Engineering Advanced Web Applications
ed. Maristella Matera and Sara Comai
424 pages, 9x6 inches
Dec 2004 Hardcover
ISBN 1-58949-046-0


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This volume is a collection of papers presented at the four Workshops IWWOST, AHCW, WQ, and DIWE, held in conjunction with the 4th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE'04). Web Engineering is a new emergent discipline, which focuses on the definition of methodologies, techniques and tools for the design, development and evaluation of complex Web applications. Novel results in this area have been presented and discussed during the ICWE'04 Workshops, with special attention on advanced application domains. This volume presents a selection of the best contributions, providing an updated view on the Web Engineering researches and applications.

Readership: Researchers and practitioners in the fields of Web Engineering

Selected Contributions include

International Workshop on Web-Oriented and Software Technologies (IWWOST'04)
H. A. Schmid
        Model Driven Architecture with OOHDM
M. Gaedke, M. Nussbaumer, J. Meinecke
        WSLS: A Service-Based System for Reuse-Oriented WE
G. Fiedler, T. Schwanzara-Bennoit, B. Thalheim, P. Schmidt 
        State-, HTML-, and Object-Based Dialog Design for Voice Web Applications
D. Bolchini, P. Paolini.
        Dialogue-based Design for Multi-Channel Interactions
Y. Psaromiligkos, S. Retalis, K. Siassiakos. "DEPTH: A
        Methodology for Usability Evaluation of Web Sites Based on Design Patterns and Heuristics Criteria
P. Dolog
        The UML-Guide for Semantic Web Applications
M. Sala, I. Gael
        Semantic Analysis of a Web Site: A Prototype
H. Molina, F. Papa, M. de los Angeles Martín, L. Olsina
        Semantic Capabilities for the Metrics and Indicators Cataloguing Web System
V. Torres, J. Fons, O. Asensi, V. Pelechano
        Getting Ready Web Engineering Methods for the Semantic Web Putting Ontologies into Practice
U. Zdun
        Semantic Lookup in Service-Oriented Architectures
B. Bauer, J. P. Müller
        MDA applied: From Sequence Diagrams to Web Service Choreography
P. A. Buhler, J. M. Vidal
        Integrating Agent Services into BPEL4WS Defined Workflows

Adaptive Hypermedia and Collaborative Web-based Systems (AHCW'04)
B. M. McLaren, K. R. Koedinger, M. Schneider, A. Harrer,  L. Bollen
        Toward Cognitive Tutoring in a Collaborative, Web-Based Environment
O. C. Santos, J. G. Boticario, C. Barrera
        Authoring a Collaborative Task Extending the IMS-LD to be Performed
       in a Standard-based Adaptive Learning Management System called aLFanet
E. Martín, P. Paredes
        Using Learning Styles for Dynamic Group Formation in Adaptive Collaborative Hypermedia Systems
C. Jacquiot, Y. Bourda, F. Popineau
        Reusability in GEAHS
N. Krdavac, D. Gaevic, V. Devedic
        Description Logics Reasoning in Web-based Education Environments
A. Garcia-Serrano , J. Calle, J. Z. Hernández.
        User-driven Dialogue in a Financial Domain
M. Lewkowicz, G. Lortal, A. Todirascu, M. Zacklad, M. F. Sriti
        A Web-based Annotation System for Improving Cooperation in a Care Network
H. Decker, F. Muñoz, L. Irún, J. Bataller, P. Galdámez, R. García.
        Augmenting Web-Based Collaboration with Adaptive Replication and Mobility
A. Berlanga, F. J. García
        Towards Reusable Adaptive Rules
Z. Jeremic, V. Devedic, D. Gaevic
        An Intelligent Tutoring System for Learning Design Patterns

Web Quality (WQ'04)
C. Eaton, A. Memon
        Improving Browsing Environment Compliance Evaluations for Websites
C. Cappiello, P. Missier, B. Pernici, P. Plebani, C. Batini
        QoS in Multichannel IS: the MAIS Approach
S. Ziemer, T. Stalhane
        The Use of Trade-Offs in the Development of Web Applications
A. Sampaio, A. Vasconcelos, P. R. Falcone Sampai
        Towards Reconciling Quality and Agility in Web Application Development
G. Costagliola, F. Ferrucci, C. Gravino, G. Tortora, and G. Vitello
        The Impact of Accessibility and Usability on the Development of Web Applications

Device Independent Web Engineering (DIWE'04)

Q. Limbourg, J. Vanderdonckt, B. Michotte, L. Bouillon, M. Florins
        Usixml: A User Interface Description Language Supporting Multiple Levels Of Independence
F. Paternò, C. Santoro
        Designing Multi-Device Interactive Services through Multiple Abstraction Levels
Elmar Braun, Gerhard Austaller, Jussi Kangasharju, Max Mühlhäuser
        Accessing Web Applications with Multiple Context-Aware Devices