Studies on Public Health in Asia

ed: Jin Huiqing

200 pages 11x8.5 inches
Oct 2005 Hardcover
ISBN 1-58949-047-9

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Striking Breakthroughs have been made in the studies of disease prevention and treatment among some Asian countries, especially China, Japan and Malaysia, in the past years. This book is aimed at reporting the latest academic progress in the researches on public health in Asia, including road injuries, SARS, AIS, and occupational and other health problems, with new techniques and approaches of prevention and treatment. The 30 contributions of the book by public health experts from all over the world cover a wide range of health problems with the first hand data and in-depth analysis, and it makes the book very valuable for these who are interested in the public health issues.



 Part 1: Injury

 A Survey of Road Traffic Injuries
    Wang Zhengguo
Epidemiological Studies on Road Accidents in China
    Jin Huiqing
Social-Cultural Factors and Child Corporal Punishment in Rural Areas of Anhui Province, China
    Tao Fangbiao
Patterns of Unintentional Injuries and Injury Proneness to Children in Four Cities of China
    Jin Huiqing
Time Distribution of the Admission of Trauma Patients to Emergency Room
    Hu Chuanlai

Part 2: AIDS and SARS

HIV/AIDS: the Greatest Public Health Challenge for the 21st Century - with a Focus on Asia
    Masahiro Kihara
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Countermeasures against AIDS
    Kazuyoshi Masuda
Promoting the Comprehensive Services of Reproductive Health -A Pilot Study for AIDS/STD Prevention Service Integrated into Family Planning Services in China (Abstract)
    Liu Min
Preparedness for Emerging Infectious Diseases in Japan -Lessons from SARS
    Mika Shigematsu
Development and Evaluation of a Novel Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) Method for Rapid Detection of SARS Corona Virus
    Hong Thi Cam Thai
Molecular Evolution on E, M, N and S Gene of 104 SARS-CoV Strains
    Huang Ping

Part 3: Occupational and
                Environmental Health

 Facing Challenge to Occupational Health in the 21st Century: National Strategy for Promotion of 18 Priority Research in Japan
    Shunichi Araki
A Review of Pesticide Poisoning in Malaysia
    Rusli Bin Nordin
Lead Poisoning Is Not the Past Issue: Experiences at an Out-patient Clinic Specialized in Occupational Poisoning
    Fumihiko Kitamura


Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Inter Individual Variability in Health Effect of Chemicals
    Wang Ruisheng
International Cooperation to Prevent Health Disorders due to Substitutes for Ozone Layer Depleting Chemicals
    Naomi Hisanaga
Prevention of High Altitude Disease in the Period of Qinghai-Tibet Railway Construction
    Li Yi
Depth Perception and Dynamic Vision of Accident-Prone Drivers -A Case-Control Study
    Jin Huiqing
International Trend in Assessment of Occupational Thermal Stress and Future Issuers
    Shinichi Sawada
Trends in European Electromyographic Research about Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)
    Satoru Ueno
Strategy for Prevention of Occupational Vibration
    Setsuo Maeda
Level of Knowledge (K), Attitude (A) and Practice (P) Related to Respiratory Health Hazards among Saw Mill Workers in Kelantan
    Naing L
International Harmonization of the Standard for Dust Respirators
    Toshihiko Myojo
Subclinical Health Effects of Selected Chemicals in Occupational and Environmental Medicine:Recent Our Experiences (Abstract)
    Kazuhito Yokoyama

Part 4: Others

Experience and Future Challenges of Japan's Health Insurance System -Lessons for Other Countries
    Yasuki Kobayashi
Cost, Quality and Reimbursement of Health Care
    Yuichi Imanaka
Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Japan
    Suminori Kono
Study on Road Accident and Its Influence Factors
    Jin Huiqing
Trends of Health-Risk Behaviors of Adolescents in Hefei in 1998-2003 and Their Risk or Protective Factor Analysis
    Tao Fangbiao
Does Epidemiology Play an Important Role in Public Health?
    Takesumi Yoshimura