Quantum Information, Statistics, Probability
-celebration of Holevo's 60th birthday
ed. O. Hirota
224 pages, 9x6 inches
September 2004  Hardcover
ISBN 1-58949-041-X


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This book is dedicated to Professor A.S.Holevo on the occasion of his60th birthday. Containing chapters by promising mathematicians, physicists, and information scientists, it offers new insights into the influence and importance of Holevo's achievement. Readers who are interested in either the foundations or applications of quantum information science will find this book to be of interest.



O. Hirota:
A. Arvind, P. Kurur, K. Parthasarathy:
          Non-stabilizer quantum codes from Abelian subgroups of the error group
A.Barchielli, G.Lupieri:
          Instrumental processes, entropies, information in quantum continual measurement
S. Barnett:
          Optical demonstrations of statistical decision theory for quantum systems
C. Bennett:
          A resource-based view of quantum information
C.A. Fuchs:
          On the quantumness of a Hilbert space
A. Fujiwara:
          Statistical estimation of a quantum operation

V. Giovannetti, S. Guha, S. Lloyd, L. Maccone, J. Shapiro, H. Yuen:
          Classical capacity of free-space optical communication
C.King, M.Ruskai:
          Comments on multiplicativity of maximal p-norms when p=2
L. Lanz, B. Vacchini, O. Melsheimer:
          On consistency of quantum theory and macroscopic objectivity
M. Sasaki:
          Towards implementation of coding for quantum sources and channels
P. Shor:
          The classical capacity achievable by a quantum channel assisted by limited entanglement
R. Werner:
          The uncertainty relation for joint measurement of position and moment
A. Winter:
          Quantum and classical message identification via quantum channels