian-Tu HE
*Models and Numerical Simulations of Atmosphere-Vegetation-Soil Interactions and Ecosystem Dynamics
             Qing-Cun ZENG, Xiao-Dong ZENG, Ai-Hui WANG, Robert E. DICKINSON, Xu-Bin ZENG, and Samuel S.P. SHEN 

Part 2. Materials Science, Molecular Dynamics, etc.

*Face and Temperature-Dependent Surface Segregation in Pt25Rh75 Alloy
             Hui-Qiu DENG, Wang-Yu HU, Xiao-Lin SHU, and Bang-Wei ZHANG
*Simulation of Local Microstructure of Amorphous Alloys CoxB100-x
Nguyen Van HONG, Pham Khac HUNG, Do Minh NGHIEP, and Hoang Van HUE
*Effects of O2 Adsorption on the Electronic and Optical Properties of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
             H.F. HU, J.W. LIANG, L.F. ZHANG, J.W. WEI, and P. PENG
*Computer Simulation of Diffusion in Amorphous Solid
             Pham Khac HUNG, Pham Ngoc NGUYEN, Hoang Van HUE, and Nguyen Van HONG
*Molecular Dynamics Modelling of Lifetime and Decay of Metastable Crystals under Superheating or Stretching
             A.Yu. KUKSIN, G.E. NORMAN, and V.V. STEGAILOV
*A New Method for Eigenvalues of the Schrödinger Equation
             Xue-Shen LIU and Pei-Zhu DING
*Molecular Dynamics Study of Local Structure of Amorphous and Liquid Alumina
            Nguyen Thu NHAN, Pham Khac HUNG, Do Minh NGHIEP, and Tran Quoc THANG
*Angular Focusing in Coupled Quantum Rotors
            Hiroyuki SHIMA and Tsuneyoshi NAKAYAMA
*Dipolar Interaction between Oxygen Impurities in Germanium
            Hiroyuki SHIMA and Tsuneyoshi NAKAYAMA
*Carbon Interstitials in Iron: Molecular Dynamics Study
           Xiao-Lin SHU, Chang-Yu WANG, and Dong-Liang ZHAO
*Improving the Performance of a Simulator of Nanoscale Measurements of Material Properties
           Ying-Wen SONG and Satoshi WATANABE
*Combined Multi-Range Interpolated Potential for MD Simulations
           Ilya VALUEV
*Analytical Model for the DC I-V Characteristics of N-Channel 4H-SiC MOSFET Based on Surface Potential
           Ping WANG, Yin-Tang YANG, Yan YANG, and Yue-Jin LI
*Numerical Solution of Three-wave Soliton Excitations in Bose-Einstein Condensation
           Feng-Min WU, You-Sheng XU, and Guo-Xiang HUANG
*Static Equation of State and Elastic Constants for GaSe Calculated by APW+lo Method
           Dong-Wen ZHANG and Jian-Min YUAN
*Magic Numbers of Nickel Clusters Studied within MAEAM and Compared with Experiments
           Zhi ZHANG and Wang-Yu HU
*Nematic Liquid Crystal Film Composed of Finite Molecular Layers Based upon Spatially Anisotropic Pair Potential
           Zhi-Dong ZHANG, Jing LI, and Yan-Jun ZHANG
*Structural and Electronic Properties of Poly-para-phenylene
           G. ZHENG, S. J. CLARK, S. BRAND, and R. A. ABRAM

Part 3. Fluids Dynamics, Computational Methods, etc.

*Forced Oscillator Method and Its Applications
           Kousuke YAKUBO
*Numerical Simulation of Oil Resources Migration-Accumulation of Fluid Mechanics in Porous Media
Yi-Rang YUAN
*Numerical Investigation of the Stability of Flows Induced by a Surface Acoustic Wave along a Slab
           A. Kwang-Hua CHU
*Numerical Method and Analysis for Single-phase Incompressible Flow in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
           Ming CUI
*The Boundary Element Analysis for the Thermal Conduction of the Thermal Equipment
          Ti-Gui FAN, De-Quan YANG, and Chun-Hong ZHOU
*A Mesh Optimization Strategy for ALE Codes
          Xu-Deng HANG and Guang-Wei YUAN
*Theoretical Analysis and Numerical Simulations of a Class of Two-dimensional Moisture Transferring Model
          Cheng-Shun JIANG, Hui TU, and Chao LIU
*The Elimination of Unknowns with Differential Quadrature Method for the Stokes Equations
          Chen LI and Xiong-Hua WU
*A High Resolution Finite Volume Method on Unstructured Meshes
          Song-He SONG and Cui LIU
*Two-dimensional Numerical Simulation of the Shock-accelerated Multi-components Flow
          Wei-Jun TANG and Chen-Xing WANG
*Dynamics and Numerical Simulations of Hydrological Vegetation-soil Interactions
          Ai-Hui WANG, Xiao-Dong ZENG, Xu-Bin ZENG, Samuel S.P. SHEN, and Qing-Cun ZENG
*A Mixed Element Type Unstructured Grid Method for Simulating 3D Turbulent Flows
          Gang WANG and Zheng-Yin YE
*SPH Method and Its Application to Simulate Hyper-velocity Impact Phenomena
          Ji WANG, Xiao-Jun WANG, Gang-Ming ZHANG, and Xiu-Zhang HU
*The Simulation of Thermal Shock Wave Induced by High Intense Particle Beams in Aluminum
          Tong-Quan WANG, Ruo-Qi ZHANG, Wen-Hui TANG, and
Shang-Wu WANG
*Nonlinear Wave Equations Arising in Modelling of Some Strain-Hardening Structures
          Dong-Ming WEI
*Numerical Analysis of Hydrodynamics of Floating-Ring Bearing
          De-Quan YANG, Shu-Hui LV, and Guo-You ZHANG
*Boundary Element Analysis on Flow Problem around Cascades with Small Angle of Attack
          De-Quan YANG, Peng-Ling XING, Yan-Yan BA, and Ti-Gui FAN
*Numerical Simulations of a Moving Boundary Problem in Soil Hydrological Processes
          Hong-Wei YANG, Zheng-Hui XIE, Qing-Cun ZENG
*Numerical Modeling and Temperature Data Assimilation for the China Seas and Adjacent Areas
          Xiao-Bao YOU, Rong-Feng LI, Guang-Qing ZHOU, and Jiang ZHU
*The Nonconforming Wilson Element for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations and Its
Multigrid Method
           Xi-Jun YU and Qing-Fang DAI
*Adaptive Coordinate Transformation Methods for 2D Euler Equation
           Guang-Wei YUAN, Long-Jun SHEN, and Zhi-Jun SHEN
*A Three-Variable Ecosystem Model and Its Numerical Simulations
          Xiao-Dong ZENG, Samuel S.P. SHEN, Xu-Bin ZENG, and Qing-Cun ZENG
*Efficient Predictions of Hypersonic and Supersonic Flutter
          Wei-Wei ZHANG, Zheng-Yin YE, Ze-Wen FAN, and Bin-Yuan YANG
*3D Wave Equation Prestack Depth Migration Based on Wavefield Synthesizing
          Wen-Sheng ZHANG

Part 4. Parallel Computation, Plasma Physics, etc.

*HPC Computational Frameworks
          Aad J. van der STEEN
*Spherical Harmonics Method for the Neutron Transport Equation Based on Unstructured-Meshes
          Liang-Zhi CAO, Hong-Chun WU, and Xi-Jun YU
*Large Scale and Non-Uniform Simulation of Parallel Molecular Dynamics
          Xiao-Lin CAO, Ze-Yao MO, and Jing-Lin ZHANG
*Numerically Simulating Stochastic Generalized Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations: Robust Algorithm
          Shi-Hua CHEN, Hui-Ping LIU, and Lin YI
*An Improved Conjugate Residual Algorithm for Large Symmetric Linear Systems
          Li-Hua CHI, Jie LIU, Xing-Ping LIU, Qing-Feng HU, and Xiao-Mei LIU
*“Snap-back Point” Study of PWM Micro-accelerometer
          Jian-Yuan JIA and Wen-Chao TIAN
*A Detailed Term Accounting Model for the Opacity Calculation of Hot Dense Sodium Fluoride Plasma
          Feng-Tao JIN and Jian-Min YUAN
*Scalable Parallel Smith-Waterman Algorithms
          Yu-Gang LI and Zhi-Yong LIU
**Parallel Computing for the 2-dimension Energy Equations with Three Temperatures
          Jie LIU, Li-Hua CHI, Qing-Feng HU, Ze-Yao MO, and Xiao-Mei LI
*Molecular Dynamics Modeling and Simulation of Equilibrium and Strongly Nonequilibrium Strongly Coupled Plasmas
          Igor MOROZOV and Genri NORMAN
*Calculation and Revision of the Hamaker Theory
          Wen-Chao TIAN and Jian-Yuan JIA
*Revision of the Micro Continuance Medium Theory Gap among Atoms
          Wen-Chao TIAN, Xia-Fang LIU, and Jian-Yuan JIA
*A Parallel Method to Incomplete Factorizations of Block Tridiagonal Matrices
          Jian-Ping WU, Xiao-Mei LI, and Zheng-Hua WANG
*A New Stochastic Projection Method for the Bose-Einstein Condensation
          You-Sheng XU, Guo-Xiang HUANG, and Feng-Min WU
*Calculate the Feature Parameter of TEM Imaging to Subsurface
          Guo-Qiang XUE, Jian-Ping SONG, Xiu LI, and Wen-Bo GUO
*A 3-D Planning System for Tumour Radiation Treatment
          Ping-Li YANG, Si-Qing XIAN, and Hua-Min QU
*The Parallel Iterative Difference Schemes Based on Interface Correction for Parabolic Equations
          Guang-Wei YUAN and Xu-Deng HANG
*Two-Dimensional Model of Evolution in the DC Arc Plasma Generator
          Shu ZHENG, Yue LIU, and Ye GONG
*Scaling of Message Diffusion in Directed Dynamical Small-world Networks with Random Responses
          Chen-Ping ZHU, Shi-Jie XIONG, Yin-Jie TIAN, Nan LI, and Ke-Sheng JIANG
*Configuration of 2D Finite Clusters in Plasmas Sheath
          Xiu ZOU, Jin-Yuan LIU, Ye GONG, Yue LIU, and Xiao-Gang WANG

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